Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise And Lock Picking Guide

Whether you are wandering around the castle or out in the Highlands you sometimes come across a locked door that you can’t open. Once you have completed the first trial you get a mission well worth going after next called ‘The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.’ This gives you the spell Alohomora to open basic locks with an opportunity to learn more advanced versions of the spell to unlock higher-tier door locks.

Alohomora Tier 1 The Caretaker's Lunar Lament

Talking with Galdwin Moon The Caretaker's Lunar Lament Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

You first need to go off and find Galdwin Moon who can be found in The Grand Staircase at Hogwarts. The Staff Floo once you have them unlocked will put you quite close to him for future interactions.

Turns out Galdwin Moon the caretaker has quite the issue going on. Someone has placed a bunch of Demiguise moon Statues all over the world including inside the castle. They scare the daylights out of Galdwin Moon and he has enlisted you to remove them for him. As a reward, the caretaker of all people is going to teach you the spell to pick locks.

Demiguise Moon statue Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The biggest thing to note about Demiguise Moon Statues is you can only collect them at night. If it is currently daytime just open up the in-game map. Then press whatever button you have set up to speed up time and switch day to night.

The other cool thing is that they can sometimes be a bit hard to spot during the daytime. Anytime you get close to one your character has a trigger to say “you are mine now Demiguise.” On top of that if you cast Revelio they will show up as blue almost oval shapes if you are close enough to one.

Learning the spell Alohomora Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Once you do the first basic mission. You get to learn Alohomora. This however is not like other spells in Hogwarts Legacy. There is a mini-game you need to learn to play. You also cast the spell by being close enough to a lock and clicking F.

Alohomora Lock-Pick Mini-Game

Lockpick Mini Game in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The mini-game itself is not that hard. Even once you unlock higher tiers of Alohomora for higher tier locks they don’t get any more difficult than the tier 1 locks you start by being able to open.

The lock itself is broken down into two different areas. You have the red inner area that you rotate using A or D. Then you have the green outer area that you rotate using Q or E. These are both the default keys on the PC.

I found it best to hold down the key for either of the areas first. Let the lock spin till you hear a sound and a slight flash of color. Then insanity stop and slowly fine tune going back in the other direction till it properly lights up.

Next, you do the same thing but for the other areas of the lock. Once the second area is done the lock on the left side will pop open as the locking mechanize moves back. The door then unlocks and you can enter in.

Retrieve Further Demiguise Moon Statues In Restricted Area

Demiguise moon in restricted area Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

All that was not that hard to unlock tier 1 locks. That is however not where things end. You see there are a lot of other Demiguise Moon Statues to be found. To help you along Galdwin Moon the caretaker starts you off with another mission to find the next two Demiguise.

These two are perhaps the harder of the ones to collect. As they require you to get one out of the Perfect’s Bathroom and the Hospital Wing. While these areas are under restriction meaning you can’t get cough what you are trying to do.

This is when you need to cast the Disillusionment Charm on yourself. While it’s not required having at least one talent point in reducing the distance you can get detected helps somewhat with this mission.

The good news is once you collect one of these statues or do other things like unlock doors. If you get cough and get booted out start from the bottom of the tower. You do not lose progress.

You can even exploit this somewhat. I found it rather easy getting up to the Perfects Bathroom. For one guy who was keeping me from going where I wanted, I just cast the basic spell so he would turn around and check what happened. While I sneaked past him.

The Hospital Wing is an entirely different story. Some kind of accident must have occurred as there are quite a few professors and nurses up there. That nurse will come in and out of different doors at times making this even more difficult.

There are two different pathways up to the Hospital Wing. If the spiraling staircase is being blocked by too many people. Go down the long hallway and around to the other way up.

Also if you do get caught make sure you did so doing something worthwhile. Like casting a spell and getting people to move to go see what it is. A lot of the time however if you just wait for a while everyone stops talking or they start to wander around making it possible to get up to the second Demiguise Moon.

Once you are done you just need to return to Galdwin Moon the caretaker.

Further Locations Of Demiguise Moon Statues

seeing how many Demiguise Moon Statues are in an area on the map in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

To be able to learn the second rank of Alohomora you need to collect and turn in a further 9 Demiguise Moon Statues to Galdwin Moon the caretaker. The third tier requires another 13 Demiguise Moon Statues.

Perhaps the biggest thing slowing down the collection of all these Demiguise other than it needing to be nighttime is quite a few of them are locked behind tier 2 locks. This means you will end up searching and going back to places you could not get them the first time around.

The other issue is Hogwarts the castle itself is quite massive. It’s rather hard to try and find anything anywhere. The good news at least in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and while out in Highlands they will tell you how many Demiguise statues are left in that area on the map.

Demiguise Moon Statues in Hogsmeade Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The quickest way to pick up quite a few is heading right over to Hogsmeade. I have provided a map marking an X over each of the houses that have a Demiguise statue in them. There are nine of them in total.

When you check into different Highland regions you can always just hover over any hamlets you can find to see if they have any Demiguise statues. If you do they are going to be inside a house. Some houses will have a tier 2 lock so you might not get to all of them.

More times than not a quick search from the outside running around a hamlet and you will be able to either see Demiguise's statue by casting Revelio or your character will tell you there is one close by.

You can find Demiguise statues in the following Hamlets that you can fly to with a mount: Pitt-Upon-Ford (North Ford Bog), Upper Hogsfield (Hogsmeade Valley), Aranshire (South Hogwarts Region), Lower Hogsfield, (South Hogwarts Region), Brocburrow (Hogwarts Valley), Keenbridge (Hogwarts Valley), Feldcroft (Feldcroft Region), and Irondale (Feldcroft Region)

There are further Hamlets in higher-level regions they, however, require you to walk through a no-fly area first to get to. Those are Marunweem (Marunweem lake), Bainburgh (Manor Cape), and Cragcroft (Cragcroftshire),

There are also 10 in Hogwarts castle itself. Those however are not so easy to point to where exactly they are in each of the different areas of the castle. At least by getting many above you can unlock tier 2 of Alohomora which will get you quite far and ensure when you do find a Demiguise statue behind a locked door you won’t have to return at a later time for it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.