7 Days To Die | South I Go

With time running out before the first blood moon it was time to head south. South I knew decently well that I could hold up in a junkyard. While it is a bit out of the way. I was struggling to find another spot I was happy with.

After working on some missions and doing a bit of exploring. I was starting to get a bit nervous that I was still just wandering around without a proper shelter of sorts. At some point in this game, I need to set up a shop if you will, and start working on the crafting side of things.

7 days to die map.jpg

At this point, I had taken things a bit slow. I did spend a decent amount of time exploring a decently sized town and some smaller areas. I had quite a growing stockpile of goods I’ll need one day to relocate to where ever I ended up setting up base.

For that to be successful I need a place I can defend. The first seven days of this game can be a bit brutal. You go from having nothing to needing to defend yourself against a large zombie horde attack on the seventh day. Depending on how that encounter goes you might have some breathing room till the next blood moon.

The desert to the south of me can be a bit of a brutal area. I however somewhat recall there being some decent places for looting. It also put me quite a distance away from other areas of the game where loot should have no issue respawning if there is anything in the game that could cause that to be interrupted if you are too close.

7 days to die pass n gas building.jpg

As I headed south I came across a couple more locations to loot. I have found it to be quite amazing at all the little details that are now in this game. I can start to understand why they never seem to get out of alpha once you take a moment to take a look around and see every little spec of detail a small development team has added over the years.

random house in 7 days to die.jpg

I also did explore a couple of other options to see if they were worth setting up some kind of base in. This house looks decently large and sits rather close to the edge of another region of the game. It would also not be that bad of a run back to the large town I had discovered to bring back my loot and finish clearing that place out.

I would however have to live up to the top. This happened to be a place I spent the night in since I was running out of daylight and was not sure if I would find anything else. After that night there I was just not that thrilled about the place in general.

Not to mention I just was not sure about the foundation of the house. After a few blood moons, zombie hordes, and who knows what else I’ll run into. This place might not survive or will require a lot of constant repairs to keep things upright.

Thankfully at this point in my journey, I had a working gun for the time being. Along with a lot of ammo to use if needed. I also had that sledgehammer I found. So getting into buildings like these and clearing out whatever nest of zombies I would find was no longer the struggle. At least till my current gear breaks if I’m unable to repair it.

junk yard 7 days to die.jpg

After quite a lot of walking south past a river and some other areas. I had arrived at the place I’d known as the junkyard. While it might not look like much I’ve loved this place in the past. It will however require some clearing out and further modifications to fit my needs.

breaking in 7 days to die.jpg

I always find it a bit odd that places like these I first have to fully break into. I then will need to repair the damage I’ve done and set up my doors and fix any other weak areas I find.

After clearing out the interior of the building I headed back outside. I could hear some zombies and dogs bashing on the metal fence around the compound. I wanted to clear them out before they caused too much damage.

I was also running around repairing what I could with what I had. For now, I just have lots of wood so I was putting up wooden doors and wooden blocks. Not the best but it was better than nothing and having giant holes for zombies to just walk in. I would upgrade those blocks later on when I could.

In addition, I set up some spikes and other things around the base. I wanted some defenses verse these hordes the best I could do for now. I am a bit rusty when it comes to this part of the game so I expect some issues to rise and some lessons to be learned.

getting set up.jpg

I also went upstairs to the building where I plan to set up everything I’ll need in the future. I started looking into what I needed to unlock or obtain so I could start having things like forges and working benches to craft better items in the future.

All in all, I’m glad I have something set up now. At some point, I’ll have to work on crafting a bike and some better forms of transportation. I did loot a couple of items needed for those goals. Some of it I took with me. Others I left back the former place I set up containers at knowing I’d need to make some return trips anyways.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.