7 Days To Die | First Blood Moon

The base was under attack and my poorly placed defenses were providing zero usefulness as I used my last piece of ammo. Thankfully the situation was not as dire as it first seemed. If I was much later into the game beyond the first blood moon this could have been a total disaster.

Returning from my last adventure which included going out during the nighttime since I was running out of time. I made it back to my base while alive with supplies. I had suffered a fair amount of damage as well.

I quickly tossed what supplies I had gathered into a few different boxes I had set up on the second floor of the building I was using for a base. I then rummaged through my supplies looking for any medical assistance I could find. I needed to somewhat recover to give myself as much opportunity to defend the base as I could.

adding doors and other things inside.jpg

For my line of defenses, this base already has an out sheet metal fence. You then have a mostly brick building with some weak points. There were then some inner structures. I put up some wooden doors since that is what I could craft for the time being to help secure and slow any zombies that would get inside during the blood moon.

I then ran around plugging up any holes in the building and outer fence. It was not going to be ideal but since I spent most of my first week in-game just getting here while exploring a bunch of other locations. I was going to have to make do with what I had.

spiked barricades.jpg

I then started to craft wooden spiked barricades and place them around certain locations. These things take a lot of wood to craft and the desert is quite lacking in that resource. I also don’t have a metal axe or chainsaw at this point so gathering as much wood as I would have needed to surround this entire place in these defense barriers was not going to happen anyway. At least for now.

almost night time.jpg

As I worked throughout the day it started to get more nasty looking as the hours went by. At one point I went up to the roof of the building to see what kind of advantage points I would have. You can start to see just how nasty looking it is getting.

It was at this point I realized I had yet to put down a sleeping bag to spawn back at this location if I got killed. So I quickly ran back down into the base and placed one of those down. While I was hoping I would not need it. I also did not want to run back from the large down up north if I got killed.

Not to mention trying to get anywhere during a blood moon would have been impossible. The last thing I wanted to happen was to be stuck in a death loop somewhere till daybreak. While such situations would not have been impossible to recover from. It would have wasted a fair amount of time I just don’t have.

At this point, I had done all I could with what I had. It would have been nice if my character was fully recovered but he still had some lingering injuries I was unable to resolve before the blood moon.

blood moon time.jpg

It was now blood moon time. The first wave of zombies spawned behind the base. I was hoping to snipe a few of them off but they were flush against the building to the point I did not have a shot. It would at least take them a little while to break in.

I decided to get off the roof and run down to the first floor and outside of the building. I had a fence around my base anyways so I was not going to be fully exposed. I would just need to pay close attention to where the zombies were breaking in.

I would use any holes they created in my defenses as killing areas that funnel them into me and hopefully them getting killed and not myself. I did not have a lot of shots remaining but both guns were loaded and one of them holds a few rounds.

killing zombies.jpg

I also had a couple of other weapons for me for hand-to-hand combat when it came down to it. As long as I took my time and tried to be careful I had high hopes of surviving the night. You however never know with zombies. At least this time around they were going to be easy. In the future, they will not be.

The zombies ended up breaking into a back room of the base that I had yet to gain access to. It had some thick irons doors that I never bothered to break down. This ended up working in my favor. Since they damaged some of the brick while trying to break down a second door I used that gap to pick a few of the zombies off.

At one point I started to become somewhat overwhelmed by a few zombies at once. I switch over from my single-shot gun which I only had one piece of ammo left anyways to my other semi-automatic one. While I was not trying to get headshots and flat-out kills with this gun. I was looking to shoot them once then come in with an axe and tap them once for the killing blow.

This strategy ended up working out quite well. I ended up stretching out the remaining ammo I had to get me another 10 easy kills before I ran out. After that things would start to get a bit harder.

melee killing zombies.jpg

I ended up using the environment around me to the best I could. Any place I could get zombies into a funnel to create natural chokes I went for. I just needed to make sure I was not trapping myself or not leaving enough room to move around a bit to reduce the chances of taking hits myself.

closing gaps in my defense.jpg

The zombies did create quite a few holes in my outer wall. Thankfully I did have a little bit of wood left to craft some more barricades that I placed down in between attacks the best I could.

After quite some time I had killed the last of the zombie hordes for the night. I went around checking out the kind of damage I suffered and plugged up the best I could any new holes in my base.

blood moon over.jpg

The zombies never made it into my main room with all my supplies. While there were a dozen or so new holes in the base and fence. Anything I could not fix that night I would have a few days to not only fix but hopefully reinforce so they are not a weak point during the next blood moon.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.