7 Days To Die | Plan Aborted

Having a plan in 7 Days To Die is all well and good till you factor in randomness and zombies. The plan was just to travel a short 674 meters to finish off the mission of going to the trader. From there I would evaluate things further as I need to find a better place to hold up for the coming blood moon on the seventh day.

first night in 7 days to die.jpg

During the first night held up in the hospital, I crouched to reduce the chances of being noticed. I also wanted to know what kind of risk I was having being found. For most of the night, I stayed at about a 1.

This was an unsecured location I mostly stayed silent. While nighttime can be a great time to do things like craft and shorting out inventories. I could not risk making any extra sound. I just had with me a basic knife to defend myself.

While I could hear a lot of zombies down below wandering around it ended up being an uneventful night. Things would however start to get interesting during the daytime.

the plan.jpg

As you can see in the quick route I’ve placed it in red. It should not be that bad of a trip to get down to the trader. The biggest hurdle is going to be getting out of the town I’m in. After that, it should be rather simple or so I thought.

Once daylight hit I made my way out of the hospital I was held up in. There was a zombie right at the door to exit the building. Since he was in the way anyways and I needed the experience for levels to unlock some needed perks. I thought why not?

Naturally after killing the one so I could exit the building. There was another one. It happened to be in my way on the route I was going to take. So again why not? After about 5, 10, or 20 zombie kills later who is even keeping track anyways? I come to a shed.

breaking into a shed 7 days to die.jpg

Sheds used to be an amazing source of tools that can be great for breaking into homes and busting down walls. So far my luck looting them has been anything but. I however would keep trying anyways as I only need one decent item in the short term to break into some fortified homes.

At this point, I still had most of the journey to make as I was 500 or so meters away from my target. It was still quite early in the morning. I was not worried about time at all. I would expect many places to camp for the night near the trader anyways.

After a couple more kills and my knife almost being broken I made it out of the town. The gun I had looted during my further exploration of the town did not come with ammo. My main weapon a knife was getting quite used.

found working stiff tools building 7 days to die.jpg

I was mostly following the road as I was looking for other opportunities to take advantage of on my journey. I ended up coming across a Working Stiff Tools store. In my mind that is like hitting the jackpot as surely, there must be tools I want inside a place like that.

There were a lot of zombies to clear out of the store. That I did not see to be much of an issue and it was not. I ended up going through most of the store not finding what I was looking for.

first death 7 days to die.jpg

Before leaving I got the bright idea. The best idea. A really stupid idea to check the backyard of this place. I then was ambushed by my arch nemesis dogs in 7 days to die. I managed to take them out and stop the bleeding that was caused by being bitten. In doing so, however, I was not defending off the four zombies waiting for me.

After a nice and relaxing nap, I woke back in my sleeping bag in the makeshift base I had set up for myself. I still had lots of time left in the day to complete my goal so I did not care too much at least not yet.

I decide to take a slightly different route out of town. I noticed some further sheds and other areas of interest I wanted to check out. At this point, there were quite a few things I wanted to break into. I however lacked the proper tools to do so quickly enough.

found a hatch 7 days to die.jpg

Along the way, I found a secret hatch. How do you say no to find such things? My mind was burning with questions like is this going to kill me? What is down there? Are they hiding the tools I’ve been in search of but have yet to find down there? Don’t worry all things ended up being answered quickly.

I am quite shocked at just how massive underground areas end up being. It ended up connecting the main house and it was like a maze down there. Thankfully I found some ammo and I made sure to use the loud as-heck gun I had to alert every zombie in the region I was in a killing mood.

found a bar in 7 days to die.jpg

This place was so massive it even had a bar! They were not only open which I was shocked about as everywhere else during the zombie apocalypse is closed. They also had my favorite according to the sign old beer!

Sadly this was all a lie. I made sure the bartender who was lurking a short distance away understood my frustration. I don’t quite think he got the memo. The bar is now closed due to unsanitary conditions. I would not know anything about that whatsoever. It was time to move on.

With how late it was getting into the day I thought why not go get an airdrop instead? It was about half the distance that I would need to travel to the trader anyways. I would then try to make it to the trader the next day.

found an airdrop 7 days to die.jpg

The good news is I made it to the airdrop. It was right next to this insane little mansion that appeared to have its own crave yard. Sadly it was a little too hard to break into and it was getting far too late to try now.

It was also in a snow area and my character was starting to freeze to death. Even holding a torch did not help my situation much as I lacked the proper clothing to stay in an area like this for long.

As far as what was in the supply box. It had ammo crafting supplies. Jackpot! Expect I could not craft them for now since I lack the proper tooling. At least there was some bonus corn to eat on the way back since I was getting hungry.

found a makeshift baes 7 days to die.jpg

This was the crazy little spot I noticed while I was running to the airdrop. A makeshift base with cars for walls? That looks almost perfect for a place to camp in. So I went to investigate it further.

The game had some other plans for me. Some zombies showed up along with some other things and told me it was nighttime and to go to sleep. I got a free ride back to the hospital where I have my sleeping bag. Yay!

crafting storage boxes 7 days to die.jpg

Since I had broken all my weapons and used all my ammo. I spent the night crafting writeable storage boxes using up all my nails. My goodness, this would have been an awesome thing to have back when I use to play this game a lot. There will be many boxes named stuff in the future I’m sure of it.

I guess I’ll be trying to get to the trader another day. Perhaps there is no trader or I never make it there? Maybe I just dig a hole and spend the rest of my life underground? Only time will tell.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.