7 Days To Die | Day 21 Blood Moon

With the blood moon just days away it was time to give running missions a back seat. I needed to prepare by fortifying the place I’d taken up as a base. Along with some other things I’ve been putting aside for way too long.

clearing up the yard.jpg

The first order of business on day 19 was to do some cleaning. The junkyard has a lot of places that allow zombies to get some coverage while they assault the base. This is something I’ve noticed from past blood moons to hordes attacking the base.

I went out with a wrench and took apart a bunch of cars. In return I got metal and some other parts I needed to mount my defense. I also removed a fair amount of the trash around the building and in the yard as well.

While a lot of things were removed I did keep some things. This place has some rather nice items that can spawn in boxes and other containers when the loot resets. It is rather nice to be able to go around my base and loot things from time to time.

The next order of business was taking a good look at my storage and seeing what I had to work with. I needed to have an idea of what I needed to gather. Along with working out what realistic goals I could set for myself as far as preparing my base over the next couple of days.

One thing I noticed and it is rather shocking I have not done it sooner. I was just a lead car battery short of crafting a minibike. While I also had a bicycle I seldom ride as it’s not that great. A minibike on the other hand would be a great start.

I however did not want to just leave it around in the yard for zombies to run into it during attacks on the base. I decided one of my goals was to open up the sealed-off garage section of the building and install a garage door.

That way I could store away all the vehicles I store over time. It would also look kind of cool as well. Not that I get many cool points for riding around on a purple bicycle in the first place let alone a minibike with tuck tape on it

I also took the time to place down some auto-turrets I had sitting in my storage. One of them was a gun that I later crafted ammo for and two of them punched zombies when they got within range. While I won’t know how effective they are till seeing them in action it was nice having some active damage for a defense.

iron spike traps.jpg

After that, I got to work on laying down some defense around the main building first. I put down a bunch of iron spike traps. I was not sure how much iron I was going to be able to gather so I focused on the main building first.

While working on that I also replaced my heavily damaged walls with stone brick that I had sitting in my storage. This included busting out all the windows since they are easy to break and bricking over them as well.

I was not quite certain at the time if I was going to add iron bars in some of the window locations or not. They allow you to see and shoot through them. They are also quite durable. I however at the time was struggling greatly to get any iron.

It was not long till I depleted all the spare iron I had gathered and put away since day one. I was going to need a lot better source of iron for the long term. It just came down to how much effort I was going to put into acquiring such a source.

mining iron above ground.jpg

I first ran around on the surface looking for iron nodes to mine out. While this provides me a nice little burst of iron at the time. It did not take me long to deplete them with my augur. I was also spending a lot more time looking above ground for the nodes than the actual mining part.

This was also around the time I realized that having a single forge and bench was not going to cut it. I only had a couple of days till the 21st and I needed a lot more iron to be smelted and turned into a forged iron.

I ended up crafting another two forges along with another workbench. This seemed to be good enough for the time being on my needs. This however did not come without its drawbacks.

One of the reasons I wanted to fortify my base was when I expected into crafting more I suspected the zombies would take a great interest in me. I was then not shocked at all once I had three forges and two workbenches running almost all day and night and normal zombie attacks on the base increased.

digging a hole.jpg

Thankfully by that time that occurred the main building had a single layer or better of iron spikes around. I however kept finding myself yet again to be without enough iron to feed the forges.

The good news is that the building I’m in has an amazing spot to open up a mining tunnel into. It has a spot where you would expect a car repair place to have where the workers could be under a car. So I started to dig that spot out.

further digging.jpg

I decided I was going to dig down to bedrock while leaving myself a pathway I could walk back out of. I did not want to waste materials on having to craft ladders. I also did not want to accidentally fall into a huge hole and get killed either.

I was hoping along the way I would run into some iron veins. I however had zero luck. This took quite a lot of my remaining time to pull off. You can see me taking a screenshot of looking up the path I minded out.

finding a metal vein.jpg

After I hit bedrock I decided just to keep mining north. It did not take long before I lucked out. I noticed one of the side walls I had just drilled looked rather metallic. So I hit it with my auger and I started mining an insane amount of iron.

The iron vein I had found was not like anything I had discovered as of yet. I must have mined over 20k iron out of it. Every so often I would run back to the surface and up to the second floor of my base. I would drop off more iron to be turned into a forged iron.

I would then take the forged iron and drop it off on the crafting benches to produce more items I needed like iron spikes. Once I got quite a lot of those I moved on to iron bars, a garage door, and smaller iron doors to replace all the wooden ones I had.

garage door.jpg

While it took 90 forged iron and a lot of time to craft. I felt this massive garage door would open up a lot of opportunities in what I could end up storing inside my main base building. It can also withstand quite a lot of damage from zombies.

It was then time to make quite a few modifications to the building itself. In some areas, I added stone walls and doors to help secure the room and other access points to my crafting room. I also double-walled a downstairs room to act as a panic room if things should ever go that badly.

The panic room itself I did not have enough time to finish off. At some point, I’ll have an escape hatch and a tunnel system connecting to that panic room. That would however have to be a goal for another day.

iron bars for windows.jpg

I then busted out all the glass and boards around the windows on the second floor of the building. I replaced it all with iron bars. This would give me quite a few different advantage points to shoot from. Along with being much safer than I would be while on the roof.

On occasion from all the mining I was doing, I’d have to stop and go get other supplies. I made one trip to a forest and sawed down a bunch of trees as the forges were getting low on wood to burn as fuel.

I also had mined so much iron that I did not have enough clay to keep producing further forged iron. So I went out on another trip and the auger made quick work farming up many thousands of clay to use in that aspect.

defending the base from blood moon.jpg

The day then finally came-- day 21. Once it turned blood night I defended the base. While the outer weaker fence around the base itself was breached in a few spots. I’m pleased to say they never made it inside the main building this time around.

I had also at this time around 600 bullets. The zombies never saw what hit them. For the few that survived the iron spikes around the perimeter. I quickly sniped them off as they attempted to get closer to me. That was unless my auto-turrets got them before I did.

Final Thoughts

making repairs.jpg

This ended up being a huge success. While one day I might need to make a separate base for dealing with the blood moons. For quite a few days now I should be safe enough in what I have set up. Along with dealing with the increased amount of zombies that will get attacked at my location from how much crafting I’m doing.

I spent part of the next day just running around repairing damaged iron spike traps. I also had to replace six or so of them as well. At some point for good measure, I might add a second layer around the outer perimeter.

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