Hogwarts Legacy And The Collectors Cave

I found myself in a rather unusual coalition if you could even call it that. A wizard and a goblin named Lodgok of all things work together towards a possible outcome that gets what the other one wants. At least in theory that is what it sounded like could happen. I however would not find out the outcome if I got my side of the deal till much later on.

Meeting with a goblin Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

I do find it interesting that such a first meeting took place of all places at the Hogs Head Inn. I do find such a meeting place to already put things on the suspected side of things. As that place is known for shady things.

I had to go off and find what was being called the Witch’s Tomb. While the whole thing was quite bizarre I’m always dungeon for a dungeon run. Besides if we could somehow work together in the piece who knows what other kinds of issues long-term could be solved since goblins are quite un-trusting of wizards and for good reasons.

It ended up being quite a short walk away. I completed a couple of sized activities while en route. Such as a Merlin Trail. I just can’t avoid not running such sites when I come across them. It feels like there is an insane amount of them.

the Collectors Cave Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

The Witch’s Tomb ended up being called The collector’s Cave. I was sent in looking for a goblin-made helmet of all things. With a warning that Inferi could be lurking inside. Inferi is quite nasty and requires taking fire damage first before you can even do anything to them for the most part.

The puzzles I found in The Collectors Cave I found ended up quite a lot easier than the ones in trails. The combat as well was not that challenging. It was a nice difference of pace to clear out this dungeon.

Solving the moth door puzzle Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

The first puzzle in this place was quite easy to solve. I just needed to bring three moths towards the door and have them placed. You can cast Lumos. As far as the months themselves they were found standing on golden peddles.

There were several little side areas I went off to investigate. For the most part, I always seem to be able to pick what will end up being a side area first. That is great as I don’t have to backtrack later trying to find anything I might have missed.

I love finding every single chest and spot of money on the floor. When I cast Revelio and I notice I left anything behind I almost want to abandon what where ever I am and run back trying to see if I can get to it now or find it later as many of these dungeons twist and turn all over the place.

A chamber Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

After some exploring, I ended up finding a room that looked like it had a grave in it. It however did not have the helm in it. There was another door I had to find and move three months to.

There was also another door. This time however I just needed to cast a force spell on it to get it to open. Thankfully getting all three months was not going to be anything complicated.

Fighting Inferi with fire Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

Everything in this dungeon was going quite easily. A little too easy till I ended up running into Inferi. I’ll admit I was quite sloppy dealing with them as I lacked much experience yet in dealing with them.

Thankfully at least at this point in the game I had decided to unlock three separate spell bars. Many other combat situations I found myself in before doing so were a bit annoying. As I would have to stop to open up the spell page and keep switching out spells. I was however still getting used to the idea of needing to swap between spell bars.

Using Depulso on the puzzle after flying a moth over to it in Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

I then ran into yet another puzzle with moths. This time it was a bit more complicated. You did not just need to find a moth and bring it to a new place to be held. These new holding vessels as they also took the shape of moths.

I ended up realizing that with the spell Depulso, I could make the larger moths spin and spin and spin. So I just spammed that spell till they stop spinning altogether. Getting them to click in a way.

Using Wingardium Leviosa to pick up a pile of bones to make a bridge I could cross  Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

The next type of puzzle I encountered I noticed can get a bit glitchy. At least in the Collectors Cave, they were not as bad as in other dungeons. I needed to make a bridge to get across. To do so I cast Wingardium Leviosa on a pile of bones. I then had to drag the bones around the pillar of bones and the plate. I then would stop casting and hope it formed a bridge.

The massive piles of bones can get stuck on stuff. Thankfully after only a couple of attempts, a bridge made out of bones was formed. I then could walk forward to open the chest. This however was not the end but a little side area.

I then went along and found a few more chests to loot. This place did not seem interested in giving me any armor that was upgraded. I could only guess since I’ve looted so many I’d need to level up before I would find anything worth switching over to use.

I also came across another puzzle that just required you to move a platform In a place with Wingardium Leviosa. Any time I find that I still lack getting enough of a boost up to make a jump I can cast Leviosa on a platform to raise it slightly. You then can jump up on the platform and then up on the edge you are trying to get to.

moths and raising platforms puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

Perhaps the most challenging puzzle of them all was in a few rooms later. You had to find and bring moths to their platforms. You then cast Depulso on the center holder to raise months on either side. Where you then could use Lumos to bring the remaining moths to the door to get it to unlock.

It was not so much that this was a difficult puzzle. It just had a lot more moving parts than you would expect. If you did not realize what you had to do in the correct order. That would make things difficult. Even more so if you have not encountered the game using these game mechanics in this manner before.

There was naturally some combat along the way to get to this point as well. I often in the heat of the moment don’t take any screenshots while things are still alive. I just go on a furry of spell casting till nothing is left moving.

Not finding the helm and leaving the dungeon Hogwarts Legacy The Collectors Cave Witch Tomb.jpg

To my shock, I did not find the helm in The Collectors Cave. Thankfully there was also a back door to get out of this place. Since I hate running through an entire dungeon once I already cleared it. This I found was a nice touch.

Fighting a Forest troll while looking for the helm Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

It turns out some thieves stole the helm. So I was sent off to find them nearby. That is when I ran into quite a nasty Forest Troll. I ended up taking it out with ancient magic. Thankfully I had two casts as I can’t quite one-shot them.

The troll was not the only thing I needed to take out either. After clearing the camp of anything that moved. I was able to retrieve the helm. While quite an unexpected twist I’m glad it did not take long to resolve.

This would not be the last time I ended up working with a goblin named Lodgok. I can only hope things keep going in a decent direction between the two of us. Wizards and goblins working together what a strange match indeed.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.