7 Days To Die | Eventually

Plans not working out as intended for day 2. I felt I needed to better gear myself up before venturing off too far. Many of the things I would need were locked behind perks which meant I needed to grind out some further experience.

Day 3 was a lot of nothing but the same thing. I spent the entire day further exploring the town. I even spent far too much time trying to break into areas I did not have the proper tools for. This wasted a lot of my time that day. Nothing of greatness was achieved.

I did however discover just how insane this game has become. Over the years they just kept adding more effects you could be suffering or gaining from. At one point on low health after clearing some zombies out of a basement I could not help but think WTF?

Almost the entire left side of my screen was filled with icons for different things. I guess my character was not having a great time. It became quite difficult to try and recover from this the further I went along clearing the town and looting.

negative effects  7 Days To Die.jpg

I also find it quite crazy how many of these negative effects last over an hour and a half. Leaving me quite crippled for well over a day if I waited things out naturally. The limited amount of medical supplies I did was not even close to being enough.

Sometimes games tend to go a bit overboard with this stuff. It feels like 7 Days To Die has gotten to that part. It’s not enough I become ill from getting attacked by a zombie I also had to suffer head trauma, hand, leg, and arm. Add on top of that never having enough inventory space to loot a couple of homes. You got a real disaster on your hands.

I ended up taking shelter in a random building I found on the way to the trader. I wanted to get there bright and early in the morning. I was done messing around and running out of time before the first blood moon would arrive. I still lacked any proper place to call home.

trader and mission 7 days to die.jpg

Once I made it to the trader I checked out what they had for sale. There was a gun I would possibly want but not much else. It would cost over 2k coins to buy it and I must have left my wallet in my other pants as I was flat-out broke.

I decided to take on a mission. As they tend to reward some money and possibly items. Since this would be a clearing mission for a house it should also point me in a direction of where to spend the night in the area if needed.

This mission ended up being quite a bit annoying. It did not exactly show what area you “needed” to stay within. I ended up hanging out in the back of the house for a while killing some zombies back there. With no update on the mission, I ended up venturing in.

clearing the house for the mission.jpg

I cleared out the entire house and still, the mission would not update to being finished. I even looked at the map and noticed there was a waypoint way into the air. This left me quite puzzled for a while as I did several sweeps of the house and grounds looking for anything moving to take out.

After turning in the first mission and somewhat getting an idea of how they work. I went out and did a second one. It ended up being quite similar. I was still going to be quite short of the money I needed to buy anything useful from the trader.

For the time being, I felt I would return at some point with a bunch of items I have no use for and try selling them to see how close that ends up getting me. I still wanted to explore the town I uncovered from running the missions and a place to hunker down for the night.

opening a safe with a lock pick 7 days to die.jpg

Along the way I found some lock picks. Using lock picks in 7 Days To Die is not something I tend to do. I’m used to just bashing things open with something l like a sledgehammer. Since I still could not find one I gave lock picking a try.

I was kind of shocked it was not involved in any way. Normally in video games picking a lock has some sort of mini-game. This just had me wait out a timer and I can only assume there were “tick” checks to see if the pick would break. I had one of the picks breaks before getting the safe open.

item hiding spot 7 days to die.jpg

One feature I do love and I can’t recall it if was around when I use to play is the number of hidden spots I keep finding. They make them clear enough to notice if you are paying attention. This spot happened to have the wall panel slightly off-tilt so you could see there was a space behind it. A hit with the axe revealed the hiding spot.

I’ll have to pay attention and look for smaller details like this. I wonder how many other item-hiding spots I simply skipped over not noticing them at all. While this house only had one room with two such locations. One can only assume slightly better loot should be expected to be found.

lots of loot 7 days to die.jpg

After quite a lot of looting, I found myself out of inventory space to take anything else. I was also in the middle of nowhere without a proper base. I ended up sitting the night out in the top part of a building.

It was nowhere of impotence. Over the next couple of days, I’ll have to make some real efforts to try and find a place I want to turn into my base. I’ll also need to quickly toss up whatever fortifications I can come up with. Otherwise, it will be quite a rough time on the seventh day.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.