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Getting to Free Haven in Might & Magic VI is a bit of a big deal. The town there is quite massive from shopping for spell books to paying to increase skills to expert and beyond. Not to mention it opens up connections to quite a few other zones in the game.

Making it to Free haven.png

Thankfully last time we left off was with that wonderful 15 days of walking that needed to be done. Here are the last 5 days of it in all of its glory! Much amazement!

Just once it would have been nice to make it into a new zone without the natives trying to murder me. This was not one of those times. Alarms must have gone off crazy at the local camp near the entry into Free Haven.

clearing out a mage camp in might and magic vi.png

Thankfully these mages and some other groups of them I found were rather easy to take out. I would not be running into harder things in this zone till much later on. That I can be grateful for.


I stopped at a castle along the way for a quick chat with Osric Temper where he filled me in about getting in his favor about the council quest which my characters would have no clue what that was about as we have not even made it yet to the council who are up in the large town. They sure know how to party up there I tell you what (no, not they are boring).

After that, I just keep following the road to Free Haven. There might have been a few murders along the way. I mean self-defense I have no clue why people keep shooting spells at me and trying to smack me in the head with sticks. It’s not my fault they walked in front of my arrows.

fly spell in might and magic vi.png

The town of Free Haven is like everything I expedited it to be. Lots of overpriced stuff I had internal struggles with trying to work out if I should spend my dwindling pile of gold on. Such as 9k gold for the flying spell.

How I wish now I had picked up some bartering skills along the way. I however have far too many other skills I’d rather get at this time. Thankfully creatures keep rushing at me anywhere I go and dropping bags of gold for me to have.

I spent a while going into every shop and house that would let me in. There were many quests to pick up, things to sell, and items to lust over. I could hardly make it down an alleyway in this town without spending gold it seemed.

Expert body magic in Free Haven might and magic vi.png

Another big reason for being here was spending gold on upgrading my skills. Quite a few of them now on my knight, mage, cleric, and druid were level four. Paying to advance them to the expert level gives you all kinds of benefits. Extra things like damage or healing or duration among other benefits as well.

While there are other places to find expert skill trainers as well. Free Haven happens to have a massive amount of them all in one place. Saving me a lot of time if I could find them in having to travel to a lot of different zones to buy them elsewhere.

There came a point where I was out of gold and it was time to test out some new spells I had acquired. At some point, I’ll need to be working on class quests as well since my mage ran out of mana quite quickly after a few casts.

clearing out archers.png

What he was able to do to that group of Archers after a few spells were amazing. The trouble came when he ran out and my other casters lack such powerful spells themselves. It was then back to roughing it with bows and melee damage when things got too close.

I ended up clearing every red dot I could find on the Free Haven map. At least above ground. The sewers were one place I decided to skip this time around. I also know the other dungeons in the area are way above what I’m able to clear for now.

chest with a nice pile of gold might and magic vi.png z

I have quite a few other dungeons I’d like to clear before returning here. While this seems like a short one. I did spend several hours here killing and checking shops among other things. I’ll need to gather a lot more gold to get a long list of stuff I want. I’m sure some of It won’t be here when I get back and the shops have reset.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.