Might & Magic VI | Free Haven Sewer

Nothing like diving into a sewer in search of the Prince of Thieves and loot in Free Haven. This dungeon has a unique feature not seen in other dungeons in Might & Magic VI. It was one I could have done a lot sooner there are however just so many dungeons that you don’t always get to the ones you think you would right away.

What is different about the Free Haven Sewer dungeon is there are multiple entry points into it. I happened to use the house next to the docks that look like a shack. As it is quite an easy entry point to recall just in case I need to leave early I’ll know where I started.

entry in Free Haven Sewer Might and Magic VI.png

I don’t know about you but if my house had such an entry point into the sewers that were filled with rats, and the kind of riff-raff-like thieves that are found down there. Perhaps I’d bored it up unless I had my reasons for needing access to such a shady place.

One nice little side benefit of coming down to the Free haven Sewers is that you can find a collection of the different bases of potions down below. If I was needing to work on making black potions for stat increases which I’ve already finished. This would be a quiet and easy way to get a few combinations I needed to work towards that goal.

I am thankful you can’t smell what a dungeon smells likes. As the entire time you are walking through foot-high dirty sewer water. I don’t even want to know what could be floating in the waters in this place.

rogue in Free Haven Sewer Might and Magic VI.png

Along the way, I came across a few thieves lurking down here such as rogues. They perhaps tie for the hardest creatures down here you will be facing along with Priests. Other than that it is just lots and lots of rats.

Since this is a sewer system after all it can be a bit easy to get turned around down here. Thankfully I had yet to uncover the map so I just checked my maps for any sections that looked like I had yet to uncover as I explored around.

Along the way you do end up finding a few different exists in different parts of Free Haven town. Since I did not care where I was going to exit and had more of a place to explore. I went past them without checking to see where they led to.

3 Center room in Free Haven Sewer Might and Magic VI.png

In the middle of the dungeon is a massive rat net of sorts. These things came rushing at me like the plague and thankfully none of my party members got diseased while were where down here clearing this place out.

This is also one of those kinds of the dungeon you want to be clicking everywhere. I knew at some point I needed to find a key to a treasure room door that I found was locked. I happened to have found it in one of these nasty-looking sewer drains that line many of the walls in this dungeon.

key found Free Haven Sewer Might and Magic VI.png

That was not the only thing I found either. Along the way, I acquired some gold out of the drains as well. However, not all of these things give you some kind of positive reward for clicking on them. Most are empty. There is also at least one that damages the party for clicking on it.

I also love when things work out. As I ended up finding the key first before finding the locked door that I could recall from years ago this place having. If I would have entered into a different part of the dungeon first from above I would have found the door first.

Even more so since the locked door is next to one of the sewers existing to get back into the town itself. All now that was left was to run into the Prince of Thieves himself. I knew he was lurking around here somewhere I just had to keep exploring.

found a chest in a pile of trash Free Haven Sewer Might and Magic VI.png

This place also has many other hidden things to find. I always love it when the game tries to be sneaky and puts a trash pile in front of a treasure chest. The trash piles rotate as you move around so you always see the exact view of them. Making them quite good at trying to hide something.

While looking at the mini-map while I was exploring I was keeping an eye out for any blue dots that I could see from my wizard's eye buff. Often hidden passages are given away by having loot on the ground behind them that you can’t seem to find any other way to get to.

Once I clicked on the wall and noticed a bed being reviled while it slides open. I knew I had found the Prince of Thieves. Later after I had finished clearing this dungeon out I turned him into Anthony Stone in Frozen Highlands for a nice 10k gold reward.

nice loot Free Haven Sewer Might and Magic VI.png

In the north part of the map in the middle I came across the treasure door, I was looking for. Inside was almost 12k gold worth of loot mostly in gold.

While this was the last major thing I was looking for in here. I decided to fully clear the place out anyways. Most of the loot however comes from that single chest and turning in the quest. I would still find a couple thousand more gold by the time I was done.

7 exit Free Haven Sewer Might and Magic VI.png

After double-checking the map a few times to make sure I discovered all the areas I could. Along with keeping an eye out for any more blue dots for treasure that was on the ground. It was time to take one of the many exists out of the dungeon.

I assumed my party needed to scrub the smell of this place off their armor –laugh out loud. Thankfully Free Haven has an ocean along the city.

As far as dungeons go in Free Haven this was an easy one. The others if I recall and will be running at some point will create a decent challenge for me. This one almost gives you a false sense that the others won’t be so hard.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.