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Nothing quite like having to jump down a sewage-looking drain pipe to get into a zone. Plane Of Disease leaves you feeling the kind of dirty that no matter how hard you scrub your armor after leaving that place is never going to come out. Thankfully both my characters need massive gear upgrades anyways.

This place has some toxic rivers flowing through it that you rather not thinking about having to near. Of course, I ended up falling into it while trying to cross into another section of the zone while were where switching camps. Thankfully there is no smell vision in this game.

Entry area in Plane Of Disease.png

The starting area is quite gloom-looking. You are up on a bit of a platform with some tombstones. If you want to leave the zone you have to exit dropping down into a vat of nasty-looking green water. Otherwise, you need to step off this platform and follow along a hillside hoping to not slip into the dirty river down below.

Plane Of Disease Map.jpg

While I have been here quite a lot time ago. I never spent a lot of time in this zone. So I thought now was a good time as any to explore quite a few different spots. We ended up moving our camp around a lot and I’ve placed some red circles on the map to highlight some areas we stayed at for a while.

I’m not quite sure what the unofficial camping areas use to be back in the day. With a zone like this though you can usually camp alongside a mountainside on the zone edge and be decently safe.

The zone itself is quite wide open. Only the river and a couple of narrow spots restrict your flow through it. We would sometimes find ourselves clearing through it as we explored different sections. Some areas were a lot better camp spots and creatures to hunt than others.

Uncut gem.jpg

In the first area, we were at, I can only assume we killed some kind of name possibly. He was red and a lot harder to kill than other things in the area. I would later notice him up again wandering around. He ended up only dropping an uncut gem.

The first area we camped at I would say was the most enjoyable. Everything there was quite straightforward to kill. Most of the pulls were easy to get single or not a lot of hard work to get them back to the group.

a rat.jpg

It was mostly just filled with slimes and rats. The terrain of this zone was giving me quite a lot of line of sight issues for casting my pulling spells on things. I would usually have to walk up quite close to things before I can get their attention.

dark disease filling place.png

From a visual standpoint, I loved how this zone looked. The foggy backdrop, these almost rib-cage-looking pillars sticking up all over the place. This entire zone sold quite hard on the consent of the name it was filled with disease and death.

spider area.jpg

The next area we moved to was not so fun pulling or dealing with the creatures that would be there. They were all spiders. Some of them rooted and others feared. Nothing worse than when the cleric gets feared so you have no healer and he ends up running into even more spiders getting killed before it wears off.

Thankfully it was quite an easy and “quick” run back on the cleric. Although I would have preferred for things to not have gone that way as it created some downtime for the group. When you are feared you don’t have a lot of options all the things I would usually use to try and save the cleric were not an option. At least when it happened to the tank it was not the end of the world.

split pulling.jpg

It was also quite a nice wide-open area for easy splitting. Thankfully after this trip, I would take the shadow knight back to Plane of Knowledge and he would be buying better feign death spells. Giving him a much higher success rate. This would result in fewer deaths and intense moments later on.


We would eventually wander deeper into the spider part of the zone. We ended up finding a tunnel that would take you back to a raid. We did not go that deep in but enjoyed some higher-level spiders for a while.

However, there just gets to a point where you are tired of getting rooted and feared. It was time to clear to another part of the zone and see what else there was to be had.


For a while, we hunted some nasty-looking light crawlers with all their little legs creeping me out. Despite how jammed-packed they looked in there. If you waited long enough they usually wander around to a point you could get a single one out without having to split.


The final camping area we would give a try in this zone before heading elsewhere had a bunch of planarian larva in it. These ended up being quite spread out from each other. Which made pulling simple and the group would quickly kill them.

Final Thoughts

nasty water.jpg

Overall it was a nice change of pace. With how wide open the area was we adventured around to a few different areas. Despite how many different areas we checked it was also a quicker visit to this zone than most.

The loot was quite dreadful and nothing worth talking about was found other than that uncut gem. Seems I might have to go back to some other zones we have been in at some point to do some grinding for money. After this trip, I think I spent 2k platinum on spells almost putting both characters into poverty again.

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