Entropia Universe | D-Class Amp Mining On F.O.M.A

Before I get too far into it this is stupid. That is right amp mining on F.O.M.A or in underground areas tends to only go one way. Into a dumpster fire of losses and more losses. I’ve normal mined and amp mined before on F.O.M.A with it usually almost always going bad.

Thankfully this time I’m not going up with a bunch of level 13’s wanting to get a tower or something huge. That run years ago went so bad I took a long break from the game after that. Thankfully this time around I’m just using D-Class amps.

Some things to keep in mind. I bought 6 D-Class Amps for this trip for 168 each (105% markup.) I’ll be double dropping for ore and enmatter so that should be 180 PED worth of probes used. There was the thruster decay, and oil cost to fly up to F.O.M.A. There will be the extract decay to get any claims I find and decay on the mining finder as well. There will be a cost to teleport back down to Calypso to sell, I believe it was 6 or 8 PED. Then there will be the refining and auction house listing fees.

On top of paying 105% for the amps. F.O.M.A. is a player owned so around a 5% tax gets taken out for the land owners as well. So that is already 10% eating into my bottom line plus all those extra costs of transportation.

Just to be on the verge of break-even once it is all said and done I’ll need over 3 globals at a minimum of 50 PED per amp. As you can imagen this thing can go sideways quite quickly and put me into a hole I’ll not be getting out of for this run.

The big thing about F.O.M.A and why I’m saying globals and just claims is that you have reduced mining range there. This makes it a lot harder to find a claim. In exchange for that, the claims are much bigger. I am then slapping a D-Class amp on top of that. While not every claim I’ll find will be a global most of them need to be.

foma biodome 17 Entropia Universe.jpg

The first dome I ended up going into was 17. With each of these, they tell you what the tax is and what you can find while mining there. While I did randomly just pick this one as I could not quite recall from back in the day which domes were better than others.

finder and dclass amps.jpg

I rather liked this dome as some creatures in it would make mining here a bit harder. A lot of the domes have nothing in them making them more ideal for people looking to mine. Since I’m D-Class amp mining I decided I would try here first and see how it went.

You will also see in some of my screenshots my screen is turning this harsh green color. That is a bit of a graphics bug. I guess that bug is back up here. I hope it does not end up following me back down to Calypso otherwise I’ll have to reinstall the entire game. It is quite annoying to deal with.

The first drop . . . Nothing found.

The second drop . . . Nothing found.

The third drop . . . Nothing found.

Growth Molecules 54 PED FOMA Entropia Universe 1.jpg

On my sixth drop, I found a size 13 of Growth Molecules. Quite a horrible markup on that stuff. It was at least something to get this party started.

end of first amp.jpg

That would be the last global I got on the first amp. RIP. At this point, I’m not that concerned. No one coming up to F.O.M.A amp mining is doing so hoping to just get a couple of small globals. You are looking for the one a massive one. One that not only will cover the run but allow you to go on a bit of a shopping spree.

Magerian Mist 70 PED 2 FOMA Entropia Universe.jpg

It was time to load in the second amp and continue the run. Thankfully I did not have to wait very long either. I ended up finding a size 13 Magerian Mist for 70 PED.

Petonium Stone 66 PED 3 FOMA Entropia Universe.jpg

After a minute after that, I got a double find. A size 13 Petonium stone for 66 Ped. Along with a non-global size 12 of Growth molecules. I am shocked at the lack of double finds I would get for the remainder of the run.

After that not another global in dome 17. I ended up finding only one more claim as well a size 11 of Growth Molecules. This dome just was not doing it for me. Then I thought when was the last time I have seen someone get a global up here?

moved to foma main arena for mining in Entropia Universe.jpg

I did not start to know anyone else was up on F.O.M.A until I was almost done with my run. I thought why not go check out the main mining arena? Sure enough, it looked empty to me. No one was even there cleaning up their latest run.

Some of the biggest mining claims ever were found in the main mining arena. I believe at some point it was supposed to be turned into some kind of PvP event area or something. That never happened. Back in the day, people use to rush in here every 20-30 minutes and try to drop a few probes with dozens of other miners. For the moment I have it all to myself.

Iron Stone 60 PED foma mining 4  Entropia Universe.jpg

I was still on my second amp when I decide to make the switch and things started to heat up from here. On my first drop in the main mining arena, I got size 13 of iron for 60 PED.

I then went 7 more drops before finding just a size 12 of crude oil. While not a global at this point I needed all the finds I could get.

Two drops later I landed another size 12 of crude oil.

Lysterium Stone 68 PED FOMA Entropia Universe 5.jpg

With how large the main mining arena is I was kind of moving around in a circular pattern trying to see if I could find a cluster of ores. A couple more drops later I found a size 13 of Lysterium Stone for 68 PED.

I finished off the last of that amp not finding anything else and it was time to load the 3rd D-Class amp into my finder. That last amp was not bad and I made up some ground.

Iron Stone 77 PED mining FOMA Entropia Universe 6.jpg

There was a couple of minutes of dead silence. It felt like forever had passed. In reality, it was just a couple of minutes. Then I found a size 14 Iron Stone for 77 PED.

