Entropia Universe | Avoiding The Robots For Caudatergus

Avoiding The Robots For Caudatergus.jpg

After hunting around for a bit I ended up finding almost the perfect spot to hunt some higher-level Caudatergus. There was just one slight issue with the area. There were a bunch of flying killer robots within range of the outskirts of some of the Caudatergus

I ended up checking out a couple of locations for Caudatergus. I know somewhere in the past I’ve killed a few. I wanted to hunt some of the higher-level ones, however. I did not want to sit there grinding for a week or longer to finish rank 10 of their codex.

Admittedly this spot was not perfect and I ended up settling for. There were areas of the medium density of Caudatergus. This meant I had to do a little bit of walking between spots. If I ended up needing to skip over an area as a robot that could 1 to 2 shot me was there. I would get ahead of the re-spawns and have to wait a little bit.

The first couple of hunting sessions on Caudatergus. The robots in the area were far enough away and I knew where they were quite easily. It seemed I was not the only one who came around these parts. As someone ended up dragging a few of the robots into some of the areas where I had been hunting Caudatergus. Making things a bit more deadly than I would have liked.

east of Jason Centre Entropia Universe.jpg

Other than that I loved this spot that was east of Jason Centre. You get an amazing view of a forest, mountains, and even some lakes depending on how much you wander around. It kept this grind rather refreshing.

The biggest factor me for is it was not on taxed land. There were also no creatures other than the random robots some people would sometimes drag into the place. Natural I would assume since I don’t hunt here if there was not a robot event going on this place would be rather peaceful to hunt Caudatergus.

Codex rank 3 Caudatergus Entropia Universe.jpg

After just a couple of kills, I ended up finishing off rank 3 of the codex. I came here with only 40% of that rank left. The reward of 0.937 PED for the Perception skill was not much. I’m doing these for the Meta codex gains.

I also finished off another Meta codex as well picking myself up another PED of Stamina. I can’t wait to see how much my health has increased after I’m focusing on these this year.

Since these are quite low-level health creatures and I’m able to find up to Alpha Maturity the next few codex levels flew past almost as fast as the first. It’s always nice when I find a decent enough area on a lower-health creature codex that I don’t have a lot of ranks in yet.

amazing mornings here in Entropia Universe.jpg

If only the loot ended up being a bit more interesting. I might be more included to stick around and grind these out past rank 10 at some point. As I loved the early mornings and the foggy look of the hills and the forest.

another amazing view Caudatergus Entropia Universe.jpg

I would then move around a bit and find myself in a different feeling area. With a giant-sized lake on one side and open rolling hills above me. Looking out to the left in the back almost reminds me of Devil's Towers in a way with its shape and color.

Codex rank 3 Caudatergus Entropia Universe.jpg

Since this year I am focusing so much on trying to increase my Animal Looter profession. I was rather thrilled to get level 33 during this grind. I do find it a bit alarming just how much progress toward this profession has slowed down. It feels like I won’t be seeing level 40 for quite a long time. I’m not even sure I’ll get that this year.

Unlike many of my other hunts where I had zero deaths. I ended up getting killed 5 times. In one of them, I ended up landing back-to-back critical hits on a Caudatergus and before I could switch over to a smaller gun it was long dead. I knew there was a decent chance of running up to loot it would get me killed. I was correct.

I also after taking a bit of a break came back to several of the robots being in one of the forests. I ended up getting killed pulling those robots out of my way. While that still meant I lost access to around 5 Caudatergus at least it did not cut the route I was running in half. Otherwise, I would have to fly around the trouble spot every few minutes.

It’s a shame I can’t just kill these robots. I however lack the gear, health, and damage to do so. They were quite nasty. I seldom hunt robots so I don’t even have decent penetration and burn gear to deal with them.

rank 7 codex for Caudatergus Entropia Universe.jpg

After a lot of killing later I found myself finishing off rank 7 for 0.5 PED of Dexterity skill. While that was still not that great at least I was gaining these ranks rather fast.

100 meta done.jpg

The next codex later I ended up reaching another goal I had for the year. Finishing rank 100 of the Meta. Yet another 1 PED of Stamina for me!

Other than the amazing views this place had. It was a rather boring grind. These just were not that exciting creatures. I have zero notes of looting anything I don’t tend to see quite often. I took a bit of a loss granted not a big one here. Thankfully the value of the skills I got from the codex levels almost covers those losses but not quite.

At least my repair bills here were insanely cheap. I never healed. While one might think that Adjusted Pixie was overkill each session my repair bill was like 0.14-0.20 PED for armor decay. If I did not use armor at all my healing decay would far exceed that without even trying as that is quite a small amount of decay.

Final Thoughts

rank 10 of Caudatergus done Entropia Universe.jpg

After just four hunting sessions and over 1k kills. I was done with this one. I ended up getting 0.25 PED of Alertness for the rank 10 rewards. Shame I found these to be a bit of a boring thing to hunt. As it was rather quick at least to get to rank 10. Even with that said I did spread out the grind over 3 different days as I was rather short on time each day.

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