Entropia Universe | TWEN Event And Araneatrox

This year Entropia Universe is having its Twentieth Entropia New Year(TWEN). This is expected to be rather a massive event perhaps lasting the entire year with a lot of unannounced things occurring throughout the year 2023. While many were expecting it to start in Q1 of 2023. They recently announced that it had begun without any further advanced warning.

I was not around for the last big milestones for the game turning so many years old missing out on chances to get some phat loot. This year I am around however and I will be joining in on some of the fun when I can. I don’t have plans to go massive as I lack the funding to do so but regardless I have quite a few goals set out to reach this year.

Last year when I returned to the game I had set aside quite a massive budget to get back into things. I was coming back without any gear let alone ships to fly around in. So a large part of my total budget went into getting quite a few sets of unlimited gear and some other lower to medium-level items that best I could last year.

This year my budget is going to be a lot smaller. I however have something I’ve been needing to do for quite some time. That is go around Calypso the main planet and grind out a lot of the lower-level codex to at least level 10.

Now is no better time to do so since I get to pair such grinds with this event itself. They have announced that during this event all creatures and planets will be partaking.

Exactly what is being asked by quite a few community members that all the other planets outside of Calypso will be having for sure. For now, what has been confirmed by the community is that special Entropia Unreal Tokens are doping on planets including and outside of Calypso.

That is however not the main thing people are after. During this event, special versions of weapons and possibly other items are already starting to drop at least on Calypso. During this rather special time of the event, those guns tend to become worth a fair bit over normal unlimited items.

These items are usually expected to be referred to as TWEN edition items. Of the couple that has already drooped that were guns, there have been some wild prices from 2k to 50k PED some are beloved certain items could fetch.

On top of all this, a robot invasion has already started on planet Calypso. While I don’t have the great gear for fighting robots or looting skills at some point I’ll take part and see what that is all event.

hunting Araneatrox 1.jpg

In the meantime to kick things off I thought I would go out and do one of the bigger creature hunts that I can-- Araneatrox. After this, I’ll be out grinding a lot of smaller things on occasion.

It seems I was not alone in that idea as the usual spot that I go to where I might run into one or two other people during peak hours. I noticed green dots everywhere. People must be expecting Araneatrox to drop some big stuff.

Araneatrox codex level.jpg

I’m well on my way to accomplishing some of my goals. During this run, I ended up finishing off a codex level for Araneatrox themselves. Since these are such high-level creatures the codex levels take a lot of grinding to get through.

While I was considering getting 10.37 PED of Anatomy skills. I held off till later to see which options would end up being the better choice for me. It seems for now going with Dexterity ended up being the better choice so I selected that instead.

While I went quite super early my time the euro players were out in full force. Thankfully when I arrived I got to run one of my normal routes. Clearing away a lot of Araneatrox in a safe manner at my own pace not worrying about getting re-spawns on me.

I did after a while run into some other players. I then decided I would backtrack instead of trying to make a full loop and just hut it out in areas that were still open.

Araneatrox Young 59 PED.jpg

This did end up working out for me. While I had hope for a lot more global since I brought along 400 PED worth of ammo. Before the last remaining amount of UA ammo I had ran out I got my first global of 59 PED.

Araneatrox Young 107 PED.jpg

Not even twenty minutes after that I ended up getting my second global of the day of 107 PED. This would end up being my last global for the hunt.

While I did not walk away with any special and I frankly did not expect to only hunt so many Araneatrox since they take a decent amount of ammo to kill. I did walk away slightly up. Which is always a great hunt when that happens if nothing insane occurred.

While this was quite a fun little hunt to go on. I’m not going to go too crazy early on. There are according to the announcements going to be other events than the robot invasion going on. I also have not checked that part of the event out either.

On top of that, there will still be the Mayhem events this year which I did go rather heavy on last year for the first time. There is also expected to be summer migration. Last year I also got to join in on and have some fun.

Final Thoughts

final loot form the hunt.jpg

Hopefully, with a little luck and a bit of grinding of other activities, I’m involved. I’ll be able to have some fun during this event. Without any end date, it’s expected to last all year so no need to rush. On top of that, I do have a fair bit of other content about the game I’m slowly working on writing up as well that keeps getting interrupted by events and other games!

While I’m not expecting to get any of the bigger items out of this event. I do hope with the massive amount of low-level grinding that I’ll at least get some kind of TWEN edition item. That paired with all the codex gains I’ll be getting should more than make it worth the cost of what I’m about to do throughout this year regarding this game.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.