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Next Island despite its name is quite a massive planet to explore. It is quite a long flight in space to get to. It appears at least for now to be one of the more active planets in development. There are a lot of things to do and just explore around this vast planet.

Entropia Universe flying around next island.jpg

Outside of spending maybe an hour or two on Next Island in the past. This place for the most part has been unexplored at least for me. It was always a planet that just about no matter where else you are in the universe it’s going take a while to fly to. As such in the past, I only came here when I had to warp people in a ship back in the day as a pilot on a massive ship. Sometimes when I had some spare time between picking up the next person when I signed up for a shift to work on that ship. Not something I do nowadays but it did allow me to go to quite a few different planets I just never explored them as much as I would have liked.

Next island paradise.jpg

Parts of Next Island do look like a paradise. You should however not let that fool you into a false sense of security. A couple of times when I did land to explore around I was met with death. A lot of creatures here are also in quite dense packs of creatures and they just dog pile onto you if you are not being careful.

Next Island Entropia Universe map with teleport loctions.jpg

Since this place was rather unexplored by me. One of the big things I needed to do was try and find as many teleports as I could. With how massive this place is and there is a few areas of dead wasteland. Not having to fly everywhere is going to be quite important

I also took this as an opportunity to do a few things while exploring around as well. I picked up quite a few different missions every time I found small or large villages with NPCs. Some of them I even worked on a little bit as I started to write down locations of different creatures I found.

mining on next island.jpg

I also went around and dropped a few probes into different areas trying to get a base understanding of some possible ores and enmatters I could find in different areas. With how far away this place is and its unique ores and enmatters being unknown to me at least for now.

I have no idea if this will be a planet I take into consideration for doing some mining explorations. It is quite a massive place. While I do know these are certain mining resources that are needed for daily use on this planet. I’m uncertain yet if that will be something I look into further or not.

exploring next island 3.jpg

Mining is not the main reason I ended up coming to the next Island. There is an armor set and a couple of different armor plates you can work on. The issue with these kinds of things is you don’t know how accessible they are or if they are a bit of bait to lure you out here. For all, I knew the lower tiers of those items could end up not being something I can even do or have access to. That is something I’ll have to find out during this trip.

Next island is also a bit strange than other planets. For instance, there is “time travel.” Where you can go back in time to Ancient Greece. That itself will be a separate post(s) as that is where I want to go to see if I can work on some things.

exploring next island 4.jpg

Next Island also has some things locked behind some massive grinding or finding missions. I had not been here long enough when I first landed to determine if that was something I can finish in the short term. Many things in this game can end up being long grinds requiring many trips back and perhaps at a much higher gear and weapon level.

exploring next island 5.jpg

Part of my time exploring was done at night with even a bit of fog rolling around. It gives this place a different vibe than the more paradise feel certain areas give off during the daytime.

exploring next island 6 Entropia Universe.jpg

One thing I did struggle with was trying to find a bunch of different teleports. Some areas seem to be vast with not much in them like further development is expected one day. There were many instances where I’d fly around till I found some creature. Land and get killed by them or just press T and see where it took me. As sometimes you would end up at a location with a teleporter or end up discovering something else interesting.

exploring next island 7.jpg

One thing I did notice is there are quite a lot of hilly and little islands all over the place. Someone must have spent a decent amount of time terraforming the landscape of Next Island. On some of these planets, things can sometimes get a bit flat. Just the number of little land and water features I would run into made exploring here worthwhile.

exploring next island 8.jpg

There was also this massive desert area far away from everything else. Like many of the areas on this planet, I have no idea what they are about. Further investigation will need to be conducted during my time here to see what I can discover if anything.

strange area next island Entropia Universe.jpg

Many areas make me go WTF on Next Island. The building architecture here can get quite interesting. Even looking back at this screenshot now I notice some things I did not do at the time of finding this location.

Final Thoughts

exploring next island 9 Entropia Universe.jpg

It will be interesting to see what ends up leading me somewhere and what ends up being a dead end for me. There seems to be not a lot known about Next Island when it comes to certain things. Many Uber players in the past from what I’ve been told have taken advantage of that player knowledge to catapult themselves forward in the game requiring even some game patches regarding here.

All I do know for certain is I’m about to embark on yet another amazing adventure. I have no idea if I’ll be spending a day or two here or months. Sometimes these trips to different planets end up not lasting long. While other times I find unexpected things that keep me around for quite some time.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.