Might & Magic VI | Tomb Of Ethric The Mad

When a dungeon has the name Tomb Of Ethric The Mad that alone is almost a good reason to avoid going near it. I was however in Free Haven at the time and in a mood to clear out another dungeon in the area. This one I could recall was not that long of one to do.

1 Tomb Of Ethric The Mad Might And Magic VI.png

Even the door to get into this place was ominous enough to make you want to run in the other direction. They wanted to make sure the player would not want to step foot in here unless they were expecting some awful things to occur.

While the entryway was clear. Three doors are high above you. You have to use an elevator to reach each one o them. The two on the right are locked for the time being. Forcing you to take the door on the far left to start progressing any further in the dungeon.

Since the entryway doors were up so high. This also added another challenge. I would not have that entryway to fight with an easy-to-use range. While sure I could run and jump out onto the ground. That would just be more annoying than dealing with things head-on using melee.

2 Tomb Of Ethric The Mad Might And Magic VI.png

Tomb Of Ethric The Mad has quite a few skeletons to fight in it. These have been something I’ve been since quite early into the game. As such at this point in my stage of things they were easy to clear out.

Even when I’d open a door and quit a few of them would pour out into the hallway to come after me. Leaving me to save casting any spells and my mana for moments when I would need burst damage or healing. This I did not need to do for this first area.

I would run into the occasion lich as well. While they are quite nasty I would not be that troubling to deal with till I got into the final area of the zone much later on. They are however something I try and kill as quickly as possible.

Along the way, there are also burial niches to check for loot. On occasion, I would get a couple of items out of them like finding a cloak. The downside to this is you are more or less a grave robber for stealing from the dead like this and it has quite a nasty impact on your reputation for doing so.

Once I made it down to the final room there was a button to push. This unlocked the next door. I then had to run back out into the hallway back to the start of the dungeon. Were I could start working on the next part of this dungeon.

3 killing even more skeleton Tomb Of Ethric The Mad Might And Magic VI.png

The door that unlocked was the one on the far right side. I took the elevator up there and as before fought off quite a few skeletons. This side required about the same amount of clearing.

At the end of it was yet another button. Once pressed I unlocked the final door that was in the middle. I then ran back to the start of the dungeon and went up that final elevator.

4 fireball trap in Tomb Of Ethric The Mad Might And Magic VI.png

The first room you enter was quite a large one. It also has quite a few fireballs shooting around it in waves as a trap. Some of these fireballs would also land next to the entryway into the side rooms. That was perhaps the best time if any I would get hit by any of the fireballs in there.

5 Ethric Tomb Of Ethric The Mad Might And Magic VI.png

After clearing out some rooms of lich I finally ran into Ethric himself. I was expecting the fight o to be far more challenging than it was. In almost no time at all he was dead.

I ended up looting Ethic's Skull off of him. This would be an item to turn into Gabriel Cartman in Free Haven later on. I would end up getting 7.5k gold and a decent chunk of experience as well for doing so.

After that point, I would further clear out other rooms. As there were still a lot of chests and loot to find. Some rooms would still have the easy-to-kill skeletons in them. While others would be filled with the further lich.

I ended up looting yet another amazing bow out of this dungeon. Along with making over 30k gold from everything I looted and turning in a quest. Not a bad haul for a dungeon this size.

I dare say this is almost a place I would be willing to go back to at some point and clear again. At some point for some fun, I might sit between two zone lines and keep traveling back and forth eating up 5 days at a time.

It would be fun to get a bunch of the dungeons and zones to re-spawn again. As I’m sure I could clear them out quite fast this time around. As I slowly start getting near more end-game items and filling out all the ring slots on my characters themselves with useful enchants.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.