7 Days To Die | Tier 5 Pop-N-Pills Hospital

Now that I could get tier 5 missions it was time to run some high-level points of interest again. The first mission I ended up getting was for the hospital known as Pop-N-Pills. This place that felt almost like a maze would be filled with medical supplies and lots of things to scrap.

Entry In Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

The side of the building is where the mission rally point was. The nice thing about getting tier 5 missions for these places instead of trying to raid them without the mission is a few things. The first being these points are usually close to an entry point. I would also be getting a nice chunk of experience for completing it. Along with an item and some money.

For this one, I both needed to clear out the building and locate the supplies. Clearing out a place like this fully ended up taking a lot longer than just finding the supplies. It was regardless quite a fun clear.

The nice thing about this place at least was you get to start on the first floor. I walked into the ER entrance and found a door open. There was a little bit too clear but it was not as bad as I was expecting it to be.

I raided some medical cabins which this place will have quite a few of.

There are also a lot of vents that you can one-hit knock out that tend to hide some extra loot. So I kept a close eye out for those as well once I discovered this by testing to see how hard a vent was to take out. It seemed all if not most were set up this way for this building.

xray screen Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

Since this is a hospital there are quite a few medical beds and things like x-ray monitors. Both of these provided some nice amounts of electrical parts. So bringing a wrench to this one is well worth using one of your belt slots for.

After I had secured the first floor I had a choice to make. I could either go up or down. I decided I would ascend as much as possible to see if I could get to the roof or not. The hospital is quite a tall building and from the outside, it looked like it had some stuff up on the roof.

On the second floor, I found quite a few more zombies to clear out of. Since I’m not being silent in here with using a gun. Many of them came running after I got off my first shot.

The second floor had a few rooms and many more beds and other objects to wrench for supplies. While I did not fully take apart everything I came across. As I was a bit concerned about bag space. I decided I could always come back after I fully cleared this place out if I wanted those kinds of crafting supplies.

![large metal door Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg](

This is also when I noticed a large metal door was shut. I ended up encountering this on just about every floor of the building. While I was tempted to try and break through it. I decided if this was going to be a common theme there must be a way around it at some point.

hole in wall to get outside Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

Sure enough, it did not take a lot of exploring around to find an interesting area. What makes this place feel a bit like a maze is this won’t be the last time I encounter a way to bypass certain sections of the hospital to get into other parts that might be locked down.

While other times it was simply the second harder of many ways to get to the same location. With how massive this place was it can be a bit of a challenge to realize where you have or have not been. Some of the areas look a lot similar from the viewpoint you had.

Since I already had the remaining floor I could access it. I went out the open hole in the wall. I ended up on a short rooftop with some flying creatures to clear out. There was also a hole in the roof out there to jump down into.

This building ended up having a few holes in the flooring. Since jumping down them usually meant a way one trip into the next area. I always felt it was best to explore all other options on the floor I was on. Once I felt all options were exhausted then I’d see where such areas sent me next.

break room Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

I got to say many of the rooms in this place and others are just amazing with all the detail. Not only did this room I came across feel like a break room for employees. I could almost see myself going in there on a busy day to get a drink on break.

There would be many more side little areas like this severing different purposes for this building. Not everything had to feel like you were in a hospital. It was also clear all those rooms had seen better days and no longer performed the functions they use to do.

I also found another drop-down. It was hard to be sure for certain without taking it but it felt like I had already cleared out that area. So I decided to skip and I kept searching.

broken window to a ledge outside of the building Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

I did discover on the third floor this giant window broken apart. Along with a ledge that I could jump out onto. I felt if I was not meant to go out there this would not have been a setup to look like I was. So I took a risk and went for it.

Once I rounded the corner on the ledge I found a balcony I could jump down onto. There was also another busted-out window that I could use to get back into the building itself.

clearing out more zombies in Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

There were also a lot of zombies waiting for me to make entry. I ended up popping a few of them before jumping back out the window. I then used that step up and down the zombies would also have to take as a choke point to finish clearing out what chased after me.

This is also when I discovered that I was now on the other side of the metal barrier I was coming into contain with on just about every floor. It turns out I was correct that I did not need to break it down.

This however did add to a little further confusion on my part. I now had all the floors above me clear. Along with all the floors that I could reach on this side of the building to clear out as well.

While I was half tempted to back the way I came and make sure there was no further way back up. As I wanted to make sure I was clearing out one side the best I could before crossing over. I decided against it since I was already on the other side.

I also knew when I was looking at the building from the outside that not all sides of the building went up to the top floor. At some point I would be encountering less and less floor space the higher I went up. At least making it a bit easier to clear everything out.

Before I knew it I found myself up on the 5th floor. At first, I was not sure I was even taking the best path to get there. There was a main stairwell going up there. It was however covered in dirt that I ended up using my auger to remove.

Another hole to the outside.jpg

I even found another hole to the outside of the building. Along with some flying creatures that caused me far more trouble than they should have.

