Hogwarts Legacy | Natsai Onai And Our Unfortunate Run-Ins

While attending Hogwarts you end up building friends with a couple of different students. One of them is Natsai Onai. She has quite a strong will to stand up to evil dowers. As a result of this, you end up going on some interesting adventures with her.

The impression I had when I first started this game is I would end up getting to select someone to join me in my adventures. It turns out it’s not like that at all. You end up having several different students that you can go along with on their separate missions.

You are in no way limited by just picking one of them. They also can’t just join you on some random adventure you are about to go on. The only way they end up joining you is if there is a specific mission invoking them and the activities they support. Sometimes it would be quite some time between interactions making it at least for me a bit difficult to recall when what I’ve done with them in the past. Since they are not always so different early on for at least two of them.

Summoners Court Hogwarts Legacy Natsai Onai.jpg

I ended up running into Natsai Onai quite early on. There was a match in charms class I had with her in Summoner’s Court. It is a game where you cast and try to get the ball to stop on the highest part of the board without sliding off. She ends up beating me a couple of times. The game even has a few side quests to complete regarding this game facing off against other students.

Since she is from the same house as I am. It’s her who ends up taking me to Hogsmeade for the first time. When I go and get my wand and some other supplies.

Out of quite a few adventures I go on with her and other students. I’ll admit she's not my favorite but not my least favorite either. While a few of the students end up having giant chips on their shoulders I was kind of rather indifferent towards hers for quite some time.

She was also not the first person I’d rush to go see when the game advanced and I’d have revived a bunch of owls from quite a few different people. She was however usually a safe bet that I would not be doing anything morally wrong.

Fighting an armoured troll Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I also ended up fighting with a troll that day since one attacked Hogsmeade. So it seems quite early on the gaming is trying to create bonds between me and her. This seems to be a natural thing that would happen after fighting a troll with someone and clearing up the aftermath of the damage caused.

Since I had a closer connection to her from the start I did end up even selecting her to be my partner when I went to work on my dueling Crossing Wands missions.

My opinion of her did start to grow positively over time it however did take a while. We ended up going on some adventures. One of them included meeting her up in Lower Hogsfield. It was however quite forgettable.

Falbarton Castle Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

That was until I got another owl from her asking me to meet her near Falbarton Castle. She wanted to break into a castle and collect some evidence. So this required a bit of lurking around for both of us.

She ended up waiting at the main gate while I went and did the hard part. Finding a way in and raising the gate itself. This invoked climbing up the side of the castle. For whatever reason, there was a lot of trash laying around the castle. Allowing me to use it to climb up and over the first wall.

Once up I still was not inside the castle. I ended up finding a box I could use as a platform. So I moved into a place where I could see there was an opening using Wingardium Leviosa. I then cast a levitation charm on the platform again to raise it slightly.

Once up there I needed to get into the main house gate to raise the lower gates. I ended up finding a box I could use a force spell to push out of my way.

opening the castle gate  for Hogwarts Legacy Natsai Onai.jpg

The hardest part ended up being trying to work out how to raise the gate so Natsai Onai would be willing to just walk on it. I could raise the gate but as soon as I stopped spamming a force spell on the gears it would just fall again. Instead, I needed to lock the gate in place using another force spell. Only then would she advance further along?

Escaping on Hippogriff Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Despite how much the castle was crawling with poachers we avoided dealing with them for the most part. That was until we ended up getting coughed by Harlow and that is when I got to fly a Hippogriff right out of that place.

We then flew for a decent amount of time. We then found out about a missing child named Archie who was feared might have witnessed a murder and perhaps was captured by Harlow. So we were tasked with finding the kid.

Archie fort in the woods Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

This led to a search done on foot. We ended up finding his fort built in the woods. Along with some other items that he dropped, that helps us further along our search in the direction the kid was running.

the tent Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Things then really escalated in the storytelling. As we happened upon what looked like a small tent. However, once we got inside it was quite clear this place was not small.

I somewhat got the impression we were supposed to be somewhat stealth-like and whatnot. Well, that is just not my style. The time we encountered some Ashwinders I opted to take them out with force. Thankfully that did not cause us any trouble.

After some exploring, we ended up coming across the kid that was kidnapped. As such, we set him free.

Final Thoughts

freeing the captive Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Like with a lot of my adventures with Natsai Onai. They were usually quite short at least up to this point. Her mother is also a teacher at Hogwarts so any time we went off on an adventure she usually got in trouble. Then it would be quite some time before I would have another mission to embark on with her.

My biggest issue with some of these characters is they were just not different enough. Looking back at things I sometimes get two of the three main students I interact with quite off mixed up. While on the other hand, someone like Sebastian which I’ve talked about before at least for me stands out among the others.

The other would be long breaks before I would interact with them again. In some instances, I might have ten or more hours of playing before I’d go on another adventure with the same character as Natsai Onai. Making it a bit difficult to keep track of things.

I felt it might have been better just to have ignored these characters till the end outside of interacting with them during any main storyline that I needed to. Despite all the interactions I’ve had so far with Sebastian I ended up holding off on interacting with him for quite some time. Then went on quite a lot of adventures with him within a short amount of time. I wish I had done the same with Natsai Onai if that would have been at all possible.

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