Might & Magic VI | Shadow Guild Hideout

Shadow Guild Hideout is one of those dungeons that are quick to run which is saying something for Might & Magic VI that is known for some long dungeons. It is also one I’ve never worked out the best time to attempt it.

Shadow Guild Hideout load screen might and magic vi.png

I had checked out Shadow Guild Hideout dungeon a couple of levels prior and I got wrecked trying to kill just a couple of thieves inside. Now that I’ve attempted it again I wrecked this place without even having to try much.

The layout of the dungeon is quite simple. It’s more or less a square taking you right back to the entrance once you are almost done with the dungeon. I rather like this kind of dungeon loadout with how effective it is to run.

At some point, such things won’t matter much anymore once I get enough gold and find some spells that will allow me to teleport my group back to towns or saved locations. For now, not having to run a long distance to get out of a dungeon once you are done is a plus.

clearing the entry way in Shadow Guild Hideout Might and Magic VI.png

The first room was filled with a couple of rouges and other types of thieves. I had spent some mana on buffs to quickly be able to burst them down. I had very little room to move around in and this dungeon has quite some tight spaces.

Inside that room is a lever you pull that brings unblocks the path forward. While it’s not super hidden it can be easy to miss as you don’t see that kind of game mechanic often in Might & Magic VI.

I was also quickly reminded the next room up is locked till the end when I find a key for it. Attempting to open it like I did caused damage to my party. A mistake I was not going to make a second time as I moved forward in the dungeon.

easy clear in Shadow Guild Hideout Might and Magic VI.png

One of the nice things, once you got the entryway cleared, is the two long hallways in this instance. I would still take some damage trying to lure thieves out of narrow openings in the rooms are in. Once I managed that it was game over for them.

There is also a letter I looted about the Price of Thieves plans. I’ll admit I don’t quite recall who was looking for the letter. It will sit in my inventory till I happened to run into the NPC that finds such information to be worthy of rewarding for.

In between the two long hallways in this dungeon is a single room connecting them. It had quite a few things in it to clear out. I managed to do so only getting hit once or twice.

After that, I’d have to clear out the short entry into the next hallways. While it was not as easy as I’ve had it with long hallways to clear from. It was a lot easier than the entryway of the dungeon.

found a ring in a fire in Shadow Guild Hideout Might and Magic VI.png

This is also one of those dungeons you have to click on everything. There are beds, a fireplace, tables, and other stuff. I happened to have pulled this ring out of this fire. It had +7 endurance a major score for me! As each character in my group only has one or two of the six ring slots even filled.

Along the way I also found another lever to pull. It then opened up another section of the dungeon so I could keep clearing.

barrel of white liquid in Shadow Guild Hideout Might and Magic VI.png

Towards the end, I found a room with a few barrels in it. Many of them contained liquids that provide +1 to different stats like luck, might, and accuracy. While those are not large gains over time they start to add up a lot.

Sharry Carneige Shadow Guild Hideout Might and Magic VI.png

Before I knew it I had looted the key I needed to open the locked door towards the start of the dungeon. There was also a hidden wall I could open from the side I was now on. From there it was just a couple of steps to the locked room with Sharry Carneige inside.

pulling a sword out of stone in ironfist.png

After I left the dungeon on my way to New Sorpigal to bring Sharry Carneige to the town hall. I stopped at the sword that was stuck in a stone in Ironfist. My knight had gained a couple of might and sure enough, he was able to pull the sword out. Another junk one that I sold later at a shop.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.