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One thing I’ve been neglecting to do enough in 7 Days To Die is grinding missions. I’ve been quite busy trying to sustain myself while getting some exploring done. It was however time to crack some knuckles and work on increasing my tier.

Missions have always been something I’ve rather skipped putting much effort in during my last few play thoughts of the 7 Days To Die. All I know about them is they can reward some nice items when you tier up and sell stuff I might need at a later date.

Also from my limited understanding each of the NPCs keeps their progress separate from the others. So if I was to run into the same NPC I had done missions for before I could keep grinding at the tier level I as it. If however, they are different types I’d have to start over at tier one.

fetch mission.jpg

I ended up deciding heading up north to the NPC I’ve worked with a little bit early on was where I would continue. I had yet a trading settlement near my current base. The hope was over the long term as I tier up and they send you to other locations that one of them would end up being closer to my base.

I also wanted to head up north anyways to check on item respawning and do a bit of clearing if I could for further loot. Supplied levels at the base were a lot lower than it would have liked.

For the most part, I picked whatever mission was first without much thought about them. Many of them were basic go and fetch an item from the location kind of missions. These were quite simple as I did not need to find all the zombies in an area that was being counted for the mission like I would with a clear zombies mission.

tier 1 rewards.jpg

After clearing out a couple of missions I got my first nice reward. While 2k Due Casino Tokens were nice to get. I was thrilled to see a reward of a bicycle was an option I could select. This would help decrease the amount of time I spent traveling around.

Ultimately having a bicycle is not that great of a mode of transportation in 7 Days to Die. It was however going to be a little while before I could get anything better. I was lacking the crafting station, blueprints, and the parts for what I would like to get next. Something I’ll be working on in the future.

on a mission in 7 days to die.jpg

After a while, I would finish off the easier missions where I’d be left with the clear and get an item. This would involve me staying within a certain range of a location. Killing anything that moved. While also moved towards an item on the map trying to find where an item I needed to loot was stored.

Since these buildings for the missions were lower-level POI it was tempting to clear them out first. Loot whatever the lower POI chests rewards were. Then start the mission and get a full respawn. At these lower tier levels that however did not feel worthwhile.

While I still had enough ammo and other supplies for the upcoming blood moon. I felt it would be better to just rush these missions as fast as I could. I wanted to see what kind of rewards they offered and hopefully get some upgrades along the way.

normal rewards.jpg

Most of the reward turn-ins for each mission were not that great. Most times I just selected whatever reward sounded more interesting and perhaps harder for me to acquire. Something like vitamins I already had in my chest back at the base. Robotic sledges on the other hand sounded like something interesting to test out and own.

One thing I was kind of shocked by for the collection part of these missions. Is just how many of them were concealed inside the building itself. I was always having to break down a fake wall to relieve a hiding place once I determined what floor it was on.

Sometimes the item to find would be close enough between floors I often just started to destroy the block I was next to that showed the icon for the item. Sometimes I could access it from there. Other times I’d have to go up or down some stairs and try again.

Final Thoughts

getting ready.jpg

While I did not quite get as much grinding as I would have liked toward increasing my tier status. It seems that sometimes I’d have to wait till the next day or till nightfall to work on a mission. This will be something I’ll be returning to doing in the coming days.

In the meantime, it was starting to get dark. Since my base is a decent distance away. I decided to just get killed and select back on my sleeping bag back on my base. While a cheese moves to say the least you got to take advantage of a game mechanic when you can in such situations.

It was then time to gear up for the upcoming blood moon. Thankfully this will be yet another easy one. At least I hope. At some point, I’ll have to start taking them more series.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.