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Things start to get quite dark in the Scosglen region. A hero was not as triumphant as he claimed to be resulting in a hefty price to be paid. On top of that, I end up jumping into an event that was a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be.

So far I have been loving the main storyline of Diablo IV. It’s dark, it's full of twists, and things often turn out for the worse. There is also just so much gore in this game. The further I get the further I can tell they wanted to keep this game quite dark.

Scosglen is a region I did not get to explore during the Beta. So once I got there everything will be new to me. I could not wait to venture into there and see what evils were lurking.

Finishing off Lilith’s Lament


Before I’d head off on foot to Scosglen Region I had a little more business to finish off. I had a couple more main storyline quests to finish off that involved killing Lilith’s Lament.

This was a part I was hoping to finish off the day before. I just ran out of time and was having some issues with getting disconnected. I was also a little shocked I was already level 19 by this point.

During the beta, I was able to get here quite a lot quicker. Granted this time around I was doing a few side quests to work on my renown region progress for the area. As I wanted at least the first two tiers of that unlocked.

first region ending.jpg

It was then time to run off to the more than familiar region ending. I was kind of shocked it did not change from the Beta. I also ran up the steps expecting that to be the next part of the game. It was not.

So I had to open up the map and look for the next yellow marker on the map to indicate somewhere else I could go. That ended up being in Scosglen Region. It was a bit of a walk but nothing that crazy since I could just teleport to a town that ended up not being that far away.


storyline in Scosglen.jpg

While it felt like I spent less time in Scosglen than in the last region. I found myself rather enjoying the storyline that was unfolding. It was dark. I’m not someone who is normally into game storylines. I mean they are great but I can be someone who can just skip right over it.

Since this is my first play thought I’m not pressing the button to cut past any scenes if I can help it. I’m rather glad I’m not as it is well worth the time to at least see it once.

It’s no shock Lilith has left this region of the game in utter chaos. Has filled some minds with promise and knowledge that would end up costing them the ultimate price. In exchange, she got everything she wanted.

Along the way of finding some people in danger of what they knew and would be turning over to Lilith in most cases before I could even get there. I did stop to do some smaller events. That loot was not that great but I at least would upgrade a piece here or there along with just clearing normal trash in my way.

lots of fire.jpg

My sorcerer for now is mainly focused on fire. I love the fact the further I progress along and upgrade or get new skills the more the surrounding area I’m able to just fill with fire. I can now drop a few firewalls along the ground, have my hydras up spitting fire, and further blast away at a target with a fireball.


Things it turn out were about to get a lot worse. The people you would think could take some kind of stand to Lilith I would keep finding lay wasted, tortured, and whatever value she could get out of them she did.

While I did not end up doing any side dungeons for now in Scosglen. There were a couple I’d get to go on for the storyline. Some of these places were massive and others were just a couple of chambers. One such place was the Untamed Thicket.


There was this rather nasty-looking dog thing. This is when the game started to toy with me a bit. I thought I’d be defeating it like everything I had been up to this point. That however was not its fate at this time. It escaped.

As I’m progressing along I’m also getting quite deeper into the skill tree. While I was not that impressed during Beta of Inferno. After some upgrading, you can get it to allow you to cast fire spells for free while the serpent is up.

unlocking inferno.jpg

This I felt was the biggest part of it being an “ultimate” skill than the actual serpent part of it. As once I unlocked that part of the skill I would be able to drop insane amounts of firewalls just blanketing the ground with fire.

I guess I should not be surprised while progressing along in the region to find out yet another “hero” took knowable from Lilith. They also told Lilith how to gain access to the very thing we here trying to stop her from getting.

In the end after a lot of hardship and terror. I was left with just finding another memory of Lilith yet again ahead of us this time holding a crystal that had a soul trapped in it. She ended up embedding that crystal right into the skull of someone we would have to fight next.


For a moment I thought I might not be powerful enough to finish off Astaroth. Not only did that nasty-looking dog thing I failed to finish off joined him. He had morphed the body he was in control of. It was quite a horrific thing to walk into let alone having to fight.

