Might & Magic VI | Temple of Baa

Temple of Baa in Might & Magic VI I feel can be almost overwhelming if you are not certain what to do. There are quite a few large open areas with an insane amount of creatures to clear. This is also one of those places if you are not ready it will end quickly not in your favor.

This was not my first time entering into the Temple of Baa. I had done so a little while back for a huge spider bounty. At that time I discovered I did not quite have the damage output I would have liked to give this place a decent run.

entry window into temple of baa.png

This time around I had returned and I was ready. I feel the expressions on my party's faces show my excitement for the place. It can end up being a bit of a long run unless you have high damage. I ended up taking a bit of a break in the middle of clearing this one.

There are four massive caverns in the Temple of Baa that I decided I would work on clearing out first. If I recall but it’s been quite a long time now that not clearing them out is a bad idea. They also provided at my level a decent amount of experience.

clearing out spiders in the north cavern of Temple of Baa  in might and magic vi.png

I first started working on the one to the north. It was just filled with spiders for the most part. I still had yet to buy all the spell books for cures and stuff as I would have liked for this run. It is quite the distance to the church for here if I’d need a cure.

The trick with all four of these is to take them super slow. You only want to pull enough that by the time you are back in the main area of this dungeon, they are all dead. Otherwise, they spread out creating a lot more opportunities for themselves to get some blows in on the party.

things going badly in the temple of baa in might and magic vi.png

Here is one such instance where I was pulling from the east cavern when things went badly. I was a little too aggressive in wanting to clear these out faster. I ended up having too many of them charging at me at once. By the time I made it to the top, there were still quite a few skeletons left alive.

Because of that, I ended up taking a lot more damage than I would have liked. Some of my casters were already getting low on mana anyways. So this provided an excellent reason to let them rest instead of using further mana to heal up the party.

inside one of the caverns temple of baa might and magic vi. png

While I could have used the torch spell to try and get more light to see around. I felt there was enough in each of these large caverns that I was fine enough. Some of them have cauldrons in the back of them that give you permanent resistance.

There are also things like piles of bones and trash. I tried clicking a few to see if I could find anything. The only thing I found was death and my character becoming insane. Perhaps I’ll try in a different run once this place has respawned to see if I get any better results than that.

found a key in the temple of baa might and magic vi.png

Once those were all cleared out. It was time to head back into the main section of the dungeon and find a key. This one was hidden in a statue at the end of a winding corridor.

another room in temple of baa might and magic vi.png

After that, it was about finding the right doors to open and looking for the keys. As you progress along creatures spawn in the main section. As such, I take it slow and re-clear any spawns before moving on to opening up more doors.

opening another door in the temple of baa might and magic vi.png

Most times you don’t have much of a choice. As you need to go from one side of the dungeon to the other to unlock the next door and find another key anyways.

One of the benefits of clearing out the caverns and those tunnels they connect is having a nice spot to fight. While ideally any spawns I get while opening doors I’ll be able to lure into the narrow hallways and finish them off quickly.

Sometimes things are just tricky. Other times I just don’t have enough room that I feel I could kill everything with spells and range damage before I hit a dead end. When that happened I’d just run past everything and down into the tunnels.

That would force everything that was aggression on me into a better conversion point. Reducing in many instances depending on the type of creatures that spawned the damage I was taking since I could stay ahead of them. Along with keeping everything in a single plane of sight for dealing damage.

secret door key in the temple of baa might and magic vi.png

After a few doors and a lot of killing, I ended up finding what I was looking for. As far as I’m aware nothing is stopping me from just rushing to the next part I’m heading to anyways. However, this key is a critical piece to have to make things easy.

I then went over to a door I was avoiding opening. There is a fireball that shoots every few seconds and I’d rather have it contained as long as I can. I also skipped out on doing the puzzle in the middle of the dungeon for the time being as well. As once you get those doors open the fireball shoots into the exit of the dungeon. A bit annoying to deal with if you need to get out of the dungeon in a hurry.

Staying away from the fireball that shoots out in the temple of baa might and magic vi.png

Getting around the fireball that shoots into the next section I want to get into was quite easy. You just run along this container of water. From there I’d be going up some steps and taking out some priests. I assure you they had it coming.

There then was quite a lot more fighting as you end up in a massive room. This is where things can start to get tricky for people who don’t know any better.

Since you are first fighting a bunch of persist you can use the pillars to try and block their spell damage from hitting you. Allowing you to just focus on a couple at a time. You could also run back out of the room and try to lure a few of them at a time out.

As long as you don’t run up to where the gong is while the priests are still spawned in and attacking you. Things tend to not be so bad.

almost triggering the spawn in the temple of baa might and magic vi.png

There however comes a time when you need to run up to the large table. On it was a gong that I picked up. I then darted between the two torches on the wall and opened the hidden door with the key I had. That leads me into a nice long corridor that both help protects me and gives me all the range I need.

luring in skeletons temple of baa might and magic vi.png

You might be wondering why I would need such conditions? Well, when you get close enough it triggers an insane amount of skeletons to spawn. If you look at the mini-map you can see all those red dots. That is not even all of them either.

I would take my time. Slowly walking up to the door entry into this hidden section of the temple. Till I knew I would be lured in a couple of skeletons at a time. Then I’d run back and take them out as they came in. Repeating this process many times.

lots more skeletons to kill.png

Once I cleared out those. I would go up on either side of the tunnels. They would open up to a nice viewing point of the remaining massive army of skeletons I still had to take out on ledges.

While it is tempting to try and kill as many as possible while standing on the ledge. That just creates a lot more work when looting. I would just run back to the opening of the corridor and lure them in like before.

Besides after you kill a few of them they get under your line of sight on the ledge anyway. Not to mention all of them running around side-to-side makes them harder to hit than them running right at you in the corridor.

lots to loot might and magic vi.png

Once all the skeletons were dead it was time to loot. Lots of gold to be had!

After that was done I ran back downstairs towards the entry of the dungeon into the middle section. There was a puzzle I left unsolved till this point in time.

solving the puzzle in the temple of baa might and magic vi.png

There are four doors that you need to click on. You either get a click out of them or take damage. Once you click on all of them in the right order they open to reveal a chest with another key in it.

Once you open the chest a lot of creatures spawn in. I had some clearing spells I could burst out some damage to make a getaway path. I then ran towards one of the tunnels leading down into a cavern. That would help group everything up better making it easier for me to kill.

The key I looted from that chest was the final bathhouse key I needed. Once everything was dead I went into that final bathhouse on this floor and looted myself a treasure Room key.

Another key and chime.png

It was then time to head back upstairs. Avoiding the fireball that now had fewer things blocking its path. I would run back to those ledges to the back corners. They had hidden doors that I could now open with the key.

The Chimes of Harmony that I looted out of that chest I would later take back with me to New Sorpigal. Janice in the town hall is looking for them and gives a nice reward for their return.

lots of gold bags temple of baa might and magic vi.png

I then used the second treasure key to open another hidden door on the other ledge. That room was filled with bags of gold. I’ll be buying quite a few spells with this haul of loot.

Once done it was finally time to leave. I ran off to the healer to cure my character. Along with selling a lot of junk, I was not going to use it. Yet another dungeon was completed. I’ll more than likely run this one again if I ever notice it has respawned. That however takes a very long amount of in-game time.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.