EverQuest | LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie

I recall running Miragul's Menagerie only ever once. No one back in the day for whatever reason wanted to run this one. I love cold atmospheres in video games so there was no way I was going to pass this place up.

loot sturdy quills LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.jpg

While we have mostly been going with kill expeditions up to this point other than the one boss kill we did. This time around I selected for a collection expedition. I’ll need to be looting 24 Sturdy Quills of dead creatures while inside the instance.

everfrost peak map LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.png

The best part so far about this expedition is the instance is in the same zone we picked it up in. You would think that make this more popular back in the day for people to run. I was just happy I did not need to work out which zones we had to go through to find it.

map of LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.jpg

I just love running these old instances. So many rooms and little corridors to explore and clear out of creatures. The map was marked with a bunch of raid targets. I never did get to raid in any of these. Perhaps we lucked out in getting this one for our expedition.
inside LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.jpg

You would not expect to enter from tundra to a place like this. It had quite the library vibe. Filled with skeletons and a lot of other stuff. Some breathtaking views were seen while here that is for sure.

sturdy quill item we needed for LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.jpg

This was the item we were after. Would need quite a few more of these to finish this expedition. If I recall there is a way to turn off having to confirm that you want to pick up a no-trade item. The inner raider in me though won’t go near such an option if it existed. So while it was annoying having to click on yes a bunch of times to loot them all one at a time it was what I did.

Something that feels missing these days from more modern games is people just chatting for hours on end in-game. While we had a rolling group and I was quite active with pulling, tanking, and healing. Anytime we did need a break it always brought back so many memories of people just sharing about their day-to-day.

Not everything back then was about talk regarding the game only. People use to have real conversations just about life in general. Along with catching friends up on whatever adventure you went on in-game. What goals you had along with anything things you needed help on and so forth. It was more about community back then.

A culture that seems lost in a lot of today’s games as people don’t stick around for long. Everyone is always off looking for the next big thing and moments after that launch they will not be talking about that game but the next thing. People are always in a hurry to nowhere but the end of the road.

clearing LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.jpg

We made quite the mess of this expedition. I’m starting to think I should have done these all hard. Regardless it is nice sometimes to just kick back and not be on the edge of your seat for hours on end fighting off one near-death after another.

While here my mind did somewhat start to wonder. I have always wondered what kind of books are the bookshelves in a game like this. This place had enough of them to hold a vast amount of what would have been known at the time. They were all kept in somewhat decent condition from the looks of it.

ruby warding augmentation LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.jpg

One of the reasons from my understanding why people might not want to run this was there were no augmentations. However, I ended up finding one with 6 fire on. While no use to me it was great to see how many different slots this could have fitted into if you needed something like this.

ice LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.jpg

It was also farther fun to see how they incorporated the outside ice tundra. While this place felt quite warm and almost inviting. You were sometimes reminded of the coldness in the decor.

This expedition ended up taking a bit longer than the other ones we have run. Since we needed a certain item to drop. I somewhat recall back in the day when running this kind of mission on hard you sometimes struggled to find the last item you needed to finish the collection amount required.

Everyone always hoped for finding them right away and collecting the reward. I mostly recall most of the expedition I was in that people preferred this collection over many of the other types. I however prefer nowadays the killing ones as they seem a bit quicker and I don’t have to do the looting for a certain item.

Final Thought

success LDON Expedition Miragul's Menagerie.jpg

After a while, I looted the last quill and we were done. It appears this will not be one we end up grinding out for adventure points. It was however fun to revisit and see what they are all about. There is only one last remaining expedition after this one to check out before we work out where to grind for a bit.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about EverQuest.