Entropia Universe | Planet Arkadia Welcome IFN Mission Chain Part 1

One of the first things to do on planet Arkadia is the welcome mission. This mission chain requires a lot of running around and a little bit of hunting. It rewards a small amount of universal ammo and clothing. Most importantly it unlocks access to other missions which I’ll be covering a few of in a part two post.

Cost And Rewards


This section will be going over some of the costs and reports for completing The Welcome to IFN mission chain into a later mission you unlock that will be covered further in a part two post.


  • Oil from a lot of flying around
  • 15.2 PED of ammo, a small amount of armor, and weapon decay.
  • 10k Vibrant Sweat (if you do not already have the Arkadia Passport)


  • Arkadia Passport (if you did not already have it.

  • 3.2 PED Universal Ammo

  • IFN combat suit and hat

  • IFN Private Access Card

Arkadia Passport

Arkadia passport.jpg

Before you can start the Welcome to Arkadia mission however you will need an Arkadia Passport. If you are someone who selected Arkadia to be born on as your home planet and starting area you should already have the passport. If not you can still get it.

turn in for Arkadia Passport.jpg

For those of us not born in Arkadia you just need to bring 10k Vibrant Sweat to the Passport Officer in the New Arrivals Hanger. I frankly love the fact that anyone can still get in even if they are not born on the planet and Sweat sales help the newer, low depo, and f2p players out.

While some shops around Arkadia do sell amounts of 10k Vibrant Sweat. Chances are they are not the best price or maybe you already have that amount on another planet. If you check on the item itself it will say it’s lootable in pvp.

Thankfully there is a nice trick you can do. If you put Vibrant Sweat into a refiner it turns them into creates. Those creates do not say on them that they are lootable. They are just very heavy making them not worth paying the cost to buy off the auction and have them shipped to another planet.

Once you transport that Sweat to Arkadia you can just refine it again and boom it turns from creates back into Vibrant Sweat. The decay cost is only a couple of PEC so well worth the insurance of not losing it while traveling in space.

Acquiring The Mission

basic training mission unlock for planet Arkadia.jpg

If you are a newer account or born on Arkadia I believe you should get the Welcome to IFN Basic Training mission once you talk with the NPC at the welcome desk. I am however not able to confirm this.

If you are an older account like mine or for whatever reason did not get the mission. Double check in a completed tab of the mission log if you have not already finished Welcome to IFN Basic Training. If you have not you just need to talk with someone at the IFN that is not in the New Arrivals Hanger area.

I ended up talking with an IFN clothing Master that can be found at IFN bases. In this instance, it was the one at (10422, 30041). They will give you a few prompts to go through before assigning the mission to you. If you do not have the Arkadia Passport on you that will not happen.

I assume you could also just go to the starting point of the mission and get there. There is also an IFN Clothing Master close by there as well.

Welcome to IFN Basic Training

IFN Basic Training mission.jpg

The next part will require a fair bit of flying around to different IFN Firebases. Along with a little bit of hunting. I was able to complete this all in a single sitting so while it felt like quite a long mission chain it was not that bad.

basic training mission start IFN.jpg

The first step is going to Drill Sergeant Edmund Kinzel at Valiant Firebase (17217, 23070). This will be a place you end up returning to a few times. So make a mental note of where it is on the map.

hunting Monura on Planet Arkadia.jpg

His mission will take you south a bit out of the base to kill 10 Monura. You can find a bunch around (17237, 22873). They have 10 health and whatever low-level weapon you have is more than enough to kill them. I used a Z12 Barbarella that killed them in 1 to 2 shots.

Due to Monura being a single maturity creature with just 10 health they make an excellent creature to grind for Codex challenges and more importantly Codex Meta.

Once you are finished you return to Drill Sergeant Edmund Kinzel at Valiant Firebase (17217, 23070) for the next mission.

memory disks firebase commanders Planet Arkadia.jpg

You will then send me off to three other Firebases to deliver “memory disks.” These are not physical items you receive to deliver. You just need to talk with some NPCs and make sure everything is going fine.

Welcome to IFN Basic training Firebase commander Caption Sadowski Courageous Firebase.jpg

The first place you will travel to will be Courageous Firebase where you need to talk with Firebase commander Caption Sadowski. Located at (15159, 25715).

Firebase commander Captain Deschner Planet Arkadia  welcome to IFN basic training.jpg

The next place you are sent to is Implacable Firebase to talk with Firebase commander Captain Deschner found at (28210, 21944).

Firebase commander Captain Alderman Planet Arkadia.jpg

The final location you are sent to is Fearless Firebase. You will be talking with Firebase commander captain Alderman at (25589, 15153).

Once you are finished with all three you need to return to Drill Sergeant Edmund Kinzel at Valiant Firebase (17217, 23070) to acquire the next part of the mission chain.

head to repulse firebase welcome to IFN basic training.jpg

This time around you are sent to check in on Repulse Firebase. Many of these missions revolve around dealing with the Oratan threat.

Firebase commander Lieutenant Mikkelsen welcome to repulse firebase.jpg

Once at Repulse Firebase you will be speaking with Firebase commander Lieutenant Mikkelsen who can be found at (15019, 15099). That will finish off the Welcome series missions. There are however quite a lot of other mission chains that you can continue with. I’ll be covering more in a further post.

Final Thoughts


I felt this first part of the mission chain you can run is rather a new player friend. It was nicely put together and a lot of fun. It did have a little more flying around than I prefer but I did end up picking up a lot of teleport locations that even I did not have.

Other Content


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.