I explored the remaining floor I could get access to. Then I decided it was time to head out there and give that a look. Once out there it felt like I was missing something. So I went back in and rechecked all the floors.

This is also when I noticed a bit of a context clue the game developers left behind. What appeared to me was an empty storage room of sorts with nothing in it. There was also an exit sign right on top of the doorway. That felt rather odd.

a ladder up to the 6ith floor Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

I gave the room a better look and that is when I noticed a yellow ladder up to the next floor. I decided this was going to be my way to the sixth floor.

Up there I found quite a few zombies to clear out and even a side room that had a table with an ammunition stockpile. While I was not getting low with ammo since I’ve been finding some here or there. I welcomed such a sight.

There was then a way back out of the building. I could tell I was nearing the top at last. There seemed to be two different outside stairways up to different sections of the building.

helicopter landing spot top of the building Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

I decided to take the one that went all the way up to the top first to the helicopter landing spot. Up there I ran into a nasty ambush. I ended up running back down partway of the outside stairways I ran up. I ended up using that to my advantaged and managed to survive the situation at hand.

Once all the noises stopped. I slowly went back up the outside stairways to check to see if I had fully cleared all the zombies out of the helicopter landing area. I sure did.

That is when I decided to investigate the wooden flooring that can be seen off to the right. I broke a few of them apart and it revealed a way down.

loot room found in Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

This took me to what looked like a dead end that was the loot room. I would later discover when re-exploring the sixth floor I had missed a door that opened up to reveille a corner of the hardened chest in the loot room. I would however have to break down the wall to get the rest of the room itself.

I guess that would have been one way to try and avoid the ambush waiting for me at the top of the hospital. I was more than happy however with how the event of things occurred since I needed to clear the building anyway of zombies.

This is also when I realized that my inventory was full. I also could not find anything further that I wanted to dump. I made the hard choice of dropping a quick waypoint flag and running all the way I went back down to the bottom first floor.

I then went out to my minibike that I had parked at where I started the mission waypoint at. Unloaded as much as I could into the minibike storage. I then re-ran back up the exact path I took till I reached the waypoint I had set.

hardened chest Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

After fully looting the loot room this time around. I then went back up to the helicopter landing area and down the outside stairways. I had the other stairways to explore now. That took me up to the seventh floor. I ended up clearing that out not finding much.

This is also when I realized I was getting further away from the supplies I was looking to loot. I ended up going back down to the fifth floor.

courier satchel found Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

On the outside through a hole in the wall onto a baloney was a vent. I decided to hit it once to see what if anything it was concealing. Sure enough, it was the supplies I needed for the mission. This however did not mean I was now done with the mission.

I started to descend the side of the building that I was blocked off from getting to with the metal divider. Clearing out anything I had yet to kill. Along with a lot of looting along the way.

out door area Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

There were a few more holes in the wall I could peek out of or even go out. It turns out there was a fair amount of outdoor space and piping systems to move along as well. There ended up being a lot more zombies in these areas than I would have thought.

Despite making it back all the way again to the ground floor. I was still not done clearing this place out of zombies. There was still the basement area.

As I stepped down those basement stairs a bunch of red dots started to appear all over my compass. I ended up having one heck of a fight with the zombies getting into the basement. I at least ended up taking less damage than I was expecting from such a situation.

morgue Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

The basement was quite a grim area to explore. It seems I had found the hospital morgue. I even felt a bit dirty searching for loot in some of the pullout drawers. I need not say more.

I also overlooked quite a few critical things. Now that I looked back at some of my screenshots I perhaps should have questioned things a bit more. You might even notice in the screenshot above how the tiles in the ceiling look.

laundry room Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

It was a false ceiling. It was concealing perhaps the biggest ambush I would face in the entire building. It was just beyond this area of one of the final screenshots I took inside. I would not have been shocked if the zombie I had just taken out fell from it and I was not paying enough attention.

At the time I was a bit distracted admiring that they spent the time to put a laundry room in the hospital. I have to say so far this is one of the better large sites I’ve run in this game. So much attention to detail and just things like this that made it amazing to run.

After that, I had a little more clearing around to get the check mark for the building to be clear. These huge places can sometimes be a bit tricky to get everything in a single pass.

mission turn in Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

While I did end up taking a decent beating while down there. I more than had enough medical supplies on me from running the site to at least reduce some of them. I then ran back to turn the mission in for a cool 50k experience and almost 5k tokens.

Final Thoughts

final loot take Pop N Pills 7 Days To Die.jpg

This single mission in 7 days To Die provided quite an amazing and thrilling experience. I can’t wait till I get some time to run another one. It was however nighttime in the game and I was not going to risk trying to run anything that can be as challenging as these tier 5 sites can in the dark.

So I headed back to my base to unload my full inventory. Next time I run one of these I’ll have to make sure my inventory for my character and vehicle is as empty as they can be.

I also need to see if I can expand my vehicle storage in any way. I might also be looking into seeing if I can craft a better vehicle soon as well. I ended up getting at least two levels from all this which is getting me close to being able to afford some crafting unlocks.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.