7 Days To Die | Day 14 Blood Moon

One of these times I’ll get caught not prepping enough for a blood moon. I had high hopes I could just gun my way through this one with a decent gun I had looted. At some point, my base is going to need some Series fortifications if not me moving to a better location.

While off running around checking out my badly organized storage system for needed items. This I’ll need to fix at some point setting myself up better so I can save time over the long run. I was interrupted.

horde before the blood moon 7 days to die.jpg

It was not even nighttime yet and I could hear my outer perimeter getting smashed to bits. This left me a bit confused so I ran up to my roof to get a better overview of the situation.

Having a roof so quick to access from the main area I’ve set up in. That is why I love the junkyard for a base. At least early on. Later when the hordes are thick this could become an issue with how this place is set up.

Turns out I had the misfortune of having a horde show up at my base right before the blood moon. Thankfully they came into my base at the best possible location for me to just gun them all down. While I made quick work of them this also meant I already had holes in my defense before I was even ready.

I had some turrets I wanted to put down that I forgot to do now looking back at things. I had never used them before so I wanted to see what kind of damage they could do. That was not the only thing I needed to finish as well. Hopefully next time I will.

I decided to leave the giant holes in the fence at the front of my base. I was hoping that would encourage other zombies to take the same path as the horde that showed up a bit early.

I went around making some needed repairs to other parts of the fence and my base itself. I had some minor break-ins and damage to walls and doors that I had yet to get around to repairing.

I’m glad I showed back up at the base when I did. As I was quite pressed for time trying to do some rather basic stuff. At some point, I should have a nice stockpile of crafting supplies from all the exploring and mission running I have planned to do some nice reinforcements.

as it turns into the blood moon 7 days to die.jpg

As nighttime fell and it started to turn into a blood moon. I got back up on my roof. I was ready to go with quite a decent amount of ammo. My biggest worry was not having a good line of sight at what was incoming to take it out in time before suffering damage to the building I was on.

I lucked out and the first few zombies that showed up were right where I could gun them down. Some came in through the opening at the front of the fence like I wanted. I fired off as few rounds as I could to mop up the situation.

The last thing I wanted was to run out of ammo and still have zombies to kill. That would make things a lot harder than I would have liked. While I do enjoy the more run-and-gun type of playing this is one of those moments was I take things a bit slower.

clearing out a side spawn of the blood moon in 7 days to die.jpg

At some point, they started to break into the sides of the fence. Thankfully from my rooftop, I had a decent line of sight as long as I killed them quickly enough. Otherwise, they could make it to the building and I would not be able to rain lead down on them.

After that is where things started to fall apart quite a bit. Some zombies had made it to the walls of the building I was on top of. Out of my line of sight. While I did have some spike barriers set up. They were not doing much to kill them.

It was time to head off the roof and down. I both needed to check out the damage the base was suffering and kill any of them still attacking the place. To my surprise, some of them had already made it into the building.

holes in the base 7  days to die.jpg

I thought I was doing a much better job at getting them as they were spawning in. I had missed a couple and they broke down some weaker temp walls and doors I had put up to patch some holes in the building I had from past attacks.

cleaning up some zombies with a pistol 7 days to die.jpg

At one point the ammo in my main gun was getting low. Since I had killed off most of the remaining horde I found during the blood moon. I decided to pull out my pistol and use up a bunch of the ammo I had for that type of gun.

There were a few stragglers on each side of my base. Some of them were still on the outside of the wall. I can’t be certain if they are from the blood moon itself or just random spawns. Either way, I tapped them a few times in the head to make sure they would not be causing me any further issues.

Final Thoughts

last zombie dead from blood moon 7 days to die.jpg

While it was not an ideal situation I had survived another blood moon. With a lot more holes in my walls than I had from the last one. At least I gained a lot of experience that I’ll be putting to good use for upgrading some skills.

Hopefully the next blood moon I find myself in. I come more prepared and refined the base better. At least this time I got off lucky. I did end up using most of my ammo which will slow down my progression to quickly grind out more missions as I would like.

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