Hogwarts Legacy And The Athenaeum

I never imagined the restricted section of the library to be so massive let alone be the entryway into quite the adventure. I, of course, have always dreamed of going into such an area. It’s a shame I could not take any of the books other than one of them with me. It was still quite a fun adventure.

Nothing like the game introducing you to how to get around in a stealth-like fashion with a spell than to send you off to the restricted section of the library. I’ve always been more of spells blazing than sneak around in the dead of night kind of person.

It was however best to not get caught in what we were after. Besides I don’t think killing the librarian off would have been an option anyways. It’s a shame we don’t have memory charm spells in this game that would be great.

So instead I engage in a daring mission invisible avoiding detection the best I could. A spell that I would seldom use but alas it was always there at the ready when I needed it in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy library.jpg

The normal section of the library is decently sized being two floors in height. You can also tell where the restricted section is as there are some bars blocking entry into it. I however always thought it was just a couple of rows in the library and nothing more.

Was I ever in shock by how easy it was to get into a restricted section. I was half expecting a heavy locked door to keep out those who lack the proper teacher note to enter. I guess they always expected the librarian to keep any rule breakers out all on her own. As the door was easy to get past.

After a couple of rows of books, I noticed a staircase leading down. It was quite clear what I was looking for was not up in the main section. So I adventured down below. Down there were as you would expect quite a lot of books and just a lot of old desks and objects. Everything was covered in heavy cobwebs like no one has been down there for ages.

Enter the Athenaeum Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

After exploring around a bit I ended up finding another shimmering doorway that only those who can see ancient magic can interact with. I can only suppose anyone else who would venture down there would just see an empty archway without having someone like me guide them.

I then found myself in the Athenaeum. With the sort of magic it took to take me there I had no idea how far I had traveled. With how the place looked it must have been a great distance.

Down there I found some legendary gear upgrades for myself. I had done so much exploring and other things up to this point I was already level 9. It was nice to see the gear drops near my current level. This was still at a point in the game where I had no idea how to upgrade or slot in traits into armor. So I just took whatever had the highest stats on it at the time.

nice hallways in athenaeum Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The passageways and other areas of the Athenaeum are truly breathtaking. It felt like this place once belonged to someone quite powerful and wealthy at that. The colors and that amazing floor took things to the next level as my eyes had a feast on things.

Yet, it was none of this that felt as strange as still getting in game-pop ups explaining things. This game seems to take a while to get going. A lot of things I thought I would have already had access to I would not discover for quite some time.

stone statues attacking in Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Hogwarts Legacy still had quite a few things to teach me in-game including getting killed. The next area turned out to be rather nasty. I somewhat had a clue when I was taking a look around before advancing. I expected all these statues on the left and right to come alive and do me some harm.

I then found what I was looking for down there for the most part. A book but it was missing a page. This is also where the game decided to show me a memory.

a memory Hogwarts Legacy Athenaeum.jpg

As far as storytelling goes in video games I love the fact that Hogwarts Legacy has a way to view stored memories that have been left behind. It’s like I’m being slowly fed from different points of view a story I don’t yet have a full understanding of what is going on. Just a clear picture of what happened during the short amount of times shown during finding these.

After that was done I thought the adventure was over. I would just sneak back out without any consequences and show the book I found to Professors Figs while keeping the best of what I could secrete from the student that helped me get into the restricted section of the library.

It seems as if fate would have it that Peeves who has been known for spoiling quite a lot of adventuring and causing a lot of mayhem was wandering around in that part of the castle that night after I returned from the Athenaeum

Sebastian got caught by peeves Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Sebastian Sallow of all people who I was working with on this adventure even though he is a Slytherin and I’m a Gryffindor ended up taking the fall for this adventure. It turns out this was not the first time Sebastian got caught in the restricted section and I doubt it will be the last.

So far I’m not quite sure what to think of Sebastian. He seems to have quite an act for an adventure as I do. I want to like him more than the other characters I’ve interacted with. I however don’t quite trust him. He seems a little too focused on family issues to the point I fear he would be willing to do anything to accomplish what he is after.

I on the other hand as a Gryffindor am trying to play things a certain way. I guess time will only tell which direction I end up taking things in Hogwarts Legacy. It seems like the game really wants me to take pity on Sebastian and that is quite the red herring to me so far.

Final Thoughts

talking with professor fig Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

As someone who loves dungeons I’m glad to see Hogwarts Legacy has quite a few of them in it. While they seem to be on the shorter side I’ll be sharing my adventures in them along the way. Some of the might be more guide focused but as this one was quite a simple and short run I felt it was fun to be a little more into a character.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.