Diablo IV | Kehjistan Region The Desert Wasteland

I was shocked at how short of a time it felt the main storyline was in Kehjistan the first time around. I had my suspicions we had to come back at some point since so much of the region was left unexplored. This is kind of where my plans to cover everything region by region started to fall apart a bit.

At the start of Kehjistan when I first arrived this region was yet another one that felt rather tame. That however would deeply change when I had to return later on in the story that I’ll be covering in a future post.

main city.jpg

After arriving in the city the heroes I was with tasked me with finding us a tour guide. We needed to get through a tough part of a desert. They all turned us down. In the end, they end up recommending a crazy old man that I’d have to go out and find.

I did find the tour guide and I felt like he might not be up for the task. He kept calling one of our heroes in the group by the wrong name. Thinking he was someone else. At least in his crazy way he was willing to take us forward.


The desert trek ended up being quite a bit different from anything else the game has yet to toss at me. Once you crossed over the sandstorm that was transpiring was causing damage to you every few seconds.

Thankfully between my healing potions and flame shield that heals. I would have been fine all on my own. We however also had areas to rest in that were protected from the storm. This part felt quite easy as you could even restock potions from the mount our tour guide had brought along.

desert city.jpg

After quite a lot of healing and resting in places of safety, we reached this city in the middle of the desert. The people here were quite misguided. They accepted me thinking I was a recruit. Little did most of them know I wanted to murder everyone in this city.

I was on a quest to find and finish off someone named Elias. While most of the people inside kept welcoming me further forward. Elias was waiting in wait for the day we would come marching in to finish him off.

the first flight with elias.jpg

It was quite an interesting battle since Elias had performed some kind of magic to keep coming back from the dead. So I ended up having to fight him a few times over. Some of these fights were easy while others were a bit more challenging.

In the end, I was yet again disappointed. Despite defeating Elias a few times he remained alive. We however took something quite powerful that he had. At least we escaped with our lives. We would however have to work out how to defeat him.

Shortly later act III would finish and we are onto act IV. The game then sent me off elsewhere after a few more quests. I decided to adventure ahead of the storyline in a different region as this felt just way too short for the stay we had in Kehjistan. Thankfully I did as I unlocked a mount that would later cause my return to work on renown.

Working On Renown

60 renown.jpg

I found it a bit crazy how short the amount of time I spent in Kehjistan was before venturing into other regions. I had only gained 60 renown in total. Most of the Kehjistan map was also left unexplored. Now that I had a mount I felt I could make quick work of the Kehjistan region

At first, I was going to do my normal exploring of new areas for renown. Do lots of side questing to get even further amounts of it. Along with clearing any strongholds, I find along the way.

unexplored areas.jpg

The issue I ran into however is I tend to do a lot of side quests while working on the main quest. So I tend to have a decent amount of renown. That did not happen in this region at all. So it felt like a crazy uphill grind.

I was also kind of tired of doing side quests. I knew at some point I’d be saving most of it for later on in the game when I can turn the difficulty up where I can start getting better items to drop. I however was not yet level 50.

PvP Areas Found

found pvp area.jpg

While out exploring I ended up finding another PvP area. This time however I was just passing through to get the waypoint for the town. While in the PvP area, I was granted some buffs by the game because there was some action going on.

Thankfully I got through the PvP area without incident. Once I arrived in the city I noticed there were a few people just sitting in there. There must be some killing going on and I quickly exited the city in a different way to avoid having to go through the PvP area again.

Clearing Out Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold

clearing out the elites.jpg

I did find some interesting strongholds to clear out. While it was nice to pick up at least 100 renown from clearing them. It felt like it barely bumped up my progression of renown since I wanted to unlock the first three tires to get 2 skill points in total.

At least these strongholds tend to be quite different from each other. This place the game hinted had massive damage done to it due to arcane explosions. I was first tasked with further investigating it.

There were four locations and you had to find the right thing on the ground to click on to get credit for investigating. Since this was a stronghold there were some higher-level creatures you had to clear out along the way.

After that, you had to inspect a staff that was left behind. You could see some ghosts that were a result of what had transpired here.

high priesttess hadar.jpg

It was then time to fight the main encounter for this stronghold. A High Priestess Hadar. Since this was three levels higher than I was it was a bit more challenging than other fights I have found myself in.

Once the High Priestess was defeated which I did manage to do in the end. I ran over to click on the Wanderer’s Shrine to claim the area. Netting me 100 renown in the process.

The Gathering Legions

clearing out adds.jpg

While I’ve done one Gathering Legion in the past I ended up running into another one. This time we managed to get mastery for three chests at the end of it.

It seemed these random players I ended up with had quite a lot more damage output than the last group I was with. Like before we had to defeat three Servants of Hell. If you failed to clear one in time you just did not get mastery.

Funny enough we managed to down the last one as the timer clicked down to 0. The game thankfully gave it to us. It was then time for the main fight after clearing out a lot of waves of adds.

new pants.jpg

I did end up getting killed during the final encounter. Thankfully the revival was not that far away. One final ultimate and it was dead. I ended up getting a new pair of pants out of it!

Altars of Lilith

altar of lilith.jpg

After far too much time doing other activities, I finally unlocked the first two tiers of renown for the region. I however now needed 400 till I could get the skill point I wanted and be able to move on to other parts of the game.

I decided since I had a horse to change up my tactics. I’ve never gone out of my way of finding the Altars of Lilith. They tend to be so well hidden in the terrain you could be standing within feet of one and you might just miss it. Each one would grant me 10 renown.

The benefit of these altars is however quite worth the time. Each one can either grant you +2 to a main stat or +5 to the maximum amount of Obols you can hold. While that might sound like a lot you have to take into consideration this bonus applied to any characters you end up making on that realm. Once you do it you are done. There are also a lot of these statues so it starts to add up over time.

At some point when I make an alt character I have a feeling the starting part of the game is going to be quite easy. Between all the extra skill points they will end up having. I’m sure by then I’d have gone around and tried to collect as many of these Altars of Lilith as I could have.

Altars of Lilith in Kehjistan region.jpg

I ended up collecting all but one of the Altars of Lilith in the Kehjistan region. At some point, I’ll have to work out where the missing one for this region is. For now, I have a lot of other regions to work on.

Final Thoughts

new item.jpg

My first time into this region for the storyline ended the shortest yet. I’m glad I adventured ahead to the next region before coming back here to finish off renowned. It looks like I’ll be going for Altars of Lilith for renown gains in other regions when I need to work on it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Diablo IV. This was during the early access beta. Things are subject to change.