Entropia Universe | Exploring Planet Arkadia

Planet Arkadia in Entropia Universe has a sci-fi and treasuring hunting theme. They have their own resource gathering category for treasure mining. I use to visit this place a decent amount back in the day.


I have always felt Planet Arkadia is a decent medium-sized planet. It’s not massively huge or small either. You don’t feel like there is a lack of space; yet, if you want to explore it all you can fly around for a couple of hours and get a good feel of the land.

I have been to Arkadia quite a few times back in the day. As a result, I have already done a lot of the missions. Part of my plan overall is to see what has changed and what new things I can partake in. There is also an extensive instance system that drops exclusive coins to the planet to buy items from a vendor from what I recall from back in the day.

I might share some stories regarding that if it’s still around these days. I also do want to do a fair amount of hunting in the instances as well. Along with finding out what other types there are if any.

exploring the planet.jpg

One of the bigger reasons I’ve spent some recent time on Arkadia has been due to making mining runs here. I’ll more than likely be making a fair amount of mining content highlighting some of it.

While on most planets you can only mine ore or enmatter. On Arkadia, you also have the option of searching for Treasure. It is the more expensive of the three mining options and exclusive to its planet, moon, and underground areas.

exploring 2.jpg

Many regions of this planet are rather lush and mountainous or covered in a lot of water features. It seems to boast a decent mix of lower-level to high-level hunting from the best I can tell and recall.

desert area exploring.jpg

There is also a two-sector-wide desert environment on the planet. To give you an idea of scale miners have broken down this planet into nine different sectors.

a town.jpg

One of the things I have found quite fun while exploring Planet Arkadia has been checking out the different cities and other built up areas. Many of these areas are quite noticeable from each other and there are many of them to be found.

While you still do get a lot of the normal style of outposts scattered around the planet for revival and resupplying locations. Someone has spent a lot of time making little to massive cities.

a small town.jpg

Some tend to have quite the military vibe to many of them. That has to do with one of the main factions which I’m hoping to work out how I can get started with since my character is not originally from Arkadia. I might have to go with different factions.

This is one of those planets I’m going into having done in the past but I’m not sure what kind of adventures I’ll end up getting into. I only had two or three things I wanted to for sure check out here. Beyond that, it will be a fun surprise in what I end up finding.

further exploring 8.jpg

There are also some rather interesting things some of the players who own land areas have done that you just don’t see anywhere else or only on Calypso for the most part. I knew I missed one of the player-owned areas that I’m interested in visiting in my initial flyover of the planet.

Many of those player-owned lands also seem to share that they hold some of the rarer and higher markup ores, enmatters, and treasures. You also do have to remember on planets like these they tend to have a lot of their resources that don’t always have the best markup overly abundant mixed in with what you are after.

landing in a random spot.jpg

While I was out exploring I would at random times land to see what I could see from the ground level. Part of these explorations expeditions I go on is trying to discover teleports, missions, creature locations, and any other useful data I can get.

The creatures here were quite a high level beyond what I would want to take on by myself. They also seemed rather indifferent I happened on their grove. I had to get quite close to one and attack it before it would kill me.

snow area.jpg

There is also a snow area of the mapping taking up one sector. There is a massive pvp lootable area taking up the bulk of this sector. The earlier screenshot shows the overall planet. The pvp part would be the giant red circle.

I’ve dropped a few probes to see what I could get. I rarely went far from the sector edges as you quickly run into the pvp region.

walking around the snow sector.jpg

I got the chills just walking a bit around the parts I did. Some rather nasty-looking creatures as well here. The creatures on this planet have quite an interesting feature set to them.


There are also a couple of islands on the planet. They help break up the otherwise same view you get kind of everywhere else when you are not inside the snow or desert areas.

The islands themselves seem to be rather different than the surrounding areas they have been placed in. Since I was mostly doing flybys I never went off to land on one in my initial explorations. I’m hoping they yield something far more interesting that ends up being worth an actual trip out to them.

That and I’m used to on other planets such as islands like this being PvP. That for me was enough of a reason to keep my distance from them for now. The one above does look dead from a distance. Making it look quite suspicious.

swamp looking area.jpg

Some areas defiantly have a swamp vibe going on with just how many little rivers, ponds, and lakes appear to be around them.

This planet for sure wins the best night sky views I’ve had so far on the planets I’ve explored. I’m rather glad a part of my expedition was done during the night.

exploring 5.jpg

Granted, during the days you got to see a much deeper depth of what is beneath you as you fly past things.

alien looking mushrooms.jpg

Those giant mushrooms below almost look like floating jellyfish in a way. I just had to fly down and further check them out. Strange alien-looking mushrooms for sure!

Final Thoughts

final landing spot.jpg

I for one am rather excited to see what kind of adventures I end up going on here. So far I have run into quite a few other players on this planet. Sometimes these distant planets can feel a bit void of players but there seems to be a decent base of people here.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.