Hogwarts Legacy | A Headless Ghost Named Richard Jackdaw

It’s not every day you get to visit the kitchen let alone the headless hunt in Hogwarts Legacy. Up till this point, I had little interaction with ghosts and that was about to change hugely. To do so it turns out that what I needed could be found in the kitchen of all places. I almost take pity on ghosts after this adventure.

Nearly Headless Nick in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I’ve always liked Nearly Headless Nick. It’s kind of funny despite the time difference between the books and the game he was always trying to join the Headless Hunt. So I was not that shocked since the game is before the books that he would be up to some antics in trying to join them.

You would never expect a ghost of all things to have a solution to the issue you have at hand. It turns out though while he lacks the information I desire it so happens he is sure who has it. It also so happens to be a place that is going anyways. Don’t you just love it when things like that line up?

First, before we could go to the headless hunt we needed something to bribe them with. As everyone knows they have zero taste and that has always been one thing they seem to miss quite dearly. So it was off to the kitchen to get some rotten roast beef that will “almost” do the trick for them. Somehow. A mystery of rotting food us living will never quite understand a desire to be near it.

tickle the pear in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

What was quite funny about this adventure was getting to tickle the pear on the painting to the door into the kitchen. While not everything ends up matching up how you would think it be. There are quite a lot of little this painting and the books that Hogwarts Legacy seems to love tossing in.

finding the rotten roast beef in the kitchen in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I’ll admit a kitchen is a place I’ve not returned to since visiting it this one time. It seems to be in quite a mess with house elves everywhere trying to clean the place up. Along with lots of food on the table that I would not be stopping by in the evening to enjoy.

It was however about the size I was expecting it to be. It’s kind of funny when walking around the castle and things either appear to be smaller or bigger than I would expect. Expect this is one of the few examples where it’s somewhat how I imagined it would be.

The house elf was as you would be expected more than happy to help me get a pile of rotten roast beef. It was also quite known to them at once who was after it. Since Nearly Headless Nick can’t carry it himself the distance we are going I got the pleasure of doing that myself.

I was also kind of shocked while down there that the place the elves live was also right in the kitchen. They took a bunch of barrels and made them into tiny homes. I guess I never thought about where the house elves of Hogwarts sleep at night.

Sir Patrick Delaney Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

After that, it was off to see a bunch of the members from the Headless Hunt. It was quite clear to them once I showed up that the rotting feed I had with me was a bribery of sorts. Sir Patrick Delaney was not in the mood for it either! I guess he is used to Nearly Headless Nick pulling this stunt quite often.

To get what I was after I was invited to play quite a strange game with the ghosts. One of their heads was placed in a pumpkin and I was given the task of finding it. They joined around and cheered like this was some sort of sporting event.

DumFrey Westland Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I went around blowing up pumpkins left and right. I needed to find the ghost head quite a few times before I would be declared a winner and allowed to speak with the person who I was told had the information I needed.

Turns out the ghost Richard Jackdaw not only found a location I was looking for but has the page I need as well. Just one slight issue. He is a ghost and what I need is his corpse in the cave where he died.

Yikes! I did say I love to explore dungeons and nothing like a cave with a dead body already waiting for me to discover it. Despite my personally being ready for such a journey, the game had other plans.

Turns out I had been slacking on my assignments with some of my teachers. Many main quests in Hogwarts Legacy have a spell and or a level requirement. I had yet to learn the Disarming Charm.

dangerous area warning sign in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Despite that, I tried to forge ahead anyways. I ended up passing this lovely little sign telling me to not venue into the forest of North Hogwarts. Looking back now I know that I was not entering into the Forbidden Forest as that is much deeper in. However, at the time I thought I was.

I also somewhat wonder if the game along the way would put me in a situation where I could finish what I needed to unlock the spell that I needed to press further on. While it sure did I needed to back during the day time to class to learn the spell.

Along the way, I also had some interactions with many side activities out in the wilderness. I was not in any hurry of getting to the next stage. So I messed around in the forest for quite some time. It’s not like Richard Jackdaw is alive and in danger he's already dead so I was in no rush of finding his body.

After attending some classes as I had finished two different assignments while I was out adventuring around. It was time to head back into the forest. This time I went a little more direct route not following the road.

fighting some spiders in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I ended up wandering into a spider's den. I needed some experience being in further combat situations anyways. So this ended up working out quite well. I did not even get killed or anything. I can’t say the same for the spiders I ran into.

