Hogwarts Legacy | Merlin Trials Guide For Armor Space

If it’s nothing I hate more in a video game it's when I go to loot some armor to find out I’m out of bag space. Hogwarts Legacy decided it was a great way to force someone to grind Merlin Trails. As you complete certain thresholds of the challenge you unlock four further inventory slots each time.

Merlin Trials is one of those things you find scattered everywhere while exploring the massive outdoor world of Hogwarts Legacy. They also solve an issue that grinds the gears of many gamers when it comes to having enough bag space.

Merlin Trails challenges.png

I will say at least for me since I’m not a total packrat in this game when it comes to holding onto pieces of armor. I feel there is quite a diminishing return in running these. As you need to complete, 2 then 6, 10, 14, and finally another 20 to finish off the challenge. That requires completing 52 Merlin Trails! Getting some further slots is nice but I don’t need all of them. It is also quite a lot of grinding to get all of them needed for the final unlock.

Long story short you end up meeting a lady along the shoreline not that far from Hogwarts castle near Lower Hogsfield. She ends up telling you if you have Mallowsweet you can trigger what is known as Merlin Trails.

Merlin Trails themselves were set up by yes the wizard Merlin as something fun to do for his friends. Outside of running them for a small number of experience points and credit towards the next challenge unlock for further armor space. There is no other reason to run them.

Early on in the game, you end up discovering quite quickly that after a dungeon run and more than likely during a dungeon run you have run out of space to hold more armor. I’d say they made this issue of not having enough space annoying enough that it’s worth some time to invest into running quite a few of these.

Thankfully a lot of these Merlin trails have a lot of the same types of things to do. They are also quite easy to find on the map. Once you understand the basics they all became quite easy to do.

The biggest thing is to identify the type of trail you have run into. The best thing to do first is to cast Revelio. Almost always everything you need to interact with for Merlin Trails is within the range of a single cast of Revelio. Everything you need will appear in blue.

The biggest issue perhaps is quite a lot of these locations tend to be packed with many different challenges as well. So often when you cast Revelio you might notice objects that are to be used for Treasure Vaults which you don’t need. As such it’s best to learn what you do and do not need for Merlin Trails.

One of the biggest things to remember is there is a right spell for each one if one is required at all. While sometimes you can get away using something else. Most times it’s just best to come back at a later point in time in the game when you have unlocked the correct spell.

Use Wingardium Leviosa

These are Three different kinds of Merlin Trails that you can use Wingardium Leviosa in.

5 small balls Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

In the first Merlin Trail type, there will be five balls that simply need to be brought back to the main Merlin platform. If you have Wingardium Leviosa. If you enjoy pain and suffering you can try using force spells to push them to the correct spot.

Rolling a giant ball into place Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Another type you can use Wingardium Leviosa is when you find a giant ball that needs to be brought back. Once you get it close enough it will just roll into the correct position. Knowing that last bit is great if you don’t have that spell unlocked yet and try to use a force spell to slowly move the ball that will sometimes roll not the way you want it.

Jumping Onto Pillars

jumping onto pillars Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

While almost all of these Merlin Trails require the right spell. There is one type that does not use any at all. You will tend to find a starting and ending platform along with tall platforms. They can’t be damaged but you can jump up onto them.

The biggest thing to note here is it’s not a timed run as fast as you can across the all. If you try that you will end up not getting complete and will have to try it all over again.

Instead, you need to jump onto each pillar and wait for the vines to finish growing on the pillar. You then can jump to the next one and so forth.

Falling to the ground at any point in time will reset the entire trail. When that happens just start over from the beginning again.

The only time you do need to rush to the next jumping part of the trail is if the pillars you are jumping onto start to crumble away under you. Then jump like your life is depending on it. If that happens that means all the pillars in that trail are set up the same way. Otherwise, you can just disregard this section of having to jump fast to the next pillar.

Moths And Lumos

moth And Lumos Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

One trail you will run into quite a lot has strange pillars with a hole in the middle that is glowing. Along with a bunch of moth groups close by. They love to put these in places that have elevation changes.

brining up moths Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

You need to run up to each of the different moth groups and cast Lumos to attract them to your wand. You then need to bring each set of moth to a different pillar. The good news is the moth won’t run back if you need to crawl up some elevation changes causing you to put down your wand. You just need to recast Lumos and be close enough to bring them along with you.

Damage With Magic

blasting to bits Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Another common type of trail has you simply blast objects into pieces. Unlike the common theme in many of these where you are looking for just three objects, these tend to have quite a few more. You also might not all be within range of Revelio cast at the base of the Merlin Trail.

My best advice to give for this one is to look for object clusters. They love to put them into pairs of threes, have them along walls, up mountains, and hide behind giant boulders. This one can get a bit annoying if you happen to miss one hiding behind a rock.

Light Braziers On Fire

fire Brazier Merlin Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

While most of these trails are not timed this one is. This one has three braziers onto pillars of different heights. Some of these pillars might be close to the base of the Merlin Trail while others might take you walking around a few steps to find Revelio.

The key to this one is to cast a fire spell that will catch the brazier at the top with fire. Once it is on fire the timer of the pillar starts till you get all three or it hits the bottom and the flame gets extinguished.

It is always best to set yourself up to hit the braziers which are the tallest pillars that will take the longest first. Then run as you need to the final pillar or two and hit them with fire magic as well.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.