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I was not expecting it to take this long to get to Tier 5 Missions. It turns out tier 4 missions are quite a beast all on their own. I guess I should have expected that with how massive tier 5 POI locations can be in 7 Days to Die.

My mission grinding in tier 4 started with quite a shocker. I was leaving the outpost I pick up missions from and there was a bear right next to the door. It charged at me and got a couple of swings in. I managed to survive and took home a bunch of meat as my trophy.

My hope for the first tier 4 mission I was going to do for the day is an easy one that quickly went out the window with that attack. Here I thought I’d have a rather short and safe journey just some 300-odd meters to my clear and find mission I had to take on.

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Once I got to the site itself it was anything but cheerful. A lot of these tier 4 missions I ended up taking on had one thing in common-- death. For whatever reason there ended up being a lot of coffins, bones, and just zombie entrails covering these places I had to go and clear out.

It was almost like I was sent to take out a bunch of cultists or something. These places were quite grim. It also proved to be a challenge on more than one occasion with how huge the sites were to find the final zombie holding up my getting the completion.

I also notice quite an increase in difficulty from tier 3 to tier 4 missions. I ended up getting killed on two occasions. Something I had to avoid for the most part for a few days. Getting killed while on a mission fails the mission. Add the failure along with a long walk back and it just dragged getting all the missions I needed to move up to tier 5 even further.

At some point, I lost count of how many of the missions I even ran. After a while, each mission finished I was somewhat expecting a giant reward for finishing off tier 4 to show up. Time again and again I was disappointed as I had further to grind.

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Some of the areas I had to clear out were starting to get rather tall as well. While nowhere as near as huge as tier 5 POIs would be. I found myself shocked a few times when I got up onto the roof to find my last kill and the loot for that location.

My character was also getting quite banged up from all the damage from getting hit by zombies to dogs or worse. I even ended up making one trip back to base just to get access to my massive collection of medical supplies.

I had enough of walking slowly, having low life, and a bunch of other issues. While it was great to try and cure some of the negative effects I was dealing with in the short term. It would just be a mission or two later till they were all back again.

clearing out the butcher petes shop.jpg

Some of these missions even downright shocked me. You would think a place like this would not be hard to clear out the entire area. I must have gone into every room at least a dozen times. I spent over an hour refusing to give up to find whatever it was that needed to be killed.

Zombies and large locations were also not the only challenges I was starting to face either. I had one rather nasty mission I took near dusk. It was in a snow-covered area that was getting colder as the night went on.

At one point I found my character so cold I was forced to keep going back to the same inner room till the cold effects faded. I would then sit there for a short while holding a torch next to a fire trying to get my character warm enough to continue.

I also recall it being rather dark to the point I struggled to move around in certain rooms. I had run out of torches to light and my helm with a light attached to it was sitting back at the base.

That was quite a slow turnover mission. It ended up almost being daylight by the time I had finished that mission. I could not even tell you where it was I just recall wandering around lost inside what felt like a giant freezer of a maze.

Tier 4 done.jpg

Then it finally happened. As I was returning from one of my missions starving, broken, and wet. I noticed a second set of reward options being offered. Along with it saying tier 4 completed along the bottom of the screen.

All I had to do then was run off on one final mission which was for opening trades with another outpost. It happened to be in the direction I needed to go for my base anyways. Once I had that done I did not return to start any tier 5 missions.

Tier 5 missions all on themselves I expect to be quite massive. I have written in the past about some tier 5 POIs that I ran before I could accept such high-level missions.

Final thoughts

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While I was thrilled to have this grind done. It was time to start on the massive overhaul of my base for the upcoming blood moon. I felt that would be a great thing to work on next so I don’t have to think too much about blood moons for a few weeks to come afterward.

I then would be free to do a lot of looting, exploring, and running higher-level POIs like I’ve been wanting to do for a few in-game days now. I could also just go and run some higher level POI for now and see how it gose.

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