Might & Magic VI | Temple Of Tsantsa

Temple Of Tsantsa is a dungeon that I have been ignoring as I recalled it being a lot longer to run than it was. It ended up being quite a fast run since everything in there is either snakes or head hunters to some degree. It was however as I recalled not that rewarding.

door for  Temple Of Tsantsa Might And Magic VI.png

Since I was still in Bootleg Bay I thought why not finish off I believe the last dungeon I have yet to in this zone before moving on elsewhere. The Temple Of Tsantsa can be found on one of the islands that have a bot up north.

The outside of the building itself almost looks like it could be a house. Yet when you click on the door you are a little more shocked by it being an actual dungeon. A dungeon can be a little complex with its circular design to deiced how to run it.

I make it a point to run along the outer edges of the dungeon first after clearing my way in. At every chance I get, I’m looking for levers and switching to trigger. As this place has a wooden door at the center that you need to unlock.

clearing out some head hunters in Temple Of Tsantsa Might And Magic VI.png

The biggest challenge here is not trying to push forward too fast. A lot of the rooms in here while not that massive can hold a lot of creatures in them. You tend to hit head hunters, then snakes, then more head hunters.

hidden passageway Temple Of Tsantsa Might And Magic VI.png

I’m also keeping an eye out for an indication that there is a hidden door. This is usually seen with the wizard’s eye showing a blue icon right next to the wall. There ended up being two hidden areas I found one with a small amount of loot.

Along the way, I did get poised a couple of times. Thankfully I am at a stage in the game where I can cure myself. Otherwise, you are going to have to fly back to the Bootleg Bay mainland to the small town there to get a cure. That can get a bit annoying.

clearing out a small room in  Temple Of Tsantsa Might And Magic VI.png

This place does feature quite a lot of small corridors and tight spaces. This is a place I expected to heavily go in with melee damage as a lot of situations unfolded leaving me little room to easily navigate back into a wider area as there are a lot of sharp turns in this dungeon.

pit trap Temple Of Tsantsa Might And Magic VI.png

The only real threat I felt to me here is the spiked pits you can fall into. There is usually a lever nearby that will raise the floor so you can get across. While I did not fall into any of these pits traps this time around. I do recall there usually is a way to get out of them if I’m not mistaken.

6 finding a cell key in a chest in Temple Of Tsantsa Might And Magic VI.png

Along with running around the outside, I came across a couple of rooms that looks like this. One of these chests in the south part of the zone had a cell key in it that I’ll be needing later once I get into the middle section of the dungeon.

Both a great and bad thing with how this dungeon is set up is so many areas connect. I stayed true to wanting to finish the outer side of the dungeon first the best I could. Despite many times wanting to take an inner path.

This at one point led me to connect almost near where I started. I then moved inward. Repeating going around avoiding areas I had already uncovered on the mini-map. An advantage I won’t have again if I ever come back to clear this out again.

This dungeon reminded me at the point of the game I’m at that I should not ignore some of the earlier dungeons as I have been. There are a couple more easy dungeons left if I recall that I’ve yet to run for one reason or another. This is something I’m getting around to working on.

As soon I’ll have the hard stuff left the false step and my entry party can get killed in almost an instant. It will make dungeons like these even more of a cakewalk than it already was.

At the very least I did enjoy clearing this one out. I’ve been somewhat tempted to write down all my in-game clear dates for dungeons. That way I’ll be reminded to check in on them every so often. I use to have a nice list of how long each one took to reset that I lost long ago.

While moving to clear out the inner section of the dungeon I found a few more switches. One of them was right next to the wooden inner door date that opened after I switch it. As soon as I did I became overwhelmed with a lot of snakes and head hunters on two sides.

7 inner room in Temple Of Tsantsa Might And Magic VI.png

After I killed what had attacked me. I took a sneak peek in the inner area and you can see just how many creatures are swarming around in there. I took that opportunity to drop some area of effect damage spells while running way down one of the hallways.

Once everything was dead in the larger room. I moved in and took out the last few remaining headhunters lurking down a set of stairs. I also found a hidden passage, a chest, and most important of all a cell door.

The cell door itself cannot be opened unless you both have the key for it and the character who is holding that key in their inventory is selected. Some doors in this game can be a bit picky.

Once the door was opened and I went into the cell I found Sherell Ivanaveh. She has a friend in Free Haven whose house is next to the docks. He rewarded me with 1.5k gold for returning here.

8 using town portal with master in water in might and magic VI.png

One nice thing I picked up not too long ago is a rank-master water skill. As such went, I went to use the town portal spell. Instead of getting taken to the last major town fountain I had visited. I got to pick out of these locations which included Free Haven. This is going to make getting around the game so much faster.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.