Might & Magic VI | Exploring Mire Of The Damned

Mire Of The Damned is an outdoor zone in Might & Magic VI that I could have entered sooner. I however decided it was a bit unsafe to start playing around in there at the time. As there are a lot of curses and healing services you can get in there are something I wanted to avoid for a while.

It recently became June for the shrine of speed which resides in Mire Of The Damned. I thought while I was in there anyways I might as well clear out the zone and do some exploring around as well.

Mire Of The Damned is one of those zones I could have entered from Ironfist quite early into my gameplay. It however is such an unsafe zone even if you took a horse ride to the stables there you would be instantly attacked. As even the town in there is sieged by skeletons and other creatures.

The entire zone itself is almost blanketed in pack after pack of creatures. Some are land-based while others fly in the air. Making it easy to miss out on something incoming while trying to fight off yet another wave of creatures that you got aggression on just for walking around a bit.

creatures in the town Mire Of The Damned might and magic VI.png

I decided to get to Mire Of The Damned by horse. When I insanely landed I cast flying and flew off to as much as I can for safety. There were naturally many things coming after me by air without getting that much further.

I decided the smart play was to make the town safe again. I landed once I lost aggression not that far away. There is no spot you can just land in this zone without getting unwanted attention from skeletons or worse.

As a result, it was a bit of a fight to get to the town in a way I felt was the smartest way to do so. There were still the townspeople that I wanted to avoid a stray arrow or damage spell from killing that would tank my reputation and cause me other issues as well.

Speed Shrine in Exploring Mire Of The Damned.png

Once the town was secured I flew off looking for the shrine. The original plan was just to land, quickly click on it, then fly off. I had some things I wanted to do elsewhere in the game. Many of the shiners I’d go and collect would end up being like this.

I however have spent very little time in this zone itself. So I flew around a bit more seeing what else there was. I had not expected to spend some time here clearing out the entire outdoor section of the zone. That is however what ended up transpiring.

killing some skeletons Mire Of The Damned might and magic VI.png

I ended up landing close to the edge of the map near some water. I started raining down meteor showers to quickly kill off the armies of the skeleton that were along the shoreline. Once I had this spot cleared I thought why not just move up a bit more and clear out some other stuff?

One thing I noticed was the lack of finding any treasure chests to loot right away. Despite clearing out some large packs of creatures that I would have expected to be guarding something. There was nothing.

Since I had recently bought the light skill for my characters that are permitted to have it. I no longer cared about trying to keep my reputation high enough to do so.

clearing harpy and skeleton in Mire Of The Damned might and magic VI.png

The important reason is that Mire Of The Damned does not have a normal kind of temple to go to for cures and healing. Instead, the area is such a lawless place that the only option is a temple of baa. They heal at quite a reduced price but you take a large reputation hit for accepting their services.

They are also the only option in that zone so I thought why not clear to them next. I would not mind getting some cures on my group so I would not struggle to cast spells as much as I have been cursed and afraid.

While that would only be a temporary fix as you get cursed and afraid a lot in this zone. It would also give my casters of the meteor shower and other spells a full mana bar again. This would hasten my clearing efforts by a decent amount.

chest looted in Mire Of The Damned might and magic VI.png

After I cleared that area out I ended up finding my first treasure chest in the zone. No wonder they were quite hard to find. This had some amazing and expensive items to be looted. The gloves I took as an upgrade and everything else I sold later on.

With the area around the temple cleared out it made it easy to rush back for some quick cures and heals as I needed. While I did try resting a couple of times it kept getting ambushed by specters.

Next, I moved on to clear out the areas around the dungeons in this zone. While I’ve yet to run any of them and I don’t quite recall what is even in this zone. I wanted to have a safe area around them for when I did try to increase things did not go well and I had to get somewhere safe.

This also meant I wanted to have a safe path to the temple. Since this zone has things like harpy and specters that can fly. I can’t expect to take advantage of all the rivers in this zone to give me some extra safety if my party is hurting badly.

another amazing chest to loot in Mire Of The Damned might and magic VI.png

Near some dungeons was yet another amazing treasure chest that I looted. These two I looted have got to be close to the best ones I’ve found so far since I started playing again. I can’t wait to get into even higher-level content.

clearing the bridge area Mire Of The Damned might and magic VI.png

A decent chunk of this zone had a bunch of bridges connecting over a river system. It was filled with tiny packs of specters and skeletons. While the water kept many skeletons from running away. I lost a few specter corpses into the water to never be looted.

lloyds beacon might and magic vi.png

With all the gold I ended up making off clearing Mire Of The Damned I was able to afford 10k or so gold for Lloyd’s Beacon. Since my druid is a master water caster being able to set these up even just to quickly port back to an area I left will be amazing to have paired with the town portal spell

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.