Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting And Her Beats

Poppy Sweeting was perhaps the classmate at Hogwarts I got along with the best. I did not have any interaction with her till much later than the others in the game. Then it was time for me to have my first Beasts class and got to meet her.

The biggest thing about Poppy Sweeting is she is really into protecting and being kind to animals. She rather spends time with animals than with actual humans. I can’t blame her either between all the poachers in the game and students seeing beasts as quick ways to make some money.

Since I ended up doing a lot of fighting poachers and recusing beasts in Hogwarts Legacy already before I even took the Beasts class. I felt we had a lot more in common than many of the other students I had to interact with. So I found her a bit easier to get along with and even willing to go on adventures when I was sent an owl by her.

Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting Beast Class.jpg

The biggest thing for Poppy Sweeting was I stood up for the Kneazles I was assigned to attend in Beasts class. Some other students had come along wanting to pluck out their whiskers for money during the class and I somewhat put a stop to that.

While the professor was not that thrilled that I took matters into my own hands and would have preferred me to get her attention to handle the situation. Poppy Sweeting took this as birds of the same feather kind of deal.

Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting Hippogriff.jpg

Right after class, Poppy Sweeting took me on a short little adventure. We ended up finding a Hippogriff that she had befriended. After showing it respect by bowing I was allowed to pet and feed the Hippogriff. This further put me into Poppy Sweeting's favor of someone she could trust.

On a personal level outside of the game, this interaction perhaps had the most impact on me outside of everything else I would encounter in Hogwarts Legacy. I truly understood what a big deal it was for Poppy Sweeting to show me the Hippogriff let alone allow me to interact with it.

After that, it would be a while before I went off on an adventure again with Poppy Sweeting. You also don’t get a lot of lessons in the beast class either.

ran into some Centaurs in the woods Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting.jpg

Eventually, I did get an owl and went to go meet up with Poppy Sweeting in the forest of all places. We ended up encountering some centaurs who were not pleased to see us in the woods. The centaurs mostly viewed all wizards to be associated somewhat with the poachers since no one was putting an end to evils they were committing on beasts.

poacher dragon battling arena Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting.jpg

We ended up investigating a Poacher tent of all things and found an underground dragon battling an arena of all things. All I can say is that was quite unexpected to find.

I also noticed that the dragons themselves had collars on them. Like the one that had attacked me at the start of the game. Leaving me with lots of questions I was hoping I would soon be finding the answers about.

dragon encounter Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting.jpg

We ended up exploring the tent further till we found what must have been a recently captured dragon. This led to quite an epic little fight dealing with many poachers.

After quite the battle we end up helping the dragon break free of the chains that were keeping it down. It then unleashed on the remaining poachers around us. Before it took us out we put a hole in the tent for the dragon to fly off and escape back to its nest.

What the dragon did not know is the poachers also had one of its eggs. So for quite some now after that encounter, I would be walking around with a dragon egg. I was half expecting the dragon to track down the egg at some point and hunt me down. That however never happened.

It was then quite some time before I embarked on a mission to return the egg to the dragon with Poppy Sweeting. This ended up being yet another short mission. I more or less just had to walk through a valley till I made it to the end.

The hardest part was repairing the broken bridges. With a dragon in the area, it was no shock it was flying around destroying any path to its nest. It was kind of strange for a dragon to build a nest so close to humans. It for whatever reason did.

Petting a dragon Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting.jpg

I then placed down the dragon egg. The Dragon took it and flew off. It was rather anticlimactic. At least the dragon did not kill us I guess.

Final Thoughts

rebuilding a bridge Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting.jpg

Up till this point out of all three of the main students I ended up having quite a few side missions and got to go on adventures with others. This one felt the shortest which I was not expecting since we both shared the desire of rescuing beasts.

Thankfully there was one final grand adventure I’d get to go on with Poppy Sweeting. One that more than made up for how short all my encounters up to this point would be. It however ended up being quite sometime later till that would occur.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.