Might & Magic VI | Castle Kriegspire

Inside a volcano, I flew to get to Castle Kriegspire. Quite a nasty zone this dungeon is in to the point I did not do my normal clearing of a safe area outside to escape to if needed. I had enough skills and other tricks to get myself out of a hard situation I felt was no longer needed.

front door to Castle Kriegspire Might And Magic VI.png

While there are many entry artworks that I enjoy in Might and Magic. I have always loved this one in particular. The doorway just makes you feel so small with how wide the entryway of it is. Then you have the moat with a rather shady-looking walkway up to the door.

This dungeon is just filled with minotaurs, drakes, and abominations. Along with so much treasure, it’s crazy the killing I make here. With a lot of upgrades and even a few horseshoes for +2 skill gains found along the way.

high incinerate damage Castle Kriegspire Might And Magic VI.png

This is not a place to mess around with. It required a lot of thinking before moving forward. Taking this place head-on can be a death wish so I was on the lookout for the easy way to deal with things when the environment gave me such opportunities.

For a while, my back was flat ageist the exit door with the minotaurs. Thankfully with further skill points into fire and looting that artifact, I did a couple of dungeons back. My incinerate spell was doing some insane damage.

Castle Kriegspire Might And Magic VI.png

As far as taking advantage of the environment and situation when I could. There were a few places that have these slots into side chambers. Almost like they are supposed to be lookout spots for guards or something.

I on the other hand took advantage of being able to deal with damage with little risk to myself. These would be some of the rare times in this dungeon I saved my mana up and went melee.

While there seemed to be some other parts of the dungeon that looked like if you rushed up into them. They would be the perfect killing nests from above. I decided to go a different route and just play the slow game of getting regression and pulling a few creatures out at a time when encountering massive rooms.

drake flying around Castle Kriegspire Might And Magic VI.png

That however did not always work. Not that far into the dungeon is this area with four rooms that connect. They each had different creatures in them. This one room had a bunch of drakes that flew around the ceiling.

I would charge into the room. Burn all my mana as quickly as possible. Then I would run and retreat till I was in a safe place. Take a short mana break hoping to get not to get ambushed. I would then charge back in to do it all over again.

Despite how much effort that all sounds like. It only took a couple of times to clear everything out. On occasion, I would switch from using single caste damage spells to an area of effective ones. I wish this game let you have more than one active spell at a time. It is what is it.

Between the rooms is a very skinny tunnel going off into another part along with some stairs not that far away either. This takes you up and into other areas of the dungeon. Some of them are like before they have a window you could shoot at things from and not take much if any damage in return.

Along the top, I also found a secret button. This dungeon is a bit strange in the sense that deeper in there is a spot you are asked if you want to spend 50k gold to find the secrete. My answer is simply no I already know where it is.

There is also a spot where you can pay 10k gold to get heals. Again not something you will see in other dungeons. Since that is not an issue for me to deal with myself I saved my money. I guess if there was an extreme emergency that would be 10k gold well spent.

treasure chest Castle Kriegspire Might And Magic VI.png

There were a lot of amazing treasure chests to be found and looted in this dungeon. The purple boots and the amulet ended up being upgrades. Everything else I sold. There had to have been over 10k gold worth of stuff in this single chest.

This was not the only treasure chest with upgrades I found either. In another one, I found a ring and a leather armor piece that was a nice upgrade as well. There were also many further horseshoes to loot for skill gains that I’ll be saving for later.

I also found a Jeweled Egg. Later on, I ended up finding someone named Emil Lime in Kriegspire who paid me 5k gold for it. While not that amazing compared to everything else I got in the dungeon. 5K gold is 5k gold.

lots of drakes Castle Kriegspire Might And Magic VI.png

All the challenges I had faced were nothing compared to the biggest room in this entire place. One entire end was covered in drakes and abominations. It took a few attempts at this room to whittle it down enough to get very far into it.

I would pop my head in as they say dump a bunch of spells hoping to kill some stuff. Then run away. This must be why they had the pay to heal nearby. I knew this was going to be some amazing loot if I stuck with it.

lots of abomination Castle Kriegspire Might And Magic VI.png

After some time I rushed in to finish off just a few abominations that were left that had survived my onslaught. I had to jump over the bridge since it was closed on my side to get over the gap. Making this a bit of a tricky spot leaving me open to attacks for a short while.

Once everything was dead I did my best to loot. I was not able to loot everything. Some creatures fell dead in a spot of the zone that teleport you away once you cross over into it. I did end up missing out on some loot because of that.

I then had one final battle left with a creature called Lurch. He must have had over 4k health and it took all my mana to finish him off.

I also ended up finding a crystal, another artifact, and some helm upgrades. I ended up walking away over with 80k gold from clearing this dungeon out. I had a small pile of gold now amassing in the bank for my next spending spree.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.