Might & Magic VI | Snergle’s Iron Mines

After clearing out and exploring Mize Of The Dammed I never thought I would just a few days later be back there again. It turned out one of the dungeons in the area called Snergle’s Iron Mines had something I was looking to acquire so I could progress elsewhere.

doorway into Snergles Iron Mines Might and Magic VI.png

For places you would not think were anything I give this place some credit. Thankfully I already know a random abandoned-looking mine entrance like this is not just placed around the world in Might & Magic VI it was an entrance to a dungeon.

The place was anything but abandoned filled with ooze, devils, and dwarfs. The place was a small treasure trove of stuff and I was here with a giant hammer to smash it open.

fighting ooze Snergles Iron Mines Might and Magic VI.png

It was quite an easy loadout to follow. After fighting some ooze that can’t be damaged by physical damage. For them, I loaded up all my hero's hotbar for a spell to deal damage. Even switching over the cleric and druids as I was not that concerned about the amount of damage I would be taking on here.

I ended up ignoring for the time being the first doorway I came across. It looked like quite a large room and I wanted to clear out anything roaming into the hallways and investigate a little further what some of the smaller rooms was holding.

For a mine, I was rather surprised by one of the areas I came across. It was almost like a giant kitchen. Lots of cabinets with bags of feet for me to loot on the top of them. This led me to check on a lot of objects to see if I could get any loot out of them.

I then ran into for the first time a Devil spawn. I was quite shocked at how easily my flurry of arrows was able to take one down. They were still a bit tougher than the dwarfs and I’ll know this won’t be the last time I’ll be facing the devils either.

I then went back to the main large room that I skipped over. As expected it was filled with quite a few dwarfs to take down. These things have some heavy melee damage that was breaking a lot of my gear. I’m so glad I invested higher into my repair ability. I was able to fix any of my gear that broke apart from one very expensive ring.

looting a book Snergles Iron Mines Might and Magic VI.png

I then went up a ramp into what appeared to be a library in a mine. This place so far has been anything but a mine. I looted well over a dozen books here. All of them I had already learned. It was kind of odd the level of creatures I’d run into here just to get such low-level books.

I guess they are not as magically inclined as one would expect. At least I’ll make a few hundred golds off selling them. This place seemed to be good at one thing and that was filling up all my character's inventories. I’d need to make a stop after this run and do some mass selling.

On my way back after clearing that half section I noticed I had missed a thin corridor. It had a hidden window that relieved the below level. Where I could see an ambush was waiting to attack me once I went through that area again.

I cleared the dwarfs that were waiting for me without much issue. I then went on further looking for areas I had yet to explore in this dungeon. There were many long winding narrow corridors filled with ooze that I spent all my remaining mana to finish off.

It was at that point I decided it was time to rest and allow my party to regain their mana. I had no idea how many more oozes I would be facing. At the very least I did not have to deal with any ambushes while resting here.

Outside of the current inhabitants that I was eradicating the place from. It was quite a chill and almost peaceful place one I would not have minded spending further time in. It however was not one of the bigger dungeons I had been in. Although, the amount of time I spent here was not short either.

Ghrim Hammon Snergles Iron Mines Might and Magic VI.png

I then found what I was looking for. A survivor someone that the top dwarf wanted dead by the name of Ghrim Hammond. He was not thrilled with the prospect of being a captive and sought revenge by handing me a key to Snergle’s hiding room that was off in another dungeon.

I then fought my way through the last remaining rooms of the dungeon. Filled with devils and ooze. I ended up going on another massive spending spree of mana to rid myself of what evil was left in this place.

In the last chest of the dungeon, I even found a decent plate upgrade for my knight. I was starting to wonder if would find anything at this point for more armor for him. I ended up using my druid who had a master in water to enchant it with further stats.

Once I had cleared this place. I was off to finish what I started elsewhere that required the key I now had. I sometimes find it odd the progression I made in different dungeons and where I end up having to sometimes just to get a key needed elsewhere.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.