After having to do some heavy healing I started to get my feet for this fight. I was able to understand the hitbox and size of this fight and started to dance around trying to avoid damage the best I could.

Since I could just drop hydra, firewall, and use inferno. There were many instances of this fight I did not stop running unless I needed to recast Hydra. Perhaps the biggest issue is Astaroth moved around a lot so I was having to cast firewalls a lot more than I was hoping.

It also only took me once to realize the start of a rather nasty frontal fire attack. Quite a few times I found myself pinned against a wall of the terrain. I was however thankfully out of the area of effect for the frontal attack.

I did cast my fire shield a few times for the healing upgrade I have on it. Along with ensuring I would not take the brunt of any possible massive damage that was on its way.

boss defeated.jpg

In the end, I got the win. While I could have moved on to another region right after this fight. I wanted to do some exploring and see what other trouble I could get into.

Legion Event

legion event.jpg

While I was exploring the region and working on the main storyline I noticed on my map something popped up called Legion Event. It also had a timer before it would start. Now I knew this was not going to be a world boss. I was however rather surprised we get something between world bosses and the much smaller events I’d run into quite often.

This event ended up being a bigger challenge to get to than I was expecting. Since at the time, I was still working on the storyline in the area there were many barriers keeping me from going down certain paths. I however found a path around.

gathering at the location.jpg

Once I got there I had about a minute left before it started. I was also one of the lower levels. I was a bit concerned I might have been a little too low of a level since it looked like level 50s were interested in whatever kind of event this would end up being.

It turns out this event has good reason to be tucked away like it was. We would not be standing in a small area just fighting off a couple of adds and a main boss. We would be going out and clearing massive hordes of adds trying to beat the timer.

Since I was a bit of a lower level compared to everyone else. I made sure to stay with the main pack of players. While some would run off trying to fight large groups of adds solo. I wanted to make sure I was not getting killed.

Thankfully during this entire event, I did not get killed once. That to me is a sign I was not too low-level or geared to take part in this event.

clearing the adds.jpg

We would end up having to go through three different phases of killing adds and then the Servant of Hell. If we could finish them all we would mastery this event.

clearing out further adds.jpg

Perhaps the part I loved about this event the most. Was just how covered the ground was in fire. That was not all my doing. It seems there were a couple of sorcerers in this group. Some packs off adds would just melt the moment we showed up.

While we did get the first two taken out in time. We fell behind on the last and failed to beat the timer. Thankfully this did not fail the entire event. We were just not going to get a bunch of extra goodies.

Khaza abomination.jpg

It was then time for the final fight. It was well had a timer. At first, I was a little concerned as I was not expecting this to be timed. We ended up melting the face of the Khazra Abomination.

I was hoping the loot for how long this event took was going to be a bit better. We did at least get two chests. I looted 50 Murmuring Obols and five rare items. One of them ended up being an upgrade I took.

It was then time to go off and explore other parts of the region. I ended up teleporting back to the main town.

Working on Scosglen Region Renown

scosglen renown.jpg

One thing I ended up staying in the region for a bit longer after I finished off the storyline here was I wanted to unlock at least the second tier of renowned. While it was tempting to stay for the third one and get the skill point as well. By that time I wanted to explore other parts of the game.

One quick thing I knew would get me the points I wanted was just pure exploration. I took that time to work on some side quests as well. As a few of them led me to unlock new waypoints and got me20 renowned at the same time.

legendary staff.jpg

I even happened to find a legendary staff while clearing some random things. I ended up taking it to the smith and upgrading it a couple of times just for a little more damage. It also had some cool effects on it as well that was somewhat useful for me.

Final Thoughts

side mission.jpg

Scosglen ended up being quite a dark and fun region to run though. I’ll be back for sure at some point to just work on finding Altars, seeing what dungeons are worth running, working on renowned, and side quests.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Diablo IV. This was during the early access beta. Things are subject to change.