Diablo IV | Tree, Stronghold, And Boots Oh My

The Scosglen region I’m sure has been awaiting my arrival for some time. Naturally in fear of my return that this time I’d come and discover all the remaining areas, get massive loots, and finish off a stronghold along with a lot of questing along the way. I had quite a lot of renown I needed to farm for this region.

Dungeon And Questing

lots of elites.jpg

This was yet another region I found myself doing a lot of dungeon hopping around. It’s like the quest system just knew I can’t pass up a good dungeon to clear out if I tried. It was at least great sometimes the quest giver would come along for the adventure.

It can get a bit lonely solo playing. Granted the amount of talking some of these NPCS can do in Diablo IV can drive anyone to such madness that they run into a massive pile of elites hoping that will end their pain and suffering. It did not and I had a lot of loot and explaining to do about all that murdering.

another dungeon.jpg

There were moments where I thought they are just going to let me quest in the open world for a while. Then bam. Go into another dungeon. Who do they think I am? Oh right someone who loves dungeon running. I guess I’m starting to get a little tired of it in search of some other activities.

The questing for the most part in this region was a lot more forgettable than in other regions. That or I was up to four in the morning and it’s all just a haze. Other than lots of killing and having to search for spirits. I don’t think I performed many rituals. It was just me dealing with the normal problems town folks have.

Level 60

crafting new gems.jpg

While hitting level 60 was not as big of a deal as hitting level 50 or 70. It does mean I get to craft a higher tier of gems and a better healing potion. Once that happened I shortly later ran off to the gem crafter and alchemist. Where I would be replacing every single gem I have in my gear with a tier higher along with getting a better healing potion.

Thankfully I’m one of those crazy people who have been attempting to pick up every single gem that I have found dropped on the ground. Granted sometimes my bags have been full. Other times I might have been a bit lazy. More times than not however I’ve picked the gems up and put them into my storage for later use.

Today was the day they got used up. I was kind of expecting gem crafting to cost a lot more than it did. I however just opted to upgrade everything I had. I’m sure the next tier of gems will end up costing a boatload to make since this game's scaling is a bit harsh.

At some point, I’ll more than likely just leave gems on the ground. Once I get a high enough level to craft the maxed-out version of each gem. Along with a couple of sets for my alts. For now, however, I’ll be like a goblin running after a shiny coin on the ground anytime I see one drop.

upgrading to a new potion.jpg

Once that was done. I was off to the alchemist. I believe for the level 45 potion I found myself in a position of not having all the required materials. I made sure this time to loot every single flower and ore I came across long before getting to level 60.

Let’s just say I had everything in bulk ready to go. I could have upgraded this potion to level 60 a few times over. I’m just thankful I’m not missing something critical and hard to find. I was just hoping for a quick upgrade so I could run back out questing.

I Work For The Tree Now

tree of whispers reward.jpg

I’ve concluded that I have an addiction. An addiction to working for the Tree Of Whispers. During my time in Scosglen, I did not collect rewards for gaining 10 Grim Favors once. Not Twice. I will just say it was more than three times. I would seek help but those giving it keep getting killed off by some unknown ailment.

I would later have a slight regret for not doing something sooner. If you know you know. The rewards can be quite interesting. They however are not always as fruitful as they can be if you are not doing other things in the game as well. It is interesting how others require some of the drops I’ve been getting from running these.

At least I looted an amulet I ended up making some changes to and using it as an upgrade. A lot of the other loot was not so great. I am always in need of gold so a few things I ended up just selling off.

The Sacred Drop

esus heirloom.jpg

One of the nice things about playing in world tier III is the chance for a scare drop. They appear to be quite rare. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever looted one before this. If I had it was just one other item.

I was off running a dungeon as I’m often doing in Diablo IV. I was working on clearing out a dungeon and a quest I had inside the dungeon. I came across a chest. If I recall I had to kill off a single elite to get it to unlock.

I thought why not. I had my ultimate up at the time and make quick work of the elite. Looting these kinds of chests in world tier III I’ve learned can drop all sorts of interesting things that I’m on an active hunt for.

It turns out I did not even need to loot the chest to end up getting what was going to be the prize. As it dropped off the elite itself. I had high hopes it is something crazy I could use.

It’s such a shame however it was this pair of boots. They look fun if you want to run fast. I however don’t care too much about them. Since looting these I’ve also looted another two. Making me think certain sacred items are expected in different world tiers.


fionnir the mad druid.jpg

For this region, I ended up having a very large renown gainer still unfished. The issue however was I still had to discover the area it was. Once I did I decided to leave this as the last thing I ended up doing. It would be a nice little rush of large points to finish off another region.

This stronghold had me running around looking for some missing hunters and filling up a progression bar. That ended up being just searching for some corpse if I recall. It however was not something I worked out right away since I’m used to having to kill things.

I then fought with a beast that ended up being a druid! Now I tell you know I hate druids. Once I had almost vanquished the beast it morphed over to being a druid and I had to fight it all over again. Thankfully it was not long before I removed such evil from the world.

Final Thoughts

scosglen renown done.jpg

Another region down! I’m starting to feel the grind burn a little. I however know I’m getting close to the end. Then I can focus on many other things in the game and not have to think about renown for quite some time.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Diablo IV. This was during the early access beta. Things are subject to change.