Might & Magic VI | Snergle’s Caverns

Snergle’s Caverns in Ironfist ended up being a dungeon I did not get to fully clear my first time in it. It’s not that this place was hard or anything till the end. I simply entered forgetting I needed to clear out a different dungeon first which I then went off to do.

door into Snergles Caverns Might and Magic VI.png

This is one of those dungeons that you can become overconfident in trying to clear quickly. The end if you can even make it that far has a nasty surprise waiting for you. Thankfully I came with my bag of tricks myself to get out of such things.

The dungeon itself is filled with dwarfs and bats. While the bats themselves I can usually one shot they come in such droves that they can overwhelm. Even more so when they are backed by dwarfs that are much tougher to kill and can put a hurting on my party.

gold vein in Snergles Caverns Might and Magic VI.png

There are some dungeons in this game where paying attention to the walls can pay off. While that is not without some dangers in this dungeon. The dwarfs running these caverns have left behind gold and gems on some of the walls. Sometimes you end up failing to collect them for gold. While other times they give you something much better than gold.

For large parts of this dungeon, it felt more like I was exploring a mine than a cavern. I would find many tunnels that dwarfs must have dug at some point going after some kind of resource. It was not the gold they left on the walls.

The first few little tunnels with many dead ends were quite easy to clear out. While I would have preferred to have a little more room to move around. My party faired decently well. That however was just a small taste of what this place has to offer.

first large room to clear out Snergles Caverns Might and Magic VI.png

There are a couple of large cavern areas that give this place its name. They are just filled with so many bats and dwarfs I would sometimes wonder how I would survive trying to clear them.

Granted I kind of already know the short answer to that. I would use the tunnels and other terrains in this dungeon as chokepoints as needed. If things got really bad I could always run backward till I hit the dungeon exit and leave. That would reset some of the enemies I was facing back to where I pulled them from.

After I cleared out this room it also gave me a nice giant area to move around in just increase I needed it. I was however more enjoying the chokepoints I knew about in this place and the advantage they would give me over such a wide-open area.

It also helped that my casters had some decent damage to deal now with an area of dame spells if needed. While their bows at this point are not bad. I was hoping to have found some better ones for now for dealing with damage. At the very least they are all now enchanted to deal extra damage.

I headed west down a short tunnel and make quick work of what was lurking in there. At the back of it were a few barrels to increase stats slightly for my characters.

heading north in Snergles Caverns Might and Magic VI.png

I then proceeded north into the dungeon. A few times I would need to run out into the larger cavern I had just cleared. I would then run up its ramp and further back into a decent chokepoint for the point being. While it would sometimes take a while for creatures to get back to me.

I would only use this when things got out of hand till I hit a certain point in this dungeon going that far back would no longer make any sense. It was also not the only place set up by design it would seem to aid the player in progressing forward without taking on heavy damage.

Along the way, I did find a few more gold veins to attempt to loot. Most of the time I had success and would get a few hundred further golds. Other times the party would take a bit of damage for our failed attempt.

I also came across some barrels filled with black liquid. While this was my first time seeing them in this playthrough I forever reason recalled the thought to stay away from them. I did give clicking one of them a try and that party member became ill. Thankfully I was able to cure that member and move on to the next part of the dungeon.

second large cavern in Snergles Caverns Might and Magic VI.png

The next area was yet another large cavern to clear out. There was also behind me a very short wooden elevator. As long as I ran back fast enough I’d be at the bottom of it before taking any damage. I then could shoot upward and kill everything up there.

While the bats could fly down to me and still attack me. Unless a dwarf somehow got pushed off the ledge they stayed up top. Making them quite easy to pick off. This would be an amazing choke point I’d use quite a few more times for the remaining run.

Every time I cleared out what had chased after me. I would go back up into the larger room and get aggression on more things. Once that was cleared I started to pull what was in the nearby tunnel to the same chokepoint. Making easy work of it all.

After a little bit more clearing I ran into this door. I could not open it. It was locked. The key was also not in this dungeon. I ended up setting up a recall beacon that my druid cast a decent distance away from the door. That way I could with easy get back here.

locked door in Snergles Caverns Might and Magic VI.png

I then had to go and run the Snergle’s Iron Mines dungeon which I’ve already written about. Once I had acquired the key I needed I then returned with one cast of a spell to Snergle’s Caverns.

Once I returned I opened the door now having the right key. This sprung a deadly trap with dwarfs spawning in behind me along with a few of them at the door waiting for it to open. I however was expecting this.

recall beacon Snergles Caverns Might and Magic VI.png

While I could have attempted to fight my way and go about things that way. I instead opened up my druids spell book and casted beacon so I could teleport back a few feet to the location I had to save prior.

I’m sure this confused the dwarfs quite a lot. The easy target they had trapped was now behind them opening fire. I pulled as many as I could back to the elevator chokepoint and cleared them with ease.

There also got a point in time where I no longer needed to use that chokepoint I could get only a few to chase after me. I ended up turning the tunnel off the massive cavern into a graveyard with dead dwarfs everywhere.

cleared the final room in Snergles Caverns Might and Magic VI.png

Once everything was dead and the room was clear it was time to loot. Outside of a quest item and a lot of loot. I did not find any upgrades for my party. It was time to port out of here and take a much-needed break.

I can also only assume I killed Snergle’s as I now had his axe. I did not even notice he was in the large pack of dwarfs I took out. Whatever his plans were he was not someone that put up much of a fight if I did get him. For that, I can’t be certain from all the confusion that took place.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.