7 Days To Die | Apartment Building 249

This place had me on the edge of my seat the whole time while clearing it. I was running it while it was raining which did not help any. You start in the basement which makes you think you are in some kind of horror film with music to almost match. I was half expecting a jump scare the entire time.

The mission I picked up that sent me to this place was called Apartment Brick 6 Flr. Unlike the other buildings that tend to have a giant name across the front of them. This one just had a set of numbers 249 making this place feel even more creepy.

As far as the naming policy for this game goes. From my understanding, that means this building has 6 floors to it. Judging by its size that seems about right. This is yet another tier 5 POI.

getting attacked by a bear.jpg

While exploring the perimeter of the building to get an idea of what I’m about to face. The action already got started. It was not the normal couple of zombies that I would expect to run into either. Nope, some kind of infected-looking grizzly bear. It nearly tore my character's head right off.

This was just a sign of things to come as well. The base was filled with infected zombies. They were a lot harder to kill than the normal kind.

Once I got done taking a look at the outside. I went back to where I left my minibike which was a few feet away from the starting way point. I then started the mission and headed down into the basement of this building.

There was a garage door wide open. I even discovered it had a working close button. After it closed however I felt like I was trapped in a place I did not want to be and instantly went to open it again.

The sound of the door opening and closing attracted some unwanted attention to me. Even early on I started to wonder if I had brought along enough ammo to get this job done. I was already starting to kill a lot of zombies.

I also got lost a few times in this place. Thankfully most of the floors are not that huge. They however are divided up by further and other items trying to block off forward progress. Along with a few giant holes in the floor and walkways taking you to the outside. Adding all more to my confusion about the place.

The basement had quite a few parked cars in different states. Some are almost fully decayed while others are almost brand new. I ended up breaking my wrench and repairing it during this run. There was some decent loot from the cars alone.

That said I did find the bulk of the loot elsewhere to be a bit lacking. This is an apartment building which means for the most part you are wandering from one apartment to another without anything amazing to show for it. Regardless I was still looking to fully clear the place.

sewer Apartment Building 249 7 Days To Die.jpg

While usual I prefer to go up in a building and then down later on. Since I was already in the basement and I found a hatch taking me to the sewer of the building of all places. How disgusting. My way forward down there was also blocked off by my giant storm grate.

I had a feeling it would be a bit waste of time and resources to try and break through the sewer grate. So I ended up finding another way back up into the basement and while exploring it I found another way down.

On the other side of the grate, I noticed a duct system that had quite a weak cover protecting it. I busted it open and crawled into the web-infested duct. My reward for doing so was a pile of ammo.

I then crawled back up and after clearing out what little was left of the sewer I returned to the basement. I still had a couple more areas to explore. It was however not long before I found myself on the first floor of the apartment building.

inside an apartment

The individual apartments were such a mess it gave off an even worse vibe than the garage or sewer system did. I could almost feel the lead paint peeling off the walls and the smell of mold on every surface.

The whole building was in such disrepair itself that I often found I could move from apartment to apartment through giant holes in the holes. This was perhaps a good thing since the hallways outside them were usually blocked off with stoves to boxes trying to block me from going that way.

looking outside Apartment Building 249 7 Days To Die.jpg

I came to a window that was boarded up. To try and get my bearing on where I even was I decided to cut down the boards. This screenshot I feel showcases how I felt my entire time in this place. An image I won’t forget for quite some time.

I still had a lot more exploring to do on the first floor. While I did eventually break down a barrier in the hallway just to make sure I had cleared both sides of it. There was still a lot of exploring to be done.

Quite a few holes in the walls took me to different areas. Some areas seemed like they were set up as possible passages that could lead me to other parts of the building. Many times however they were just dead ends taking me off the correct path I was moving trying to find a way forward and up.

old looking room Apartment Building 249 7 Days To Die.jpg

I also found rooms like this to be quite strange. I would find computers to computer screens. Making it feel like this building is just not as old as you would think it would be. I would then see bedrooms like this one.

I would also find really old appliances mixed in with not-so-old ones. Almost like this apartment had a lot of elderly individuals living in it. Giving me a vibe that it was rent-controlled or something so you had a lot of poor people that were also living here.

Some apartments also had quite a lot of missing floors. I’m rather shocked I had not noticed while in the garage just how many holes in the floor there were. Sure I had noticed some but being up here now and looking down below into different parking spaces somehow made it a lot worse.

I did finally find a staircase leading up. I had to climb over some rumble that was covering an entire hallway. This took me past the entry walkway that was barred up making it hard to exit or enter the building unless I wanted to spend way too much time breaking it. I did not.

floor falling away Apartment Building 249 7 Days To Die.jpg

The second floor provided some tricky issues and I’m not talking about running into some living room filled with a lot more zombies than I was expecting. As I was walking along I would hear the floor creek and then fall away.

Thankfully I was walking fast enough to not fall to the first floor again. Some of the floorings fell away in sections that still made it possible for me to get out of a room the way I entered it. While I had jumped the gap hoping I did not come up short.

