Entropia Universe | Testing Out An ArMatrix LR-45

Since I now have the skills to max out an ArMatrix LR-45 (L). I thought it would be a nice break to go out and try to test it on some different creatures. While it won’t always be my go-to gun to use and the current markup is slightly higher than an ArMatrix LR-40 (L). I wanted to see the difference it would make for certain hunts.

The biggest thing I wanted to test it on is Araneatrox. They have decently high health regen so the more DPS you can get down on them the cheaper they are per kill. Killing them faster can also have other positive impacts such as reduced armor decay and healing costs.

So I went out to my favorite non-taxed area to hunt Araneatrox. One of the big things for me is how much health I can take down before they enter into range to damage me. While I won’t always get max range on a creature that is the main point of using guns with such a long range.

Araneatrox mature.jpg

What I found most impressive is while I can kill an Araneatrox Mature it tends to be a bit of a struggle to do so. Before I had taken much damage I had done a decent amount of damage. However, once it did get within range I did find myself having to do some in-combat healing as I usually would. Thankfully a lot less than usual.

Outside of having to deal with an Araneatrox Mature or getting an add-on. The amount of in-combat healing I needed to do for the remainder of my hunt on these was zero. A bit of an improvement over using my other gun for these.

I was also able to kill them a bit quicker. Saving myself a couple of shots that would have otherwise been needed to make up for the health regen on these things. That means for me over the long run I can kill more of them over the same amount of ammo used in a single trip than I was before. Increasing my chances of finding decent loot.

Araneatrox Young 65 PED.jpg

I did even manage to get a little global off this run. Sadly the loot was not that great mostly just shrapnel. There are so many amazing things that can drop off Araneatrox you always hope it’s going to be something better than shrapnel.

I even managed to finish off rank 6 of the Araneatrox codex. I ended up selecting 8.3 PED of Dexterity. That gave me over 100 levels of the stat and a new rank for it.

After I finished the short hunt I went and checked my healing and repair bills. They were slightly reduced. Since those costs are always an area in someone’s setup reduced to become more efficient I feel a slightly higher markup for the gun was more than worth it.

moving over to hogglo.jpg

After that, it was time to head from the warm desert into a snow-filled land to hunt Hogglo. I do love it when it is owned land but by the developers of the game so the taxes are zero. I was even surprised to find a lot more Hogglo than usual waiting around for me to show up.

While I’ve tried hunting Hogglo in other areas before. I have often found they lack enough room. Along with safety, I not only have the pulling range I want but the ability to walk a bit backward to get off further shots before taking damage.

Hogglo in the past has been creatures I’ve burned through many in-combat healing devices I’ve had to use to be able to hunt them. To the point, I could consider it to be stupid to hunt them. Although I enjoy the thrill of the challenge and I’ve always welcomed the amble amount of skilling gains I get from a session of hunting them.

Hunting hogglo.jpg

While I sometimes did need to heal while in combat. I found it remarkable how much less healing I needed to do in general. My current healing device for in-combat healing is close to breaking and I was certain this hunt would do it. It survived for another hunt.

While I did not get any globals from this hunt as they have been treating me badly for quite some time now. I did have to do about half as much healing and I noticed my repair bill was at least 25% lower compared to other hunts I’ve done on them in the past.

Hogglo item drop.jpg

It was not an entirely uneventful looting experience at the very least. I did end up looting a Laceration Attack Chip 12 (L). It sadly did not drop as full TT which would have been global. I ended up selling it for around a 128% markup or so. Mind force users must need them for the Mayhem event as it sold quickly and you can see the weekly spike in price over the yearly. I hope I can get more to drop!

Final Thoughts

ranged laser damage increase.jpg

Overall I’m quite impressed with the bump in damage being able to use a bigger gun has granted me. It can also use a bigger amp as well than the next step down bringing in even more damage. Because of that, I noticed a reasonable drop in armor decay and healing costs on these hunts.

Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.