Path of Exile | Update On My Progress In Bestiary And Some Thoughts


I’ve been taking a bit of break from Path of Exile the past couple of weeks. Despite this being the furthest I have ever gone in a league before I’ve grown more bored than usual in Bestiary League than other leagues

I’ve been checking up every so often for an update on them addressing some of players concerns and well we are starting to get a bit long into this league. At this point, it just seems to be bug fixes such as patch 3.2.2c. Moving forward I’m not expecting anything great changing since they really should be focusing on 3.3.0 which is expected to launch on June 1 but not set in stone just yet.

Bestiary League Itself

blood alter.png

With how often Path of Exile changes and just how much content they give us year by year while keeping they keep it free to play. I fully expect them to have some hit or misses. While this league was not horrible it was not as exciting or fun either as past ones. Let’s hope they make that up to us in 3.3.0 and some racing events leading up to that.

I find myself more or less just avoiding the content. It is something I am hoping they do not add to the core gameplay as we already have a bunch of things. It was a neat idea to try and let us target specific items but it really did not go well. Most of the times it was just cheaper to buy from another player what you needed than endless gamble. Other than the higher end stuff where it cost quite a few exalts to buy many things just felt not worthwhile.


One of the biggest things is lack of natural progression. In the past league Abyss, I did not feel like I had to go out of my way to unlock a fair amount of challenges. I believe I had something like 22 before I went out of my way to target them. Maybe it’s the “bad luck” of not running into things but I have noticed quite a few who normally have a large number of challenges finish long by now are around where I am.


Also, the lack of league specific drops often enough that could be an upgrade is felt. You get a lot of nets that only have use of capturing beats. To make matters worse they take up currency drops which for most of the league has led many players into an Orb of Alchemy shortage and higher than normal prices.


No one would mind the higher cost to run maps if the risk to reward was also higher. Which is has not been. Even more so compounded by changes they made a while back to reduce map sustainability. I’m not sure if this is desired pressure they wanted overall on maps or not but it has taken some fun out of things. Making things rarer I don’t consider upping the challenge on the player's end. It’s just costing more to maintain and that not a fun way to go about it.

In Bestiary League having to first capture up four beats than fight them just to get yet another junk item just does not have a great feeling. Even worse the system seems all over the place. While I’m sure they could not have fully predicted player’s market on what creatures would be highly sought after and expensive they should have had some idea. With how easy it is to just consume an expensive beast over one that not worth a lot for lower items makes quite many of the Blood Altar recipes worthless. The entire system just feels like I needed more thought. That magic feel of it has escaped and now it’s just –meh.



Despite my negativity towards this league, it has been furthest I’ve progressed in all my time of playing when not taking into account league specific progress. I’ve also had quite a blast playing the rest of the game as well. While there still many endgame things I’ve yet to get around to and time being a bigger factor with each days passing till the league ends. I need to start being more active now or wait till next league to see if I can go further next time.


I have a decent set of gear for my main. The most, in fact, I’ve ever spent on a single character. I’ve had an amazing time this league playing Blade Vortex. I enjoyed mixing things up from what I was playing the last couple of leagues


I’ve completed 84 map bonus objectives. This was even the first league where I’ve run Red maps in higher tiers. There is still a lot of programs I can make we are just now timewise into the league where I need to change my gameplay up to keep progress.

I’ve never played a league enough to be this far into it that I’ve needed to consider making a magic find a character to generate currencies a different way than my usually of just looting stuff and selling to other players. Quite a number of things have depressed at price below one Alchemy that they are not worth selling. This means I need a change up my own gameplay to keep working toward higher-end items. I’ve not had the time yet to sit down and create a plan or pick a new class to play for this goal in mind. It is something I’m going try and do this week so I can get back to having some Path of Exile content again.

With that said I hope others are still enjoying and pushing for this league! I’ve noticed there’s not much new publishing of content coming out as of late form everyone. Perhaps everyone is just done and waiting for June 1. I’m at least looking forward to hearing more about the next league in the coming weeks and months. It seems they understand we want something more breach like with lots of killing.

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