Hogwarts Legacy | Upper Hogsfield And Horklump Hollow

One of the fun things I find myself doing in Hogwarts Legacy is checking out the smaller towns called hamlets and seeing what kind of trouble I can get myself into. They usually have some stuff to explore and find while in the town. I ended up coming across one such hamlet while on my way to a cavern on a side quest.

Upper Hogsfield

Map of Upper Hogsfield Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

As you can see there is not much left to do around the town itself. I’ve been somewhat going around and clearing out a bunch of Merlin Trails, Treasure Vaults, and anything else in the local area before heading into the hamlet called Upper Hogsfield.

We can also see from the map Upper Hogsfield has some points of interest for me. There is a collection chest, field guide page, and most importantly to me at that time a Demiguise statue. On top of that two side missions for me to check out.

barter shop Upper Hogsfield Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Upper Hogsfield ended up being quite a cozy little town. They even had their little barter shop set up. I almost want to call it a bar or a tavern but the items on the shelves kind of tell a different story.

You can also kind of tell it is a bit poorer of a town. They are just using basic blanks of wood over some used barrels for tabletop space. The floors that look like they have never been cleaned are covered in straw.

There were also quite a few chests and other things to investigate for loot. While none of what I could see nearby with Reveal caste was what I came there for. I went on quite the looting spree in the daytime as well. They did not seem to care too much about my stealing.

fancy curtains Upper Hogsfield Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Other places did not feel as run down. Those are quite some fancy curtains to have. It almost looks like some kind of hospital room with all the bottles of different elixirs. Perhaps this is where the mayor stayed or whoever runs these things.

Finding a godlen chest in Upper Hogsfield Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Unexpectedly I even found a golden ornate chest in Upper Hogsfield in one of the homes. These things can be quite exciting to find as you tend to get unidentified legendary armor. It did end up being an upgrade later once I identified it.

Once I had found many of the other things I was looking for. It was time to go check out the reason I was even heading in this direction in the first place. I had gotten a side mission to collect Sirona’s Letters in Hogsmeade. It was rather tempting to skip over the hamlet and just go right for this cavern.

Horklump Hollow

Horklump Hollow Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

While this dungeon of Horklump Hollow ended up being quite a short one. I just love the thrill of going into a dungeon for the first time. I also did not pay much attention to the chat I had with the NPC that gave it to me so I was rather unaware of what I would come across inside.

Turns out I was here looking for a bunch of letters. This place was rather nasty looking. I could also tell I was about to run into some Devil's Snare from a distance. It also looked like it was not the main direction to go. I however can’t pass up on finding possibly two chests.

So I ventured into the little side area I found. I was correct that there were two chests to be looted. While they both were downgrades in the armor I got out of them. I could at least sell the armor for some money which I was rather strapped for at the time.

using Lumos for Devils Snare and looting two chests in Horklump Hollow Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I also had to uncover the boxes and keep myself safe from the large amount of Devil's Snare that was guarding this side room and the treasure chests. This was done by pulling out my wand and keeping Lumos up bringing in light to keep me safe from the Devil's Snare.

amazing view in Horklump Hollow Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Some of the views in this place were quite breathtaking. You can almost feel fright of heights when I came across this location. It looks like there was some kind of rock quarry down below or something of the sort.

running from a troll Horklump Hollow Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

There was also a nasty troll inside Horklump Hollow. It was a lot higher level than me as well and I struggled to even do some basic damage to it. This seems like it was done by design as I was able to run away behind some gates that the troll itself did not fit into.

After that, there was not much left of this place. I quickly found all the letters and the box I was looking for. I then went off to return them to Sirona in Hogsmeade.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.