7 Days To Die | Raiding Crack A Book

In my explorations I ended up finding another high-level POI in 7 Days To Die—Crack A Book. This place has a few floors to it where you make you eventually make a way down to the basement. There are some amazing looting opportunities inside.

Crack A Book scaffolding into the building.jpg

While you could go in through the front door. That requires breaking down a few barricades and making a lot of noise bring all kinds of unwanted attention to you. Instead, you will find some construction work being done and scaffolding.

With a few jumps, some ledge crossing, a ladder, and some navigation you will find an open window to the inside. This place can be loaded with zombies so it is best to be quiet as long as you can. I have lots of plans to be blazing this place into shreds with my gun.

inside crack a book.jpg

Inside you will find a lot of offices as this place are quite a huge office building on the upper floors. If you have looted the right book using a wrench on office chairs and file cabinets can bring in some amazing loot such as mechanical parts.

Gaining mechanical parts and hoping to find some books as well were my main contributing factors to wanting to take this place on. Crack A Book can become quite a challenge with how open many of the floors are. Zombies will just start pouring out of everywhere they can.

waking up the zombies in crack a book.jpg

You could say I had a few dicey moments while I was inside. Thankfully I was still quite a low level and with my focus on looting and guns, I was able to take down at a decent rate the hordes of zombies that came after me. Thankfully I had brought hundreds of bullets.

Once I made sure everything on a floor was dead. I took my time exploring the many different offices that take up each floor. Some not-so-hidden areas are rather fortified they usually have a hidden passage that is easier to break into.

crack a book stairwell.jpg

After some further clearing and exploration, it was time to go up and onto the roof. That in itself is no small feat. It was raining zombies down on me in this stairwell. I can’t stress enough that you can never have too many bullets!

Once you make it up onto the roof there will be a fair bit more clearing to be done. Along with some top areas to loot as well. You should expect to encounter some creatures that can fly as well so be on the lookout.

fire escape staircase.jpg

What you looking for is the emergency fire escape staircase down to the side of the building. You will then need to jump over the railing onto the ledge of the building. Following that till you find a broken open window to get back inside the building.

From there you are going to find yourself clearing a few levels of the building of zombies. Each floor will have an opening somewhere to keep descending the building itself. Sometimes you find steps and otherwise, it’s just a ladder through a hole in a wall.

crack a book bookshelfs.jpg

Eventually, you make it into the main entry area of the building. You will find a lot of hopefully amazing looting opportunities for books and paper.

While sure you could have just broken into the front doorway and saved yourself a lot of time having to do all that extra killing. If you happened to have picked up a level 5 mission for this place you would have needed to go upstairs anyways.

basement of crack a book.jpg

There then will be another stairwell down to the basement. A whole lot of zombies don’t want you going anywhere near it. Once you cleared them out you are looking for the fencing that is blocking you from the loot room.

You will also notice a door right next to the fenced-off loot room. While you could break in the hard way they do love to put in a much easier path to take. I ended up going the hard way not thinking, after all, that heart-pumping action of zombie slaying had me thinking about otherwise every time I heard any sound. I was not thinking that there must be a better way into the loot room!

Once inside you will find yourself some nice goodies to loot. A locked chest to pick open. A few creates to crack open and loot. Along with just some stuff out in the open.

Final Thoughts

wrecking a file cabinet in 7 days to die.jpg

I went through the place once more to ensure I looted and wrenched as many things as I could. There was no point becoming encumbered the first time around when I needed to clear the place out so I left some stuff for when I came back to it.

I ended up looting a workbench schematic, quite a few books, and a lot of mechanical parts. This will certainly be a place I’ll need to keep an eye on for when this place respawns. All the experience I got alone from killing so many zombies was worth it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.