Might & Magic VI | Silver Helm Outpost

From the outside Silver Helm Outpost looks like quite an impressive dungeon to run. Once inside you quickly see it is another small dungeon. This dungeon took me quite a while to clear not because of how big it is but the higher-health swordsman inside.

This also was not my first time in Silver Helm Outpost as I had to go in here when I was stuck in Misty Islands without any gold to afford a ship ride back to Ironfist. I had only managed to kill a couple of monks and a swordsman for some quick gold before fleeing this place.

Entryway in Silver Helm Outpost might and magic vi.png

Since I was already on Islands to check what spell books were in the guild shops among some other things. I thought I might as well give this place another attempt. While it was a bit slow going and required a decent amount of healing. It was well worth entering into again.

My biggest trick for this dungeon is to not open the first door on the right when you enter. Instead, I have found it best to clear out the main room which has a bunch of tables in it first. As this gives you a lot more space to move around in for range if needed.

centralized point in Silver Helm Outpost Might and Magic VI.png

This dungeon has a centralized point with a lot of doors going off in different directions. If it was not for the tables blocking attacks this would be an amazing room to kite in. Instead, I’d have to drag everything up the ramp towards the zone exit if I needed more space.

After I had gone back to open and clear out the first room in the dungeon as I now had room to move around in. It was time to work on the rest of these places. I decided to for the first door on the west. This happened to have Oliver Wendell in it which hinted to me about hidden passages.

After clicking on the door to open the hidden passage I decided to clear out the rest of the dungeon first. For some reason that I could not quite recall, I felt like that was the best move.

fighting monks in Silver Helm Outpost Might and Magic VI.png

As such, I went to the first door on the east side of the dungeon. In there were many monks. It was a little worshiping place with a bunch of seats. I clicked on all the seats finding a spell book I already had.

I could also tell based on how the mini-map was looking that was a hidden door that I could not open from this side.

Master Swordsman Silver Helm Outpost Might and Magic VI.png

I then went back to the west side of the dungeon to open those doors. I decided at that point I would finish the dungeon going counterclockwise. I ended up running into some taught Mater Swordsman. They shredded my armor breaking a few pieces.

Thankfully this dungeon is next to the town of Misty Island. Since I could not repair the gear myself and I needed mana anyways. I left the dungeon to pay for some repairs and then went off for healing from the church. While it was tempting to just rest to regain my health and mana I did not feel like waiting that amount of time.

loot in Silver Helm Outpost Might and Magic VI.png

While looting this place I found a couple of quest items that I don’t quite recall at this time where they are turned in at. A message scroll that was an enemies list and a key to Gharik’s Laboratory. Both I’m sure will come in handy at some point in my adventure.

Over time I made it to the last door I needed to open in the main part of the dungeon. It was the second door to the east. In there I discovered a hidden passageway that opened up to the one room I suspected had a hidden passageway into it.

There were also two chests that I helped myself to. I’m starting to be rather a glade I had upgraded my knights trap kill to expert. I had zero issues opening chests in this dungeon.

going up the moving steps in Silver Helm Outpost Might and Magic VI.png

Once that was all done I headed back to the first door on the west side of the dungeon. The one I did not want to go any further on. It turns out there was a lever in there that trigger a moving staircase of sorts. You needed to do it at the right moments to advance onto the next step otherwise it would slide away from you.

If you fell you needed to click on a section of the wall that teleported you back into the room with all the tables in it. This also triggered a few swordsmen to spawn as well. So I made it a point to not fall any further to avoid having to keep clearing that spawn out.

Melody Silver Silver Helm Outpost Might and Magic VI.png

Once I had made it to the top I decided it was time to rest. Up there are also two hidden passageways. One leads to a couple of treasure chests. The other one has Melody Silver waiting to be recused. You do need an open slot in your group for her to join you.

After that, it was just a couple more creatures to kill to have this dungeon finished off. I would later return to Ironfist castle and turn Melody Silver over to Wilbur Humphrey. That ended up being the promotion quest for paladins which I do not have in my group.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.