Entropia Universe | Planet Arkadia Mission Chains Part 2

This portion will be covering a few mission chains you can run after you have completed the basic welcome to IFN mission chain on Planet Arkadia. If you have not read that yet I recommend it as it goes over cost, rewards, and the prerequisites for these missions

Oratan Threat Mission

In the first part, you left off by going to Repulse Firebase and speaking with Firebase commander Lieutenant Mikkelsen. This ended the first mission chain (15019, 15099). The next part will be sending you out on a kill mission to eliminate 100 Oratan Prospector Puny.

Oratan Prospector Puny Planet Arkadia.jpg

The Oratan Prospector Puny can be found in the north (15005, 15244) and have 10 health. They are another creature you can kill in 1 to 2 shots with a Z12 Barbarella. Due note that only the level 2 puny counts. There are many levels 3 Oratan Prospector Thugs that are mixed in and they have 50 health.

While it might be tempting to grind out for codex Oratan once you have finished the mission. You will be killing many Oratan in your lifetime on planet Arkadia in mission chains further down the line. As such I recommend you just return and this time you will be speaking with Adjutant Corporal Knorring (15021, 15099) once you have killed 100.

ortan reward.jpg

Adjutant Corporal Knorring will reward you with 1.6 PED of Universal ammo. You will then be sent to Victorious Firebase for the next part of the mission chain.

Protection Inspection Mission Chain

protection inspection mission Planet Arkadia.jpg

When you are at Victorious Firebase you will be speaking with Firebase commander Captain young found at (18512, 10217) who is standing behind a table. He will be sending you on some missions to check in on different units to see why they have failed to respond.

Corporal Norton Planet Arkadia.jpg

The first place you will be sent to is Harrier Dig Site to speak with Corporal Norton at (15413, 10134). Everything is fine there so you are off to the next location.

entry point for instance and the mission is a giant snake-shaped cave entry point on Planet Arkadia.jpg

The next location is at Aakas where you can run instances. If you do not know the entrance for that area is a giant cave shaped like a snake found around (11180, 9770).

Protection inspection Planet Arkadia.jpg

Once inside you just follow the single path till you get to the inner chamber. There you will find Corporal O’Brien (11275, 9842) and he has an issue you need to solve.

Private sing Planet Arkadia.jpg

You need to speak with Private Sing who can be found at (11472, 11338) who will say it's all clear. Be warned there are some high-level creatures in the area and while they have a low aggression range for their level it’s best to not wander around too far out here.

kill Arkadian Hornets.jpg

You then head back to Corporal O’Brien (11275, 9842). After that, you take the teleporter back to Victorious Firebase to speak to Captain Young found (18512, 10217). Who then sends you out to kill 100 Arkadian Hornets.

Arkadian Hornets Planet Arkadia.jpg

A bunch of Arkadian Hornets can be found around (18464, 9952). They are another creature that is single maturity with just 10 health. Making them another great stop to grind out some codex levels on for META.

Once you are done report back to Captain Young (18512, 10217). Who is going to send you off to the Oil rig on Planet Arkadia. That is in a PvP area of the map (not lootable). Do expect players to be farming for free oil and possibly killing anyone who gets close.

old harry at the oil rig Planet Arkadia.jpg

I’d recommend quickly spamming through the mission text just to get it finished. As you don’t want to make multiple trips or have someone camp the NPC if they know someone needs it for the mission. You are looking for Old Harry.

You then had back yet again to Captain Young (18512, 10217) for a reward of 1.6 PED of Universal Ammo.

Welcome To the Arkadian Underground Mission

ark undergorund.jpg

This next part takes you to the Arkadia underground. To be able to get there you go to any teleporter and in the drop-down menu in the upper right select Arkadia Underground. If you never downloaded this area of the game before you will have to wait for a rather short download of a couple hundred MBs or so.

Once that is done you have to select the teleport Arkadia Underground to travel to that part. This is also where you need to head for the mission anyway.

arkadian underground.jpg

Not that far from the NPC is your next mission at (13395, 21754.) Where you will be instructed to go to 3 different areas. Thankfully you do not need to discover teleports down in Arkadia Underground you just have them already discovered.

jake wilson arkadia underground.jpg

While in the underground you will need to go to Fire Crystal (NPC Jake Brown 15321, 22985), Cathedral Pass (NPC Jake Wilson 9234, 17350), and Hidden Falls (NPC Daniel Johnson 10893, 23916). Each of these NPCs looks rather similar to the other and is on the same side of the building near each teleporter.

Lieutenant Hubble Planet Arkadia.jpg

Once you are done with that head back to (13395, 21754) near the Arkadia Underground teleport. Where you will be instructed to go back above ground by selecting Arkadia in the drop-down menu from a teleporter. You then are heading to Indomitable Firebase to speak with Lieutenant Hubble (10431, 30041).

IFN Protection Mission

Private Skinner Planet Arkadia.jpg

Lieutenant Hubble (10431, 30041) will send you to deliver food to Private Skinner who is right at the edge of a toxic lootable PvP zone at (10999, 29659). For sanity's sake, you might want to drop off any lootable items you have in storage before heading out.

Granted you won’t be going into lootable PvP and you also don’t have the toxic shot so you would get killed for doing so. However, I never joke around about lootable PvP and prefer to play it extra safely.

Once you are done carefully go back in the direction you came from to avoid entering the pvp area and inform Lieutenant Hubble (10431, 30041) the food was delivered.

colonel Armstrong Planet Arkadia.jpg

You then will be sent to speak with Colonel Armstrong who is not that away and in the same base found at (10655, 30200). Like many talks you have with NPCs this seems like a pointless step as he just informs you to head to Drill Sergeant Edmund Kinzel at Valiant Firebase (17217, 23070).

The Ending

IFN Private Access Card Planet Arkadia.jpg

Once you talk with Drill Sergeant Edmund Kinzel you will be awarded IFN Private Access Card. He will also claim he gave you clothing but you will notice that did not happen.

mission clothing reward IFN Clothing master Planet Arkadia.jpg

To get the clothing just talk with any IFN Clothing Master. You can find one in the camo-covered area close by. You get an option from a few different styles of combat clothing along with a hat.

I selected a jungle outfit. This can be seen in this post's cover image.

The next mission Drill Sergeant Edmund Kinzel gives you “Report to Assigned IFN Firebase” will lead you to a false dead end. At the time of writing this, you will arrive at one of many possible firebases. The mission will simply end and you can’t interact with whatever NPC is there.

I frankly don’t understand why they did the mission like this. It makes you question what you had missed and why it sent you to where it did. Almost like the mission chain is unfinished or something.

What they did not do but should have is given you the next mission that you unlocked by completing this chain instead of this strange dead-end.

oratan payback mission.jpg

If you speak with Drill Sergeant Edmund Kinzel again he will give you a mission chain called Oratan Payback Mission 1. It has you kill 100 Oratan prosecutors. The next series of missions are time gated starting at 20 hours and I assume they get longer over time. You can pick them up from the IFN terminal once they become available again.

That mission chain however goes beyond the scope I’m looking to cover at this time. As it looks like it takes many weeks if not longer to go through them all depending on the route you take.

Final Thoughts

hunting more oratan.jpg

This concludes quite a long but cheap mission chain to run and a few missions that you get as unlocks from the Welcome mission. It’s always fun to find missions like these that you get to explore, pick up a bunch of teleports, and even do a bit of hunting.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.