Might & Magic VI | Temple Of The Fist

At my level now It’s not that shocking I come across a dungeon is should have run quite a few levels ago. This place I’m shocked the building was still standing by the time was done. I did not even need to heal once although it did come close to it.

I was off at Mist Island at the time picking up some mastery in a couple of skills. When I went to check the boat to see where I could leave for that day it was heading to Bootleg Bay. So I deiced why not go see what I have left over there.

The boat then took me to one of the islands. I knew I still had a little dungeon to run on the mainland. I cast flight on my group and headed towards the small town that is close to the New Haven border. Not that far along the road was the Temple Of The First.

Temple Of The Fist Might and Magic VI.png

Despite how vast the building looks from the outside. There are only a couple of rooms to clear on the inside. On top of that the entryway into the place is empty.

clearing out rats in Temple Of The Fist Might and Magic VI.png

As soon as you go down the ramp either left or right a bunch of low-level rats will come storming at you. The only danger here was getting too close to the pile of skulls that zap you for a little damage. Along with miss-click on rat corpses and clicking on the piles of skulls themselves.

Since I could still see red dots on the map I guessed was more rats. I decided going down the right side first was not my best choice. I doubled back going up the ramp and then going down the left-hand side.

That way the remaining rats that were running to me would not end up getting killed while next to the pile of skulls I was looking to avoid. There were a couple more rats left in the room they were pouring out of.

torch that opened up hidden wall to a button Temple Of The Fist Might and Magic VI.png

Some barrels were blocking the view of an arrow pointing to a torch. That opened up a hidden wall that had a button to press to unlock the other side If I’m not mistaken.

I then went back the same way I came to avoid the middle room that had the skulls in them. Making my way to the right side yet again. This time opening the door to the next area that contains a bunch of monks.

For the most part, they are lower-level monks. However, a couple of master monks are remaining in the dungeon. If it was not for those I would not have cared much as everything else was doing subpar damage to me.

In that room was a chest of draws that I opened that contained a Letter from the Temple of Baa That talked about a crystal that these people were looking into.

evil crystal Temple Of The Fist Might and Magic VI.png

I then pushed my way up into two further rooms of the temple. Wiping out any remaining monks that dare attack me. Standing there was an Evil Crystal. Clicking on it destroyed it with just one touch.

After that, it looked like I had cleared the temple. I could not find anything else. So I left and headed back to the small town just down the road. The church in that town had two connecting rooms to it. On the right-hand side was Winston Schezarthe Acolyte in Bootleg Bay which rewarded me for my deeds in the Temple Of The Fist.

6 Winston Schezarthe Acolyte.png

Always nice when I can come across a dungeon I have yet to run that was quick and easy. While I did not get a lot of money out of the deal I at least got a little something for checking out the place.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.