I did not like taking those kinds of jumps. As such, I made sure to double-check a room or area that I might have been trapped in. Sometimes there was an alternative way forward that I took. Other times I had to jump.

In one such instance, there was a cakewalk between two balconies of different apartments. While I hated to leave one without fully searching it first it often seemed like I found the way I was supposed to go and risking falling to the first floor for some small loot was not worthwhile.

Some of those catwalks lead me into some massive hordes of zombies. I recall in one instance I had almost racked up 15k experience was all the shooting was done.

I also became rather aware that I had already spent half my ammo. This place was not very kind to me finding more ammo. I was even having trouble finding enough food in all kitchens I had raided just to keep my hunger and water bars high enough.

red ladder found I used to get to next floor Apartment Building 249 7 Days To Die.jpg

In a small room, I discovered this red ladder. It looked like the shaft might have gone all the way up to the top of the building. It was however busted in spots keeping me from advancing that far. Instead, I could only go up one floor.

It is perhaps a good thing I was not able to go up further than a single floor at that time using that ladder. In a closet on what I believe was the third floor, I found a courier satchel that had the supplies I was looking for regarding the mission.

I had almost missed it as well. I was not expecting to run into the mission supplies so quickly. I was clearing out some zombies and realized I had to almost be standing right next to it. So I broke open the closet and started to loot a bag inside. To only realize that was in fact what I was looking for.

While looking for a way up to the next floor I discovered the way up had collapsed in such a way I was not going to be able to use it to progress further. I could also not use the ladder till I at least got to the next floor where it looked like I could continue using it again.

I however knew there had to be another way up. After exploring around a bit further I found a section of an apartment I had missed. It was kind of easy to get turned around in this place and I’d usually go through things and check again.

up to the fourth floor Apartment Building 249 7 Days To Die.jpg

The fourth floor above me had collapsed in such a way that it turned into a ramp being held together by iron rods. While it did not look like the safest thing in the world to take there was no other way I had found to go up to the next floor.

gym ambush Apartment Building 249 7 Days To Die.jpg

I should have known better. This led me right into a trap. It happened in all places to be the gym of the building. I almost instantly realized what was about to transpire when I looked up and noticed the fake ceiling.

I ran back down and started shooting what few bullets I had left. I knew a massive horde of zombies was about to drop down and chase after me. I was half expecting to fight them off with my chainsaw as I was almost out of bullets on my main gun.

Luck smiled at me that day. As one of the zombies I killed ended up dropping a few rounds of ammo that helped me through such a tough situation. I was however still quite light on ammo and would need to find some soon. Otherwise, this place was about to get a lot harder.

After some exploring forgot all about the red ladder on the inside of the building. Through a busted window I finally found the red ladder I noticed on the outside of the building when I did my original recon around the outside.

I went up to what I believed to be the fifth floor. This floor was quite a quick one for the most part to go through. There were a lot of unfinished apartments. They looked like they just had been dry-walled and still had a lot of construction items laying around.

It’s a shame I did not have the inventory space on me at the time or even a shovel. I will more than likely come back here after I finish the mission and empty my loot. There were just endless bags of stuff I wanted to loot that would come in handy for building out my base further in the future or even making a second base from scratch.

The entire floor was however not void of anything. One nasty apartment looked like it had burned down to the ground at one point leaving behind burnt wood and decay. Along with a lot of burnt zombies that I struggled to take out.

Thankfully I finally find a nice stockpile of ammo that I could use. I would no longer have to be so careful in my remaining clearing of the building. I was a little less stressed about the situation after finding a nice amount of ammo.

I then found yet another red ladder on the outside of the building. I did not quite recall noticing two when I was looking for such things. I however knew I had to be getting close at this point to the end.

finding the main loot room Apartment Building 249 7 Days To Die.jpg

Up there were quite a few more zombies. Then I finally found the loot room. It looked like it was behind some hard-to-break-open doors. Thankfully I noticed a button that opened the doors saving me a lot of time with my auger to break it down.

With the entire place cleared and having found the loot room. I felt it was time to get out of there. I was on quite a trip trying to find my way back down to the bottom. I however made it to the end of my mini-bike. I then rode back to the trader for the mission turn-in.

Another 50k experience and almost 5k tokens were gained. I also got as a reward an SMG-5. I’ll have to test that out with my current weapon and see which one I like more. It would be nice if I had just found a weapon upgrade.

Final Thoughts

loot from the run.jpg

Apartment Building 249 was quite a scary place and I frankly did not feel the loot was worth the effort. There are many other tiers 5’s that I’ve discovered so far that I would rather run instead of this one. If I ever see this again pop up as a mission option I might just skip over it.

At least I had quite a lot of fun and one heck of another adventure in 7 Days To Die. These missions and POIs have improved this game beyond anything I could have expected when I use to play it a lot of years ago.

I look forward to running another mission soon and seeing what else over the long run that will get added to this game. I am still in shock they consider this game in alpha. What a ride it has been.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.