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With well over 100 Treasure Vaults to find in Hogwarts Legacy, this can be one of those side activities you end up spending a lot of time doing. While most of them reward quite poor armor there is always that chance of walking away with something amazing.

Many of these Treasure Vaults have their twist on things till you can get to the treasure. A lot of them do follow some basic patterns for the most part. This guide will go over a lot more of the common basics so you can understand the logic needed to work out how to run most of them.

There are some Treasure Vaults that have quite a nasty puzzle. For those, I’ll simply be providing the answers needed to solve them. As those tend to go beyond just understanding the basics and one of them even requires knowledge from books.

Treasure Vault icon Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

While flying around and looking at the map or mini radar you will see any Treasure Vault you have discovered is marked with a cave door icon. Most of these are caves after all so this icon is rather fitting. Unlike other challenges, there are no achievements or even total showing up on the world map to show how many remain in a region.

There are just that many of them. Chance is just by walking from one mission to the next you ran into quite a few of these. Often when just going to other challenge locations you will end up discovering a Treasure Vault nearby as well.

Finding First Treasure Vaults

Diving down Treasure Vaults Guide Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Early on once you leave Hogwarts and are exploring those areas a common kind of Treasure Vault and the easiest one just requires you to swim down. Sometimes these pools of water are found in caves while other times over lakes and other bodies of water. You simply need to press and hold F on PC to access the chamber.

finding the chest at the end of a tunnel in diving Treasure Vaults Guide Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Once inside you simply have to navigate to the end of the cave you are in. There you will find a chest to loot. A few of those chests early on tend to provide some rather rewarding loot. Once you start getting a lot better gear however that becomes harder to find.

The great thing is even if you don’t end up using the armor you find it as if it was not an upgrade. You can still sell the armor for at least 60 Galleons. Meaning running all of Treasure Vaults will net you well over 6k Galleons. More than likely closer to 10k.

Different Types Of Treasure Vault Puzzles To Gain Access

While the first kind of Treasure Vaults you are likely to find is quite easy. The rest of them at least the puzzles on the outside to gain access to go inside the caves are not that hard to solve either. They usually just require the right spell.

Like in most cases if you are unsure about a Treasure Vault. Try casting Revelio and seeing if anything is showing up in blue that is close by relating to the Treasure Vault you are at. Keep in mind since a lot of these Treasure Vaults tend to be near other activities you might see stuff that belongs to different types of puzzles as well.

Devils Snare Treasure Vault

Devils Snare Treasure Vaults Guide Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Another easy type of Treasure Vault simply requires you to cast Lumos and keep it cast. As you have to get around Devils Snare that is guarding the cave itself. Those types of caves usually lack any puzzle on the inside making it quite easy to get to the treasure itself.

Most Common Treasure Vaults

Use Wingardium Leviosa to bring the cube to the Treasure Vault Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

One of the more common types of Treasure Vaults you will encounter will have a square platform at the entrance that has an icon on it. You are looking for a cube with the same icon on it that needs to be brought to it.

Most times the hardest part of these Treasure Vaults is finding the cube. As many times when you cast Revelio, you won’t see any blue cube icons. If that is the case make sure to check for any roads that are usually right in front of the Treasure Vault.

If that is the case take a short walk down the road. If you end up passing through say a tunnel keep walking to the end of that tunnel. Every so often cast Revelio till you see the cube. Sometimes there will be multiple roads you have to check first.

Once you do find the cube you can cast Wingardium Leviosa to pick up the cube and bring it back to the platform on the ground. Then drop the cube on the platform and cast the spell that matches the icon. Usually, you are either casting Leviosa or Glacius spell.

Locked Door Treasure Vault

locked treasure vault  Hogwarts Legacy guide.jpg

While sometimes you might be able to cast alternative spells if you simply lack the best one to get into a Treasure Vault. Then there are others like the ones that have locked doors with up to tier III locks on them.

The only thing you can do for these kinds of Treasure Vaults is come back later to them once you have unlocked the proper Alohomora spell to open the door. I have a Lock Picking Guide on getting higher level Alohomora along with doing the mini-game for locks. I won’t be covering that in any further detail since that guide covers everything.

Pulling The Lever Door Handle Treasure Vault

pull the handle Treasure Vault Guide Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Sometimes when you cast Revelio you will end up coming across a strange-looking block with a handle on it. All you need to do is cast Accio at the door handle and it will pull it opening the Vault Door.

In some rather rare cases, you might come across more than one of these handles that you need to pull to open the door. Usually casting Revelio will show which pattern of three needs to be pulled using Accio if you happened to come across the more challenging variant.

Bared Entry Into The Treasure Vault

Spam cast Depulso, till you unlock the bared entry way into Treasure Vaults, Guide Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Sometimes you will come across a Treasure Vault that has a bared-off entrance. You will also notice either on one or both sides of the entrance to the vault are these weird pillar things.

If you spam cast Depulso they will spin. Keep spamming Depulso till they stop spinning which locks them in place. Then if there was a second one repeat the process. Till the door is no longer bared off and you can walk inside.

Eyeball Treasure Vault

One type I recall running into that I never got a screenshot of was a Treasure Vault that had a gait eye over the entrance in. Simply cast or use an invisibility potion. Once the eyeball can’t see you the door opens.

Treasure Vault Out of Reach

Out of reach Treasure Vault Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

On rare occasions, you will come across Treasure Vaults that are out of reach. If you simply can’t land a mount on the lip of the cave and demount to get inside. You will need to cast Revelio to look around for a movable platform.

