7 Days To Die | A Fresh Start

It has been about two years since I last played 7 Days To Die. It is no shock to me it is still in “alpha.” They have however done a lot since and I thought I would do a bit of a playthrough to see all the changes. Along with what else they have been up to.

Since I am just easing my way back into this game I’m going with the Navezgane map. I don’t recall much about the map and I’m sure they have added a lot in since I’ve played. Hopefully, it won’t take me too long to find a decent place to set up a camp at.

I am also going for a decently long 24-hour cycle. I want to be able to get out and explore, loot and shoot. This game has quite a lot more than you usually expect from a game still in “alpha.”

Seems I ended up somewhere in the national forest starting out. As far as starting places I’ve had in the past this one seems not that bad. Right behind me ended up being the snow area which I’m thankful I did not end up in. That would create a bit of an extra challenge to start in.

Since the in-game tutorial has you mostly doing things I would have done right away anyway I started working on it. Doing things such as gathering plant fibers, and crafting a bed roll and axe. Along with further crafting of a bow, clothing, and some other stuff as well.

crafting 7  days to 2.jpg

Crafting is a massive part of 7 Days To Die. It will take a little bit of time to get used to their crafting menu again. I’m just happy this is one of those games that include the search feature in the crafting. As I’m sure I’ll be unlocking a lot of blueprints and wanting to craft some crazy things further into the game.

broken down house in 7 days to die.jpg

Not that far along the road, I ended up finding my first house to ransack. Thankfully this place was quite easy to break into as I only had a stone axe. It was quite small with the flooring falling apart so I had to be careful while exploring inside.

I did not find much in terms of loot there. It was not long before I moved on and continued to make my way down the road I was following. Along the way, I was looking for rocks, sticks, and anything that I could loot.

I did find a couple of broken-down cars. They did not have much in terms of useful loot to me for now. I am however a bit of a pack rat when it comes to 7 Days To Die so I just looted everything for now. You never know what could be important later on.

Diersvill 7 Days To Die.jpg

I ended up coming across my first large town quite early into my adventure. I don’t know much about Diersvill. There would be quite a lot of looting opportunities for me here or at least I hoped. That would not be without some challenges along the way.

I decided since nightfall would be occurring in just a few hours in-game it would be best to keep an eye out for a place to set up for the night. I might even make a temporary shelter in it with some storage boxes and other useful things.

secure doors 7 days to die.jpg

A lot of the homes are what I expected. Over barricaded to the point they would take forever for me to break into. I even tried some of my old tricks such as checking all the doors, looking for unlocked gates, weak garage doors, weak walls, and so forth. It seems the game has gotten a bit more difficult in that terms as I came up empty-handed.

I decided for these harder places they were just not worth my time for now using a stone axe to break into. I was hoping I would find something else in another home that would make these doors a cakewalk so that I could come back and clear out what I skipped over.

Sometimes when I come into these large but not massive towns I like to scout around them first and see what they have. I need to know the kind of danger that is lurking around. Along with any easy opportunities, I can take advantage of right away.

I did find a couple of homes that were missing walls. That made them quite easy to gain access to them. Their loot was not amazing or anything I wanted for now.

fell though the floor 7 days to die.jpg

One of the homes I found ended up being a bit of a trap. I’ve had a few homes up to this point with some weak flooring that would give away a few seconds after you step over them. This one not only was instant and it put me into a short underground tunnel.

underground 7 days to die.jpg

The tunnel turned quickly into a dead-end. Without the proper tools, I thought for sure this was going to be the end of this adventure. I did not want to be trapped underground for hours without a way to get out.

Thankfully after a little bit of backtracking, I found a way back up and out of the hole I was in. This place would be great if I needed to do some mining since it already took care of the hard part of going underground a bit. Perhaps in the future, I’ll return here if I don’t end up making my tunnel where ever I set up.

The night was closely approaching and I needed to find a place to rest for the evening. I ended up finding another house I could get into and had an easy-to-break down door. It looked like it had an attic. It ended up just having a ladder that led you to a single plank of wood.

The area was far too small for what I wanted to do with it. Not to mention I was not that trusting of the foundation for that plank of wood. I’ve had far too many structures collapse on me in 7 Days To Die in the past.

hospital landmine trapped 7 days to die.jpg

Not that far away I noticed a large building that ended up being some kind of hospital. The front looked quite intimidating to break in. Are those hubcap land mines next to the door? I carefully broke the wooden barricades and got in.

I was hopeful this place was going to be the treasure trove I was looking for. While it might be I underestimated how reinforced all the inner doors, windows, and other areas would be. Not to mention the main stairway collapsed so I could not even get as far as I wanted.

With night approaching I ended up setting up a small little camp for the night on the second floor. I was overburdened with loot as it was. It was time to hunker down for the night and be silent.

I also took this time to check through a bunch of the game menus and organized my inventory. Inventory and storage management can play a critical role in games like these. It is never too early to start working out your system.

Final Thoughts

exploring a building 7 days to die.jpg

Not a bad start for the first day. I’m not sure how long I’ll end up playing 7 Days To Die this time around. I do however expect some fun adventures ahead as I slowly progress through the game and look to build myself up.

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