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Boss Rush in Lost Ark is a limited entry arena where the player has to fight increasing difficulty boss waves till they run out of time or complete all 15 waves. This dungeon can be played solo or in a group. It requires a special ticket to enter. It is an excellent source of gems.

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The Boss Rush In Lost Ark itself is located in any major town and can be accessed via its statue as seen on the mini-map. The entrance ticket for Hall of Silence drops from Chaos Dungeons that can drop tier 2 items. Meanwhile, Hall of the Sun drops from Chaos Dungeons with tier 3 items. Boss Rush also has item-level requirements befitting the tier itself such as 802 for tier 2.

Since you are only facing bosses in this dungeon if you have a single target setup it is best to bring that in. You do need to have some quicker single-target skills at the start so you are not feeling pressed for time.

You cannot use F1 potions and instead are reliant on percentage-based. Unlike other types of events, you do not get an opportunity to refresh your battle potions between waves. As such it is best to use them sparingly. While you have unlimited deaths it takes 20 secs to respawn which can be detrimental since each wave is timed.

Despite it having “rush” in the name it is not advised to just burn down the first boss you see and put all your skills on cooldown. Unless you are close to running out of time and have no other option. Skill cooldowns are not reset at the start of each wave and are instead persistent. It’s best to deploy a timer management strategy.

You should take your time and use the timer on the clock as an advantage and not a hindrance. If you are at no at risk of failing and can avoid taking damage you can simply dance around the arena while all your skills on cooldown are back up before killing the final boss in that wave and moving to the next one.

You might even find depending on your item level that using your C basic attack instead of a skill is a better option for a final blow. I would have just a sliver of health many times on the final boss in each round and found its way to overkill putting a high damage skill back on cooldown before the next round.

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In the first four waves, you are only facing one boss. You also only have one minute to kill it in each wave. Ideally, you would not want to be getting killed or already having to use the limited amount of percentage health points you have.

For wave five to nine Boss Rush Lost Ark.jpg

For waves five to nine, you get a minute and a half to beat the wave each time. You do need to kill two bosses instead of one. In these waves is where you can start taking advantage of death to respawn fully healed or wait for longer time cooldown skills to come off cooldown. As long as you are not putting yourself at of failure.

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For the remaining final waves ten to fifteen waves, you get two minutes and third seconds each. You do need to defeat three bosses. It’s best to allow at least two of them to group up so you can get overlapping damage on them. If you must this is also where you will want to burn any longer cooldowns you have to get out any damage needed if the timer gets below 30 seconds.

The overlapping area of effect damage the final bosses will be doing can be a bit to take on. If you can get one or two of them died right away that will make these waves quite easy to finish off. Any remaining battle potions you plan on using now would be the time to divide up what you have remaining to last the final rounds and use.

Once you are done you get a bunch of chests to open. These mostly contain gems and at the final stage reward a chance to drop masterpieces. Hall of Silence for instance you have a chance at getting the masterpieces 15, 25, 35, and 41. With Hall of the Sun dropping similar with masterpiece 46 added. You will also get a small amount of life leap stones that are bound.

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Here is an example screenshot of all the loot you can get from a single chest. That is quite a lot of gems.

Fuse gems in lost Ark.jpg

So much so in fact after opening a large number of my rewards from the Boss Rush I had to stop and clean up some inventory space. I first would look for any gems I could use as upgrades. Then I would price check to see if any are worth selling. Finally, I would fuse three random lower-tier gems into higher-tier random ones from the inventory by pressing the diamond icon at the lower left of the inventory window.

Final Thoughts

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Despite each wave being timed. I found the overall Boss Rush experience to be rather relaxed. It’s more important to be thinking ahead if you can spare the time and be set up for the next wave. It was also insane the number of gems you can get from doing these.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from Lost Ark.