Might & Magic VI | The Monolith

The druids in The Monolith have been holding out on me. They were found to be loaded with gold. Everywhere I searched the more I found.

1 The Monolith Might And Magic VI.png

Despite the doorway into this place almost having a dwarf feeling to it the people here were anything but short. This place almost screams come and rob us of our gold we don’t know what to do with it anyways. So I thought to myself don’t mind if I do.

2 First room in The Monolith Might And Magic VI.png

For a place run by druids, it is no shock that every room had lots of nature all around it. As some clues given in a school that was laying around for me to discover hinted at all I needed to do was check the rocks and trees. So I did.

The door to the next room was locked. So I had no choice but to shake down every tree, rock, and flower I could find within the first room. The findings were rather shocking.

The first tree I checked alone had 1,498 gold hidden in it. Naturally, I kept clicking every one I could find getting even thousands more of gold. Seems like an easy place for someone to find gold but the druids here I guess did not want to bury the stuff.

Each room had a short hallway into yet another circle-shaped room. Some of them were filled with druids while others were left empty as if I just missed the party. With many of these rooms leaving my pockets even heavier with gold than the last. Thankfully gold seems to not weigh this game or they would have defeated me just by waiting for greed to overtake me.

3 rock beast The Monolith Might And Magic VI.png

Eventually, I moved on from circular rooms to rhombuses ones. This one had something a bit harder than druids it in. While I don’t think it was my first time encountering rock beasts in this game they don’t seem to be used as much as other creatures are.

Those however would not be the hardest creatures I would fight in this dungeon. I came to a waterway that I had to go through that had a bunch of water elementals in it. Yet again another creature I rarely see anywhere else in the game.

Thankfully just before encountering them, I had just found a safe place to rest in The Monolith. As I dumped almost all my mana to quickly destroy the water elements before moving deeper into the dungeon.

The game as always likes to play into a trick sometimes in a way. The next room I encountered as I started to click on things to find a way to open the next door to any gold ended up having a nasty surprise.

My party members ended up getting cursed. Thankfully my spell book had a way to cure me of being cursed. I also had rather high skills in that school of magic by now that even a rather nasty curse would not be much of an issue for me to deal with after a few attempted failures to cast it.

4 The Monolith map in might and magic vi.png

The dungeon itself then looped back onto itself. Making it quite easy for me to find the exit and leave when I was done. Almost making me wonder what secures I might have missed with how simple and quick the run ended up being.

As far as the reason I even entered this dungeon in Silver Cove in the first place. I did not have one at the time. In one of the final rooms I however found an alter that gave my druids a little reward for the effort.

I ended up checking over the town in Silver Cove again afterward and sure enough, I found Eleanor Vanderbilt who wanted the alter in there defaced and rewarded me a little for my time.

Frankly, I would do it without any quest rewards. As I pulled out almost 30k gold from the trees and other nature objects inside the dungeon in a rather short amount of time. This place was quite easy for the level of reward I got for running it.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.