Then another period of silence. It hit what felt like a dead zone. Not a claim to be found. This was perhaps the longest amount of time that passed before finding another claim during my entire run. A part of me wonder if that was going to be the end.

Lysterium Stone 58 PED mining foma Entropia Universe 7.jpg

I loaded up my 4th amp and kept at it. Not long after I hit another claim of Lysterium Stone size 13 for 58 PED.

Lysterium Stone 77 PED mining foma Entropia Universe 8.jpg

Right after that, I found another Lysterium Stone claim of size 14 for 77 PED.

Energized Crystal 60 PED mining foma Entropia Universe 9.jpg

There were then about three minutes of finding nothing again before I hit a size 13 of Energy Crystal. That was also the end of another amp.

You can start to see as I make my passes through the dome I’m crossing close by that some of my other already found claims show up on the mini radar as red dots with an x in the middle of them. I was saving the long task of extracting all my claims till the run was over. No point in doing it early since I had the entire place to myself.

I was now on my 5th D-Class amp mining in F.O.M.A main arena. I had another period of not finding anything. At this point, I started to switch up what section of the main arena I was mining in. I knew I did not have enough amps to mine the entire thing out. I was hoping I would find a better part.

Melchi Water 60 PED mining foma Entropia Universe 10.jpg

While checking a couple of spots I had left on my way to a less-minded arena I found a size 13 of Melchi Water for 60 PED that was rather close to the teleport into the arena.

Not even a minute later after that, I found a size 13 of Narcanisum stone for 54 PED. This far into the run I now was starting to wonder if I would get anything of a decent size let alone break even. I really would not know till I fully mined up all these claims and added everything up.

Iron Stone 74 PED mining foma  Entropia Universe 11.jpg

Within a probe or two drops, I found another size 13 Iron stone for 74 PED. It was so close to being another size-up claim. At least I was finding something even if it was just iron stone.

After a couple more minutes of finding nothing, I loaded up my last D-Class amp for the run. It would all come down to this. How bad of a run was it going to be? I was at least hoping I would get a few claims out of this last amp if not something big.

Narcanisum Stone 63 PED mining FOMA Entropia Universe 12.jpg

The next claim I found was a 13 Narcanisum Stone for 63 PED.

Crude Oil 60 PED mining foma  Entropia Universe 13.jpg

Right after that, I found a size 13 claim of Crude Oil. I must have just been a footstep or two from finding both in a single drop. That is mining on F.O.M.A for you.
Lysterium Stone 76 PED mining foma Entropia Universe 14.jpg

Over half of the last remaining D-Class amp was now used up around the time I found a size 14 of Lysterium Stone. I even finished a mining mission while I was at it.

Melchi Water 75 PED mining foma Entropia Universe 15.jpg

I had just a couple of drops remaining before I found yet another size 14 claim. This time it was Melchi Water for 75 PED.

Three drops remaining . . . Nothing found.

Two drops remaining . . . Nothing found.

One drop remaining . . . Nothing found.

6 dclass amps broken mining foma.jpg

That was the end of my 6 D-Class Amp run. From finding the first global I got to the last one was just 39 minutes of heat-pumping insanity. While I did extract the mining claims in the first dome I was in. I had all the claims from mining in F.O.M.A Main Arena to get.

I knew I had fallen quite short on the number of globals I needed to know for sure that I would at least break even or even profit. The good news is quite a few of the claims were at least a bit bigger than 50 PED. I also had a couple of non-global claims as well. There then would be whatever markup I could get on these resources.

Next came the very long part of mining up all these claims with a basic extractor. I’m so glad I had enough on me. You also can not spawn vehicles while here so I was having to slowly walk to each of my mining claims.

green light bug.jpg

During my entire time in the F.O.M.A Main Arena, I was also dealing with that annoying green screen bug of death. While I did my best to avoid it while dropping probes. I thought why not enjoy it while I was mining up all those claims?

At this point, it was quite late at night for me. One thing I was not thinking about was how much time I had on any of my claims before they would expire. Thankfully you have some time to mine up globals. I just had to do my best not to fall asleep while sitting there for quite some time.

LittleBigMiningLog foma mining run Entropia Universe.png

You can now see from the map in My Little Big Mining Log how my mining went in the F.O.M.A Main Arena. While I have done some mining there in the past as you can see from a few claims that did not find this time around. I’ve only mined in here a couple of times before.

Final Thoughts

my mining finds.jpg

All that mining and that is what I ended up with. I teleported down to Calypso with my resources after paying the fee. After all, is said and done, I had around a 5% profit. Not the kind of run anyone going to F.O.M.A amp mining hopes. At least there was a little bit of profit it could go a lot worse without even trying.

keeps the dead amps.jpg

Will I be doing this again? NOT ANY TIME SOON. As far as all the D-Class mining amps I’ve used for this adventure and some of the other amp runs I’ve done down on Calypso. Well, I’ll be keeping them next to the level 13 amps I have from a few years ago as a reminder.

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