Might & Magic VI | Temple Of The Moon

It was time I made a trip to the temple Of The Moon in Free Haven so I could get started on the promotion quest for my druid. The truth of the matter is I arrived quite early before I could even complete the quest itself. I wanted to give myself ample time to clear the place out in case I ran into any trouble.

1 Temple Of The Moon Might And Magic VI.png

My druid for her promotion quest needed to be at an altar in Temple Of The Moon during a full moon in the game. Full moons in Might & Magic VI take place between the 15 to 16th of each month in the game. I ended up arriving about two weeks early.

I came here as early as I could recall this temple is not as straightforward as other dungeons have been in the past. It is also a bit longer than the Temple of the Sun. While it is not a very long dungeon to run I wanted to make sure if I hit any road bumps along the way I would have them resolved in time.

2 Clearing out snakes at the entry of the dungeon Temple Of The Moon Might And Magic VI.png

As I entered into Temple Of The Moon I took out an onslaught of cobras that came slithering in to attack me. They were quickly vanquished by my party's flurry of arrows. Leaving nothing but cold husks behind.

They were the easy creature that lurks in this temple. Beyond them, I would be facing a lot of druids who were not so pleased to see the druid in my group. They if anything wanted to do whatever they could to stop me from proceeding further into the temple and reaching my end goal here.

3 sign saying what alters and in what order i needed to click them Temple Of The Moon Might And Magic VI.png

The path forward first needed to be solved. It was blocked by large wooden doors that had a sign above them. The sign itself told you what you needed to do.

In two breaching offsets of the chamber broke into even further smaller side chambers like roots. There were six side chambers and each chamber had an altar in it representing each stat in this game from life to luck and all the others in between.

The sign also told you the order they needed to be clicked on. Usually in Might & Magic VI when you do something right such as clicking on things in a certain order you do not take damage. Temple Of Moon However was a bit different in the fact these alters caused damage regardless.

I simply had to trust that this puzzle was as easy as it looked. That I just had to click each alters in the correct order to have the door open so I could move forward in the dungeon.

4 running into medusa in Temple Of The Moon Might And Magic VI.png

So I set off on my new goal of clearing out all the new areas I needed to enter for alters. Along the way, I ran into some nasty medusa that sometimes even turned half my group into stone. While I had turned stone to flesh spell to counter this naturally the caster who could cure was also turned to stone.

This caused an unwelcome trip I had to take to a local church for healing and curing. It also so happened that my druid who could have quickly taken us to a church and back was also turned to stone. So I had to go back on foot.

Thankfully it was not a long run back. This is always why I prefer to clear out an area outside of the dungeons of any dangers. You just never know what kind of condition the group could end up being in if you find yourself having to flee for healing.

5 alter in Temple Of The Moon Might And Magic VI.png

Once everyone was taken care of I returned and continued to clear out the side rooms. They were all slightly different attempting to watch what the alter they contained was about. After a short amount of time, I clicked the final alter in the correct order and the door opened.

After that, there was a bit more clearing to be done. Then I simply put down a beacon right next to the alter I needed to be at. I then left for a few days to work on other things in the game.

Once the in-game time was correct for a full moon I teleported back to Temple Of The Moon a couple of hours early. Right before midnight hit I started to spam clicking on the alter. Each minute in this game only lasts a couple of seconds and I did not want to miss getting the ceremony started.

6 Temple Of The Moon ceremony Might And Magic VI.png

After some short words by Loretta Fleise, my druid who was already a great druid was promoted to archdruid. This final promotion would give my druid a little bit of extra mana which all my casters for that matter seen to never have enough of it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.