Once you find a movable platform you can cast Wingardium Leviosa and drag that platform back to the foot of the cave the best you can. Then you can simply cast Leviosa on that platform itself to raise it slightly.

Once all of that is done. Simply climb up the platform. Then climb up the next level to get into the cave. These are that easy.

Once Inside A Treasure Vault

Walking inside to the Treasure Vault Guide Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The next section is going to go over once you gain access to enter into a Treasure Vault. If you thought solving the puzzle to get into the inside of them was going to be it. Well if you luck out that might be. Other times after you wander in deep enough you end up coming across another puzzle to solve.

Pile Of Bones Treasure Vault

moving a pile of bones around to reveal a treasure chest Treasure Vault Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

In some instances, once you are inside a Treasure Vault you will end up finding lots of piles of bones laying around. They might be on the floor or in a drawer you had to open casting Accio. There are also a couple of variants when dealing with bone puzzles.

One of them will have a bunch of bone pillars in the middle of the room. Simply using Wingardium Leviosa you can drag the bones and drop them then on the different pillars. Once everything is done a chest will appear.

The other types of the bone puzzle will be somewhat similar. You just need to drag the bones with Wingardium Leviosa to the bone pillars. In some cases, they will then build a bridge you can climb up onto the treasure or unlock a door to get into the final room.

The Pile of bones can sometimes get annoying if they get stuck. The best thing to try first is taking a few steps back and casting Accio in hopes of pulling whatever got stuck to get unstuck. If that fails you can try blasting them out of what they are stuck with using Depulso that however can make things worse. If all else fails leave the cave and come back later once you have restarted the game.

Hidden Walls Treasure Vault

hidden walls Treasure Vault Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

If you end up walking into a Treasure Vault and it looks empty try casting Revelio. In one of the types, there will be three hidden walls that open up to show what is inside once you get close enough. The treasure will be within one of those three.

Chess Puzzle Treasure Vault

solving the chess puzzle Treasure Vault Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

Perhaps the hardest puzzle if you don’t know Harry Potter is going to be the chess puzzle. You will walk into the room with a chessboard that has some pieces on it. You will also notice one of the pieces is off the chessboard and resting by the wall. What makes this puzzle so hard is it requires two different spells.

The first thing you need to understand is that you need to checkmate the black side’s king. However, if you just pick up the spare chess piece with Wingardium Leviosa on the side and spam place it everywhere on the chess board nothing will happen.

That is because while you are checking the black sides, king, with that piece. It’s the wrong piece to do it with. What you need to do is use the Transformation spell to change the chess piece once. That makes it the correct piece to get the checkmate you need to solve this puzzle

A different version of this has a chess chair that you can turn into the correct piece to place down on the board for checkmate. Just as you would for the one above.

You then can simply place it down on the board where I have my piece that is highlighted. Quite a nasty little puzzle if you ask me.

Block Arrows Puzzle Treasure Vault

Block Arrows Puzzle Treasure Vault Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

This type has quite a lot of different variants on the puzzle itself. The basics are however you will notice a 3 by 3 in most cases of blocks with arrows along one of the walls. They will be missing a block. You need to move the block and rotate it to the correct position to match the pattern to open the door.

You can simply pick up the loss with Wingardium Leviosa and place it in the missing spot. If that does not work pick it up again with Wingardium Leviosa and rotate or drag the piece around till it flips pointing to a new direction. You then can try placing it down again and seeing if that unlocks the door to the treasure.

Handles Treasure Vault

Ring puzzle.jpg

Like when you encounter the outside puzzle to get in that had handles you needed to pull with Accio. This type is the same except there might be a lot more handles creating more possibilities as to what the one or three-handle solution is. Casting Revelio will usually show which ones need to be pulled with Accio to unlock the door.

Flying Flaming Brazier Fire Pots Treasure Vault

Flying Flaming Brazier Fire Pots Treasure Vault Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

This one has a couple of different kinds of variants on it. Either the chest will appear in the middle or in the locked room. More than likely you just need to light all of the flying braziers with a fire spell to get access to the chest.

Often the locked door once you light all the braziers remains locked as it has no treasure behind it. While you can check through the slots in that door to see if there is anything behind it. You can also cast the Glacius spell on all fire sources such as the brazier to put them out and open the door.

Floor Manipulation To Reach Out Chests Treasure Vault

Floor Manipulation To Reach Out Chests Treasure Vault Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

Inside some of the Treasure vaults, you will notice a checkered floor. If you cast Revelio you will notice the chest is either out of reach above or below. You will also notice there is a cube inside. If you use Wingardium Leviosa the floor changes as you move the cube around.

If the chest is up high on a ledge you need to move the cube around in a way so the tiles that get raised will create a ramp for you to get up onto the ledge to loot the chest. In most cases, they won’t go all the way up but far enough that you can jump up the ledge.

In other instances. You need to move the cube around to lower the floor in a way that you can loot the chest hidden below. You don’t need to fully reveal the chest. You just need enough access to it to press F.

In most cases placing the cube right next to where you need the floor to be the highest or the lowest point will solve this puzzle.

Final Thoughts

Getting to the treasure Hogwarts Legacy Guide.jpg

Hopefully, this guide on Treasure Vaults will help you move forward in looting the insane amount of these puzzles found around the game. While there are a lot of variants and one-offs as well. They can be a decent way to make some quick money and even find an upgrade once you understand the basics of solving them and running them quickly.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.