While it would have been nice to have gone there during the day. The game was not having any of that. It did not take long before the forest turned dark and spooky again for me to continue the quest. I had met up again with Jackdaw who refused to take me as he did not want to be back in the cave he died in.

Jackdaw Tomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

It was then time to enter Jackdaw’s Tomb. For a tomb, I was expecting it to be a lot smaller than it was. It was perhaps even longer than quite a few other dungeons I’d run later on for side quests and things. I had thought with how much I had to do to get to this point it was going to be quick.

I got to say now I’m a massive fan of how they ended up doing quite a few caves and dungeons in Hogwarts Legacy. They feel quite on a grand scale and there are quite a lot more things going on if you just take a moment to look around at the details.

door puzzle in Jackdaw Tomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

This instance it was introducing me to some basic puzzles to open doors. This one invoked shooting at three different targets within a range of time. They had two arrows on the targets that rotated like a clock so you could gauge how much time was remaining to shoot all three to open the door.

The next area after that was the same puzzle. This time however the three things you had to shoot were a bit further apart. As I adventured in deeper they kept making it slightly harder than the last time to find all three targets to open the gateway forward to the next section.

bridge getting rebuilt in Jackdaws Tomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Hogwarts Legacy also has quite the dramatics for bridges. This one is in the middle of being rebuilt so I can move forward. They are quite a lot of fun to see get reconstructed you can tell someone had a lot of fun making them.

exploring side areas for loot Jackdaws Tomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

There were also quite a lot of looting opportunities here. I ended up following quite a few side areas looking for loot anyways. You can always tell when the loot is going to be amazing when you find such a fancy chest as this one. They rarely disappoint.

using the spell Accio to pull the platform i am on forward in Jackdaws Tomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The doors in here were not the only puzzle you had to solve either. Quite a common one I would end up finding over and over again as I dive deeper into this game would be one invoking platform and pushing them along using Accio.

Quite a few puzzles and areas later I end up entering into quite an interesting situation. My path forward is filled with these spider-sack-looking things. There is also some deadly-looking green gas oozing out on the left.

dealing with spider eggs in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

This gave me the impression when these sacks pop that they would be filled with deadly gas. Not wanting to take any risks and make sure they did not do that. I took them out with some fire spell damage from a distance. They ended up pooping and spewing out some small spiders.

My pathway forward on at least one occasion was blocked by spider webs. Like many things, some fire damage blew my path forward wide open. I rather like having two fire spells equipped in my main slots as I never know when I’ll find some fire.

Another moving platfrom puzzle Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

There ended up being a little more trick platform I had to solve. It was not that it was hard I just had to get my timing right. There ended up being a few times I needed to use Accio to get through a passageway.

Towards the end of that passageway in the middle of where I needed to go, there was a side area. I needed to stop using pulling with Accio the platform I was on at just the right moments so I could make the jump into that side area for some loot.

For whatever reason including it being quite late at night. I kept missing what should have been not that hard to pull off. So I kept having to run back dragging the platform to the starting point. Then repeating this whole little puzzle over and over again.

It also was not helping that my character was way too close to the end. On several attempts instead of doing what I wanted him to do. He fell off the platform. Forcing yet another reset as I had to go back to the start.

While it was just tempting to say forget about it and move on. I kept at it and got it in the end. I don’t feel the loot was worth the time I spent getting it. It was however something I just had to do.

A little further along I ended up getting into combat with a rather nasty spider. My game at the time was having some heavy issues with water tiles in the game. Looking back now this kind of graphic glitch is rather amusing.

There was also another door puzzle. This time I had to shoot two of the targets first. Then jump down to a lower level and shoot the target that was hiding under there. Thankfully using the spell Revelio helped me quickly to find the third one.

found Richard Jackdaw in Jackdaws Tomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Thankfully after that, it was not much further till I would learn the cruel fate of Richard Jackdaw. It appears he has been there for quite some time. I went through his belonging since he did not need them anymore anyways and found the page I was after.

The best thing was not having to run back to get out of the dungeon. In quite a few of these, I have found they always either create a shortcut to get out of there or a back exit. For this dungeon, there was an ancient magic doorway that took me into quite an interesting part back at Hogwarts.

This is also the point I got to unlock the talent system. I guess they were expecting me to have done this at quite a lower level. I had a few points ready to be spent. This also finishes off for now yet another amazing adventure in this game.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.